Gifts to Give When You are Leaving?

A gift is an item you give to another without expecting them to pay. It is given to others as a symbol of friendship, love, or any other relationship like parents, grandparents, or siblings. It is an item to remember your bond. There are various occasions to give gifts, like birthdays, love, friendship, gratitude, etc. Let us know ‘Gifts to Give When You are Leaving?’

Gifts to Give When You are Leaving?

Gifts to Give When You are Leaving?

Below is the list of gifts that one can give while leaving, especially while leaving work or leaving friends. It helps to remember the time working together. It is a symbol of appreciation and respect toward co-workers. It is also a common practice followed by many people around the world to exchange gifts when one is leaving the office, especially good colleagues and friends at work.

Gifts to give when you are leaving?

The below list contains a list of simple, useful, and beautiful gifts that one can give before leaving work or leaving friends, like a farewell party. These gifts can be edibles like chocolates, biscuits, chips, or other snacks, or useful products like pens, books, staplers, or other stationery and accessories for electronics (pen drive, chargers, etc), or just simple decorative items like posters, rugs, carpets, decorative clocks and photos or paintings.

There are thousands of gifts that can be given, it depends on you and the person you are giving it to. Some of the most common and best given during this situation are

  1. Portable keyboard – One of the best gifts you can give to your friends and colleagues while leaving is a portable keyboard. Especially when they are a computer person or happen to work with the computer a lot.
  2. Thank you cards – This is one of the most common and cheapest gifts of all. The cards are used on all occasions so they can suit this situation too. It is a good way to convey a heartfelt way of saying thank you.
  3. Chocolates and biscuits – Another common way of saying thank you is by giving their favorite biscuits and chocolates or any other edibles they like.
  4. Tea and coffee cup – This is another gift given to friends and colleagues. If they drink coffee or tea it is best to give them cups of different design  
  5. Name stamp -If your co-worker has to sign a lot, a name stamp with their name is a good and productive gift. It not only serves as a memento but as a useful tool that reduces work. 
  6. Lunch – This is the most common gesture, not only for colleagues but also for many occasions. Offering them lunch with their favorite foods is a good way to say goodbye. This lunch can be at home or at a restaurant.
  7. Clock – This is a beautiful gift that can be given to anyone, apart from telling the time it can also serve as a decorative piece.  
  8. Framed photo – Most touching and respectable gift that you may give to anyone is a framed photo of you and your friend together or even the entire team together.
  9. Books – Another common gift to give to your co-workers professionally is a book. 
  10. Pendrive – It is a useful gift for your co-workers if they work with information or computer a lot.
  11. Tickets – This is one of the best gifts you may give your co-workers, a ticket to a sporting event or their favorite movie or musical event.
  12. Desk fan – It is also a useful gift to be given to your co-workers if they happen to work in a hot environment.
  13. Foot hammock – A hammock is fixed under the table to rest the legs. This is a relaxing gift for anyone with a desk job.
  14. Calendar – This is a useful gift to give to your co-workers. If you are giving it to a close or best friend then you may buy s funny calendar with movies or funny quotes. For professional gifts, a normal calendar with motivational quotes will be good.
  15. Luggage tag – It is a useful gift that can be given to your friend or co-worker who travels a lot.
  16. Office supplies – If you can not think of a gift, a safe way is to buy useful gifts like office supplies like staplers, notepads, punching machines, etc. If these products are a matching set, it looks even better.
  17. Name sign – Everyone loves a good name sign. If your co-workers happen to have a separate desk, they may find it useful.
  18. Neck pillow – If your co-worker or friend travels a lot or does a lot of desk work, then this gift may be the perfect one for them. It helps them to sleep or rest their neck. Gifting the product in their favorite color is an additional thing that they may like. 
  19. Stress ball – If your friend happens to be in a lot of stressful work or situation what better to give them than a stress ball? Apart from being a gift, it can also help them take care of their health.
  20. Flowers and plants – Another most common gift given to others by everyone around the world is the gesture of gifting flowers and plants that your co-workers may like or a plant with medicinal qualities.
  21. Planner – A planner is a good gift to give when your co-worker attends a lot of meetings and presentations. It helps them to stay organized.
  22. Gift box- The best method to give a gift is by using a gift box. Fill the boxes with their favorite gift. It can be plants or chocolates and biscuits.
  23. Signature book – It is a personal and amazing gift that one can receive. Each of your friends and co-workers’ signatures with a special message will be written in this book. It is mostly given at farewells.
  24. Gift cards and coupons – If you want to send gifts digitally, it is common to send gift cards and coupons for online shopping or movies, vacation, spa, etc.
  25. Personalized notebooks – These personalized notebooks are a professional way of conveying your friendship. Since they are unique they too feel unique.
  26. Custom cartoons – This is just like the photo frame but instead of real photos you will be using a cartoon character that looks like you and your friends.
  27. Dear traitor mug – If your co-worker has a sense of humor or is your close friend. you can also gift a dear traitor mug with funny quotes such as “good luck finding a good co-worker like me.”
  28. Legend mug – If you want to cheer your co-worker with good quotes, try this mug with the quote “I used to work with Legends.”
  29. Posters – Another good and simple farewell gift are posters with a good and simple message or pictures.
  30. Book club box – If you have co-workers or friends that read books every day, you can gift them with a book club box which is a monthly subscription of books.
  31. Pen – Gifting pens is a very common tradition. It is mostly used at birthday parties or between friends in a professional way.
  32. Dundie awards – Dundie awards are especially given to workers and can be given to co-workers with personalized messages.
  33. Miss you notebooks – These are notebooks with miss you messages given to close friends, families, and co-workers.
  34. Rugs or carpets – Rugs and carpets are also nice gifts to give to others. It can also be personalized with pictures or messages.
  35. Farewell games bundle – It is a collection of simple games to entertain your friends or co-workers.
  36. Motivational wall art – Gifting motivational art, like quotes or meaningful pictures in a framed set is also a good parting gift that you can give to others.
  37. Goodbye cakes – It is also a common way to give cakes in a Farewell. Buy the co-worker’s or friend’s favorite cake and a positive note to bid farewell to them.
  38. Small statutes – Giving small-sized statues of attic work or maybe even their face is a good way of conveying their importance. It is also a unique way of telling how much you respect them. 
  39. Gift bags – Gift bags are another great and simple farewell gift that you can give to anybody. A gift bag generally consists of a collection of small gifts like chocolates, gift cards, coupons, pens, notebooks, etc.
  40. Travel diary – If your friend or co-worker is a traveler, either professionally or in free time, then you can gift a travel diary to them. As a traveler, it is a useful gift they can use. A travel diary is used to record the experience of the traveler along their journey.
  41. Customized pens – Giving a pen is one thing, but a customized pen with your message is a beautiful gift for anyone.
  42. Custom T-shirts – Like pens and notebooks, you can also add custom designs and quotes to T-shirts. Leave a good message or motivational quote in the T-shirt that reminds you of them.
  43. Fanny packs – One of the most important things that people have if they need to carry their small tools everywhere is a fanny pack. It can be used to carry phones, makeup, small notepads, pens, etc.
  44. Candy jars – If you don’t want to give big and single chocolate packs to your friends try a candy jar. It is a good gift for all. A single jar may be given to a group of people.
  45. Scented candles – Scented candles are a good way to relax after a stressful and tough day. So if your friend or colleague usually deals with this kind of stressful work, give them a pack of scented candles.
  46. Keychains – If you don’t want something costly and highly decorative, you can give a simple key chain. Key chains are cheap and can be personalized in any way. You can add motivational or funny quotes, your pictures in a small frame, your personal message to them, etc.
  47. Memberships – If your friend likes to watch movies or series, or likes to stream music. You can give them memberships of such services or any other memberships they like.

