How does Xylem help To Solve Water Crisis?- Top Reasons

Statistics show more than 75% of illnesses in underdeveloped countries are linked to inadequate or unsanitized water. Despite river basins covering about 65% of Africa’s land area, at least 1,500 children die daily due to water illnesses that can be preventable. How does Xylem help To Solve Water Crisis?

How does Xylem help To Solve Water Crisis?

Xylem’s technological advance equipment enables solutions to water crises across the globe. In addition, their ability to provide the desired service to clients in agricultural, industrial, and commercial settings makes them the best choice for every household. 

How does Xylem help To Solve Water Crisis?

Xylem helps solve water crises across different locations through the provision of the following products & services:

Hydro Turbines

Xylem hydro turbines reduce the worries of the noisy generator and their expenses. They are easily installable, efficient, and low maintenance. The machine uses an advanced filter to separate wastewater before generating electricity or using it for other purposes.

When you sanitize unhygienic water, people utilize it for their respective needs. The turbine’s presence prompts the government to create an appropriate water channel, thereby providing the desired healthy solution in the community.

Data Transfer & Communications

Do you know that endpoints, adapters, signal processors, reading devices, and base stations are from wastewater? These gadgets have proven effective across various fields.

Utilizing waste to produce data and communication gadgets helps reduce environmental hazards and provides clean and healthy water. In addition, Xylem Inc. ensures these items are available across various locations. 

Mixing equipment

Xylem’s innovative mixing equipment helps to extract processes when needed. Using mixers helps to reduce the risk of contaminated water faster and more effectively. Similarly, they are available across numerous Xylem branches in more than 130 countries.

Some of their mixer designs include; hydro ejectors, single-speed mixers, adaptive mixers, mixing accessories, and jet mixers.

Used equipment sales

Instead of letting your used or damaged equipment get abandoned, let Xylem help redefine the item and produce more suitable equipment that would be useful to society. It is a win-win situation for everybody.

Most used equipment can stay idle for years without any purpose. Xylem serves as the perfect water technology solution that can collect such materials and produce equipment that serves people’s needs.


Countries that experience water crises can hire the services of Xylem experts or equipment to provide solutions in their communities. Unfortunately, a thousand individuals die weekly because of the water crisis, but avoidable with the right service or mindset.

With a few clicks on their official website, you can get engineering solutions or hire their products based on agreed terms.

Reasons For Xylem Is The Perfect Water Solution

Locations Across Each Continent

Xylem Inc. has locations in places like; (New York and North Carolina) the USA, (Cegled) Hungary, (Hoddesdon) the UK, (Stockerau) Austria, (Strzelin) Poland, (Nairobi) Kenya, (Gauteng) South Africa among others.

Having numerous branches is a huge advantage for individuals, communities, and corporate bodies that suffer from a water crisis. Check for their office in your vicinity to enjoy one of the best services.

Top-notch Expertise

Xylem water solution understands the importance of providing the best service so they ensure to hire only veterans or individuals with exceptional skills. Similarly, wages and other remunerations are competitive with others in their similar industry.

Provides the latest technology

Items like Stratus electric meter, Godwin CD150S, SmartRun pump station controller, Diaphragm meters, flow meters, and others are manufactured and available at all Xylem offices. Most of their items are useful at home, offices, and industries. 

Locality Where Xylem Services Are Available.

There is a misconception that because Xylem’s headquarters is in the United States (US), only individuals in such vicinity get accessible services. So far, numerous individuals express gratitude for Xylem Inc.’s excellent services and how they contribute positively to community development.

In the US, the company has offices in more than thirty separate locations aside from the Headquarters, and they include Charlotte, Morrisville, Cheektowaga, Chicago, College Station, and Buffalo, among others.

A few years ago, they opened a branch in Qingdao, China, before another in Shanghai, Beijing, and Bahrain. Then, in the mid-2000s, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Louisiana, and Baton Rouge had a branch.

Currently, African countries like South Africa and Kenya have a Xylem Inc branch with a plan to open one in Morocco and Egypt. So if you want portable and hygienic water for domestic, commercial, or industrial use, Xylem provides the best solution.

Are Xylem Products & Services Expensive?

Customer reviews show Xylem provides affordable and prompt services for numerous clients. Although some comment about currency conversion rates with branch offices in various localities, there is no need to worry about dollar exchange before getting a water solution.

Their engineers are veterans and well-trained in respective expertise; you are getting one of the best services at a considerable price. Likewise, their products can get transported to the client’s desired location based on agreed terms.

How does Technology help To Solve Water Crisis?

The effective use of technology enables combating water pollution. Processes like solar desalination, water purification, and extract effectively reduce water challenges across different locations.

In the earlier years, the Middle East and some third-world countries went through rigorous processes to get clean and sustainable water. With Xylem, you can purify your wastewater from plants and other living organisms.

Technological Process That Solves Water Crisis

Chlorine purification

Xylem provides technology that produces chlorine which purifies contaminated water through electrolysis. The chlorine helps eradicate bacteria and other harmful microbes during this operation, making it drinkable even for school children.


Even though the world contains about 70% water, some regions still experience water challenges. The desolator process helps generate clean and fresh water from the abundance of seawater on earth.

It is a simple technology that is 99.7% contaminant and produces at least 14 liters of water daily. Interestingly, it costs less than a thousand dollars to acquire and lasts long if properly maintained. The technology can serve a community for years.

Works Water

Do you know that you can generate enough water from dews? Water-stressed communities can use the biodegradable process to collect at least 20 gallons of clean water and reduce the water crisis.


Xylem provides affordable services and equipment for individuals experiencing water challenges across different locations, unlike other competitors in the same niche. Similarly, their customer service is prompt and professional, and you can get your preferred product in any location on request.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges. Terms and conditions for products & services are clearly stated. If you want any clarification, kindly ask a question(s).

Are there discount offers?

Yes. Periodically, Xylem offers a discount for new and existing customers. You can check out their website or visit the closest branch office for more details.

How to reach the Xylem customer service team?

To provide better services for clients, you can connect with a Xylem representative through the Contact Us option on their official website and express your need. A representative will reach out within 48 hours.

How does Xylem help To Solve Water Crisis?- Top Reasons

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