Free Summer Programs for High School Students 

Are you looking for an engaging and productive way to spend this summer? Are you fed up of enjoying the sunshine, the pool, and the popsicles? It’s high time when you should try something creative and fruitful. The best options so far are the amazing summer programs, planned for high school students in the US. Let us know about ‘Free Summer Programs for High School Students’.

Free Summer Programs for High School Students 

Free Summer Programs for High School Students:

In US, semesters are planned in a way so that the students get a span of 10 to 11 weeks free during summers. While some students prefer traveling and having fun, others opt to enhance their skills and knowledge with a quick course. 

Free Summer Programs for High School Students:

Summer programs for pre-college students have significantly flourished over the years. There is now available gamut of programs to choose from.  Most of these programs are designed in a way to help high school students explore different ways of learning. These programs assure delivering a powerful heads-down experience for students.

Best Summer Programs in US:

After thorough research work, we have come up with some of the best options for summer programs in US. Please have a look and make the right choice.

  1. Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP)

TASP or Telluride Association Summer Program is planned for six-weeks, for the high students in US. This program is really helpful for the high school students. They can take part in seminars organized by faculties of colleges and universities. Apart from seminars, students are also allowed to participate in various activities regarding education and social welfare.

Admission Fee: Free

Duration: Six weeks

Program Dates: June 25-August 5 

  1. Bentley University Summer Athletic Camp

The Bentley University Summer Athletic Camp is considered one of the best summer programs for athletics in US. The university organizes summer sports camps for pre-college students in volleyball, hockey, badminton, and other sports.

Admission Fee: Free

Duration: Three weeks

Program Dates: June 26-August 11

  1. University of New Hampshire Upward Bound Summer Program

This summer program is designed to help students achieve their educational goals. This free program will help students explore a new world before getting enrolled in a college or university.

Admission Fee: Free

Duration: Six weeks

Program Dates: Visit Website

  1. Business Opportunities Summer Session at Penn State

This summer program is valid for two weeks. Students who are passionate about learning business education can opt for this summer program. The program allows high school students to select preliminary college courses along with business fundamentals, trained by Penn State Faculties.

Admission Fee: Free

Duration: Two weeks

Program Dates: June 18 – June 30

  1. Cornell University Curie Academy

This one-week residential Curie Academy program will help students do extremely well in math and science. If you are willing to excel in math and science, this is the best summer program for you.

Admission Fee: Free

Duration: One week

Program Dates: July 16-July 22

  1. Annenberg Youth Academy for Media and Civic Engagement

The Annenberg Youth Academy is one of the best-chosen summer programs for students who have the urge to learn more about writing, critical thought, debate, and other subjects associated with communication, journalism, and mass media. 28 students only will get chance for enrolment in this program. Learning this summer course will drastically improve students’ knowledge in the field of communication.

Admission Fee: Free

Duration:  Four weeks

Program Dates: June 19- July 14

  1. NYU Tandon School Computer Science for Cyber Security

Cyber security has become a much known topic nowadays. If you are interested in computers, hacking, and cyber security, this program is the best for you. The most amazing part of this summer program is you don’t have to be skilled in any particular arena to get enrolled. As there is a lack of cyber security experts in the US, learning this program will help you get lucrative job offers as well.

Admission Fee: Free

Duration: Three weeks

Program Dates: July 11-July 29

  1. GirlsWhoCode Summer Immersion Program

This program is specifically designed for girls. The program endeavors to empower women in the field of technology. This summer immersion program is considered as the most intensive program as it lasts for almost seven weeks. Available in multiple locations in US, this program is only for female. 

Admission Fee: Free

Duration: Two weeks

Program Dates: June 17-August 12

  1. California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science

This four-week state residential program offers high school students the opportunity to explore far beyond the usual secondary school syllabus. The program is best for students who have verified skills in STEM subjects which include science, technology, math, and engineering.

Admission Fee: Free

Duration: 4 week

Program Dates: June 14-August 6

  1. National Youth Science Camp

NYSC or National Youth Science Camp is a one-month summer program for budding scientists. After graduating from high schools, students can apply for this summer program and explore the world of science. Students willing to apply for this program must have proper competence in math or science and should have other leadership skills.

Admission Fee: Free

Duration: One Month

Program Dates: June 27-July 20

  1. JCamp

Students who has strong career interest in journalism are best suitable for this program. This 6 days training camp will help students learn about journalism from veteran journalists and reputed media personalities. This program focuses on topics like fundamentals of leadership, the importance of diversity, journalism ethics, and opinions from different cultures of the world. This program is not restricted to only Asian-American students.

Admission Fee: Free

Duration: 6 days

Program Dates: Visit website

  1. Anson L. Clark Scholars Program

The Clark Scholars summer program applies to 17 years and older students. This 6 weeks program is all about in-depth research with faculties, along with weekly seminars, field trips, and debates. This program is highly competitive. Only 12 students can take part in this summer program. 

