Going Into Production- Entertainment And Liberal Arts Jobs

Hello, my fellow recent college graduates. Isn’t it crazy that we have already made it to the end? I was sitting in a high school class just yesterday, waiting to see where my life would take me. Lets know little more about Going Into Production.

Going Into Production

After college, many students want to go right into the workforce, putting their new college degrees into good use. However, for people who have liberal arts degrees, it may be difficult to know where to start, with a wide variety of different types of jobs in many different areas. 

However, many of us would like to go into the production of some type, rather than the printed word or on the silver screen. So, again, there is a very large selection of roots to go in, but fear not my fellow dreamers, here are two paths that could provide you with your future career.

Value of Producers

Creators are the people that come up with the ideas. However, they need people that are going to make it work. 

For instance, take professional wrestling, one of the corniest, most exposed industries on the planet that continues to make millions of dollars every year. They have great people in the back that make their performers look good, make their sets look good, and get people invested in their stories. 

The producer controls the show, and many people work under them, many of which give interesting paths for soon-to-be graduates.

Film and literature are other examples. They need people who are willing to work overtime to make the visions happen, and in doing that, they help bring stories to life. They create the dreamers of the world. The producer gives people the stories, and here are some ways to get there, including some famous people who got there themselves.

Film Production

“If you ever wondered where your dreams come from, you look around. This is where they’re made,” Ben Kingsley says as iconic French director Georges Méliès in Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo.” 

Sure enough, many people dream of going into films but do not know where, and sometimes, looking at legends of the past can help us choose our paths. Roger Corman, for instance, started as a story reader for Fox, which is someone who reads over the stories and gives suggestions to the producers of the films. 

When Corman became prominent himself, he gave people in the industry their start, like Francis Ford Coppola. The latter started by re-cutting and editing some of his iconic “creature features” in the 1960s.  

Scorsese himself started out doing assistant directing and editing on a Woodstock documentary made soon after the iconic music festival. 

Other jobs can be script doctors to production assistants. Whether getting coffee for the director or helping make the film sets, all of these jobs can give you proper experience. In addition, these jobs can get your foot in the industry’s door, leading you down the path to success as time goes on.

Literature Production

All dreams start on paper, and all films start on scripts. Perhaps, the written world is where you feel you most belong. After all, books have long given people the opportunity to stretch their imaginations, making stories that could have been lost to time timeless. 

For many, the top way to go into this would be to go into editing. Here, you get to see the visions of the writer firsthand while making sure that it translates well enough. Does it sound good? Does it make sense? Many other questions can be answered when you have the means to take someone’s vision and make it happen. 

Whether that be as a simple assistant at a publishing company, or a content coordinator, that goes to the publishers and pitches ideas while helping shape the creative process of the workplace, the options are endless when it comes to becoming an editor or publisher.

The Newsroom

As a journalism major, I have seen many different people from many different aspects of news production. The whole field itself is interesting, like film, photography, and writing can all come together to make a true story. But for that story to work, you need to be working with people in the newsroom who know what they’re doing. If this is a place you would want to go to, there are numerous options. For instance, one professor of mine, Jason Jaacks, was a video journalist who has worked for National Geographic. If video is not for you, another one of my professors used his journalism experience to end up an editor at the Boston Globe. That field has people from photographers to writers working together to build new ways to get stories to the people.

What can you do- Apply!!!!! A lot of times, jobs may seem impossible to get to. But you will never know if you do not go out and try. 

Online right now, you can find numerous jobs in art production. This can go from working on crews, and sets of a film or stage play, to shadow editing and pitching at publishing companies. I, like everyone else, have ambitions and dreams. 

Also, make sure you are willing to grow and know your worth. Many people will be trying to help you learn from your mistakes and become a better worker and listen to them. At the same time, do not take bad faith disrespect from peers. You know yourself better than anyone, and make sure you are treated in a way that represents the respect you have earned.

I want to continue writing until my last breath and will write for anyone and anything that will give me that opportunity. Any job that even gives you the slightest bit of possibility to achieve your dreams, and achieves your livelihood, is worth looking into. 

As the late Art LaFleur said in one of my favorite films, “Follow your heart, kid, and you can never go wrong.”


In any type of field, creators are needed. But in creative fields, they are what drives things forward. A producer is needed to ensure that the work is being done correctly. They are the ones that see the dreams of screenwriters and authors come to life. They are the ones that greenlight the news stories that change the system. They are the ones that create the opportunities for dreams and education. So if going into production is the field you want to pursue, you will be helping the world’s dreamers.

Going Into Production- Entertainment And Liberal Arts Jobs

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