Is it important to give farewell gifts?

Generally, farewell or going away gifts is a simple way of thinking about their contributions or their commitment and hard work. In a professional career, giving away gifts allows you to end the professional relationship peacefully. It shows how you respect and care for them.

If you are close with the ones you are leaving, then these going-away gifts will serve as reminders to them, about you and all the things you have done together.

To give an excellent and unique gift, you should know about the person you are gifting it to, like their hobbies and personal interests. It allows you to give a perfect and unique gift that they like.


These are just some of the gifts to give when you are leaving, to your friends and colleagues. Many gifts are not mentioned above. You just have to do a little searching and buy gifts based on your friends and colleagues. These gifts are symbols of friendship and gratitude, a symbol to remember the time spent working together. These gifts can be decorative items, edible, or any useful product that they may use in their day-to-day life.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a parting gift?

A parting gift is a gift given to someone who is going to leave the job or country.

  • Other names for a parting gift?

A parting gift is otherwise called a farewell gift or a going away gift.

  • How to choose a good farewell gift?

Choosing a farewell gift generally depends on you, the person you are giving it to, or the situation.

  • What kind of gift can I give to my friends or co-workers?

You can generally give something decorative, edible, or useful that they can use in the day to day life.

  • If a person can not decide what to give, what should they do?

If they are not certain about what to give, you can just give a thank you card, pen, or books.

  • Are there any inexpensive gifts to give at the time of leaving?

Some inexpensive gifts are keychains, books, normal pens and thank you cards.

Gifts to Give When You are Leaving?

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