Admission Fee: Free with a Stipend

Duration: Seven week

Program Dates: June 20- August 3

  1. Program in Mathematics for Young Scientist (PROMYS)

This summer program (PROMYS) is best suitable for students who are fond of learning about the creative side of mathematics. Applicable to all high school students, this program provides the opportunity to attend lectures, seminars, and work on problem sets, along with conducting research work.

Admission Fee: Free

Duration: 6 week

Program Dates: July 3- August 13

  1. Research Science Institute (RSI)

RSI helps students experience research cycle from scratch to finish. Students can work on individual projects under the guidance of well-known scientists. This summer program accepts more than 80 students per year.

Admission Fee: Free

Duration: 5 week

Program Dates: June 26-August 6

  1. Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program(SIMR)

At SIMR, students are allowed to conduct medical research along with the faculty members of Stanford Institute. Students can choose from the available one of eight research fields and are assigned to a consequent lab where they receive mentorship. The program accepts 50 students per year.

Admission Fee: Free with a Stipend

Duration: 8 week

Program Dates: June 12-August 3

What Are The Benefits Of Opting for these Summer Programs?

A proper summer program or course in US can help you accomplish your academic as well as personal goals. These programs are designed in a way so that the students can build their career along with learning and exploring new subjects. Summer courses give you the boost to learn something new and choose the right academic path. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, choosing a summer program will be highly beneficial for you. The best part of applying to these programs is you can get a taste of college life in the US beforehand.

For your convenience, here are some other valuable benefits mentioned below:

  • Boosts your knowledge
  • Adds a feather to your resume
  • Helps in credit recovery in case you fall short of money during the academic year
  • The class sizes are smaller.
  • One can easily get into these programs
  • These pre-college programs are mostly free of cost.
  • You don’t need any prior education to apply for these summer programs.

How to Get Started?

For best results, start searching for the summer programs during winter. Research as per your convenience, and start checking with the websites of schools and colleges. This will help you gather required information about the available summer programs. Most of the websites will help you with the dates, duration, and application procedure. If needed, consult with the faculty members and clear your doubts. Some summer programs may require high school transcripts, samples of creative work, etc. Fill up all the details correctly and re-check before submitting the form. 

Do These Programs Help With College Admission?

Yes, they do. Getting enrolled in a summer program will definitely help you with college admission. Completing a summer program will improve your ability to prosper in a college course. Besides, it also shows the college admission committees that you are a dedicated student who is trying hard to learn new things and putting an extra effort to succeed.

Mostly, these summer programs are intended to provide you with tools to steer the college admissions process effectively.

How to Choose The Right Summer Program?

With so many options available, it is a bit tricky to choose the best one. But, you need to keep a few things in mind when selecting the most suitable summer program.

Set your priorities right! If you are willing to learn science and math, choose a program that will help you do so. Understand and analyze your interest the subjects which motivates you the most. It is always better to choose a summer program that will help improve in subjects that you are fond of. Consider choosing a summer program that selects restricted number of merit students. If you are falling short of money, choose the free summer programs. Besides, most of these summer programs offer financial aid and payment plans at your convenience.


Location is an primary factor to shortlist when choosing a summer program. If you want to stay close to your hometown, choose a program accordingly. Many camps are located near beaches, and mountains, and are close to scenic trails. Are you comfortable traveling so far from your home? Think before your choose and get started. 

It is always an added advantage if the program you chose happens to be located at a college you wanted to join for long. Making the right choice is important. 


Most of these summer programs are held between May and August. These programs are designed for a short span of time. Students opts for short span programs and find such programs interesting too. These programs last between two- twelve weeks. The timetable of these programs is usually flexible. This helps students attend part-time or full-time sessions. Classes are held in both mornings and evenings. Most of the time, these pre-college programs or summer programs are coupled with an array of social and cultural activities. 


So what are you up to this summer holiday? Instead of sitting at home and going for a beach party, why not get enrolled in a summer program? After passing high school, students may want to earn money. Many summer programs offer good stipends along with productively shaping your future. With so many pre-college programs available, make sure you chose the right one. Getting enrolled in a summer program will not only help you explore a different world of education but will motivate you to do better in life. 

Attending a summer program in US is always beautiful. The short term courses are carefully curated for students to get benefited and can learn something new in a short period. This is considered to be one of the most rewarding ways to enjoy summer break as a student and make the most of it. 

Happy Holidays!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do you expect from summer school program?

Summer school programs aim to help students enhance their abilities in understanding various subjects, apart from the regular syllabus. Getting enrolled in these summer programs will help students get a taste of college life in US.

2. How to select for a summer program?

You just need to check with the websites of schools and colleges offering pre-college program to get all the details. If needed, consult with the faculty members of college.

3. What is the age limit to apply for a summer program?

After passing from high school, students can apply for these summer programs in US. Students applying for summer programs should not be below 18 years.

Free Summer Programs for High School Students 

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