How Does A Stuck-up Person Act?


The definition of stuck-up is a person who believes that he is superior and better than others. It means a person who is too proud and considers himself very important. Synonyms of the compound word include: snobbish, proud, arrogant, haughty, disdainful, etc. If a person talks about nothing but personal achievements and adventures while completely ignoring others, the person is a stuck up. Let us know about how does a Stuck-up person act and the ways to deal with the stuck-up person are given in this article.

How Does A Stuck-up Person Act?

A Stuck-up Person

The most shocking truth about someone who is stuck up is that the person is unaware of it. A person who is stuck up is self-absorbed, and cannot see their flaws. Regardless of all the self-indulgence, they fail to notice that they have a problem. The opposite of being stuck up is humility. This is because being stuck up is directly proportional to pride. People that are stuck up are generally unfriendly and are avoided by other people. No one wants to feel less of themselves and being directly intimidated might be all you feel around a person that is stuck up. This article will help you identify certain traits of someone who is stuck up, how to deal with such persons, and also insight on how to stop in case you may have been called it.

How a stuck-up person act?

How to tell if someone is stuck-up is quite the obvious task but it requires more than a day’s observation. It might take weeks. It is not right to jump to conclusions, especially when dealing with character traits. Here are a few signs of a person that is stuck up:

They think they are better than everyone else

Although being confident and esteemed is good, taking it too far can make someone stuck up. A person who constantly tries to one-up others and make one’s life seems better is stuck up. 

They make rude comments about your decisions

A stuck-up person will act most likely pass offensive comments about your life choices. They would make you feel like you are not on the better side of life and that their decisions or their lifestyle are better than yours. It may be about your dressing, friends, partners, or even things that you cannot control like your family. Essentially, they would make comments on whatever they can.

They are boastful of their choices

After disregarding your choices and parts of your lifestyle, people that are stuck up would subsequently elevate theirs. They would be vocal about how they are better at making decisions. Although it is good to share information with your friends, it becomes toxic when these people go out of their way to portray their greatness. 

They put a lot on social media

while social media is for sharing and connecting, people that are stuck up are obsessed with broadcasting their personal lives on media outlets. Such people are very self-important and they believe that everyone is curious to find out what they are up to. They post almost everything and do so with the intent of making people inferior.

They are unfriendly

People who are stuck up are generally unapproachable. While they may still have some good traits, people would not feel comfortable having conversations with them because of their arrogant attitude.

How to deal with a stuck-up?

Snobbish people are everywhere and we have come in contact with one at some point in our lives. If you have to relate with a snob regularly, it will be difficult to maintain your temper. However, there are ways for you to deal with a stuck-up person:

Do not allow yourself to be intimidated

A person who is stuck up goes out of one’s way to make others feel inferior or less. If you resist that, their trait would not affect you. 

Accept that you are unique

The act of that a stuck-up makes you feel inferior about contributing to your uniqueness and specialty. See it as something that makes you different.

Show them they are wrong

Sometimes you might need to prove your real worth to a snob. People that are stuck up usually assume classes. Prove to them that regardless of what they think, you are still as good or even better than them.

 Avoid retaliation: Kill them with kindness. Instead of being rude back or engaging them in arguments, be polite and mature instead. 

Take a break

Taking a break to cool off and distance yourself from a stuck-up should only be considered if you have to be around the person constantly. Do this to cleanse yourself from their bad energy.


As much as we are focusing on others’ behavior, we should not fail to call ourselves out if we notice anything snobbish. If you want to help yourself from being stuck up, try not to talk about yourself too much when you are with others, be more interested in what other people have to say, respect other opinions, and try making eye contact in conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Are shy people rude?

Shy people tend to come off as rude when they do not relate with people. However, some shy people may be rude while others may not. They are thus perceived as rude based on ignorance.

2.Why are quiet good looking people perceived as stuck up?

The perception that a quiet good looking person is stuck up stems from a personal problem. Stuck up people actively try to make you feel inferior, but when you already feel inferior by someone’s appearance, thus has nothing to do with the person it is called an inferiority complex and you need to work on that.

How Does A Stuck-up Person Act?

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