How Do You Say Thank You For Considering My Application?


As time passes and technological advancements occur, everything is getting digitalized. In most cases, you have to apply online, and someone will check it and get back to you. You will get a response after some time if it is multi-level recruitment, which means recruitment will take more than one step, or you will be asked for an interview. Then you might get an email that they are considering your application. You have to maintain a professional communication protocol to reply to that email. You should send a well-structured and professionally drafted response. This article discusses rules and ways to send a proper response to considering my application email. Let us know about how do you say thank you for considering my application and when to say thank you for consideration in this article.

How Do You Say Thank You For Considering My Application?

Tips for sending a thankyou for consideration email

Seven tips help draft the best response for considering my application email. An example is also attached for better understanding and use according to the situation. Some tips for sending a thank you for consideration email are discussed.

When to say thank you for consideration?

No doubt it is vital to thank you for your consideration, but you should know when to reply. Many online systems send you computer-generated confirmations; you are not required to respond to those. You should only reply if there’s an actual employee on the other side. The following are the times you must answer, considering my application email, phone, or note.

After the interview

It is always recommended to send a thank you email or note after the interview. It looks very polite and professional. Most recruiters tell you that the recruitment process will last 2 to 3 rounds. So, you can send them a thank you for consideration note or email to be polite and get some updates on incoming interviews.

After getting rejected

Thank you for being so considerate emails should not be restricted if only you are selected. If you are unfortunately rejected, you should also send a thank you for consideration email. This gesture will be positively taken and remembered with your application. You will be in their consideration when any more opening occurs because of your positivity.

After refusing the offer

If for some reason, you are unable to accept the job offer, you should always write them a thank you for consideration email or note. This will be a very professional gesture from your side, and it will not affect the hiring process of that company.

Writing tips Thank you for consideration response

The following tips are provided for writing a well-structured and professional reply to thank you for considering my application. If you follow these steps, there are fair chances that your application will improve and be more professional.

Your message should begin and end with “thank you”

If you are writing a thank you email, this goes without saying that your reply should start with thank you. But it also requires you to end your message with a thank you. You might add some information in the middle, and the receiver gets distracted. So, in the end, you should say thank you too, to remind the reader that it’s a thank you message.

Add information

You should add some information to the email too. You can specify the specific part that you are thankful for. In this way, you will sound more genuine and convincing. It will add value to this communication.

Mention additional concerns

You can add some additional concerns in the email as well. You can clarify if the interviewer asked about some document or anything. If you have any new personal information, you can add that too, like your address or phone.

Well-timed reply

You should reply to thank them for their consideration on time. You cannot reply to them after two weeks or just one night before the following interview with them. You should respond to that as soon as possible. This will be identified as punctuality and seriousness in work.

Be professional and friendly

You know that you should be professional in a work-related reply. But also you should be friendly. Saying thank you to an application consideration email is a nice gesture. So, you can be a little warm and professional.

Personalized message

The message should not sound like a computer-generated reply. It should be personalized, and the reader should know that the sender has invested their time in it. You should not just edit the template and send it.

Be concise

You don’t need to write paragraphs for thank you. Your message should be concise and complete. It will be more engaging and informative for the reader.

Example for saying thank you for consideration


Hello B. John,

I appreciate you giving me this interview today. I treasured the opportunity to meet X, Y, and Z and discuss the position.

I was very interested in our conversation about your nonprofit’s objective to guarantee that every child has a safe place to be. My ten years of experience working with the Department of Social Services would make me a superb candidate to further that mission. My professional background supports my conviction that every child deserves a secure home, and it would be an honor to collaborate with your group.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you require any additional information. Once again, thank you for the chance, and I hope to talk to you soon.




All the necessary information and guidelines for saying thank you for considering my application are mentioned. Firstly, reasons to send thank you for consideration replies are provided, and then seven tips for enhancing you are thank you for consideration replies are mentioned. In the end, a complete example of saying thank you for application consideration is provided. You can use and edit this according to your situation.

How Do You Say Thank You For Considering My Application?

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