Free python certification

Introduction to Python

The rapid advancement of technology has given rise to an array of programming languages and one such programming language that has gained immense popularity is Python. The high-level general-purpose programming language supports multiple programming paradigms can support several operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac operating systems as well. With its increasing popularity, Over the past two decades,  Python has constantly been on the list of Top ten popular programming languages in the world. A large number of reputable business organizations such as Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, Spotify use Python for programming purposes. This article provides information about the various free python certification courses.

Free python certification

Benefits of Python

The popularity of Python as a programming language has grown by leaps and bounds in the past two decades. The ability to learn and use Python is one of the most in-demand skills of the present time and most of the programmers look forward to mastering their knowledge and skills related to the python programming language. The following are the key benefits that Python brings along-

  • Python is the fastest-growing programming language across the globe.
  • The versatility of use and ease of use offered by Python make it one of the most sought-after programming languages in present times.
  • Python offers comprehensive functionality with less coding.
  • Python comes with a portability feature that facilitates the running of python across different operating systems.

Certification Courses

With the increase in the use of the internet among the masses, the field of education and learning has certainly been affected by the internet. E-learning has made a prominent place for itself in today’s world and the number of educational courses can be completed from the comfort of one’s home with help of the internet and mobile device, laptop, or personal computer. Certification courses are short-duration courses that enable the participants to gain insight and expertise into the topic of their choice. After successful completion of these courses, the participants are awarded certificates signifying their efforts and efficiency towards the completed program. Completion of certificate courses provides immense value to the resumes of the participants and can be very helpful while the participants look for a job in the same field in which they have completed the said course. Generally, certification courses do not demand strict time availability of the participants and provide them with the flexibility to learn at their own pace. 

Benefits of certification courses 

Certification courses have emerged as an advanced way of learning new skills and gaining knowledge about various topics. These courses can be a great supplement to the current academic activity or job of a person. Participants by enrolling in certification courses can reap several benefits. Some of these benefits are discussed as follows –

  • Enrolling and completing certification courses can help the learners to gain new skills and knowledge which enables them to become job-ready.
  • Completing certification courses provide immense value to the resume of individuals and can help them to gain an upper hand over others applying for the same job position.
  • Certification courses help the students to supplement their academic performance and excel in their main study program whilst competing in the additional certification courses.
  • Certification courses are an efficient way of utilizing one’s free time. The leisure time can be converted to valuable learning time with the help of certification courses. 

Free Python Certification Courses

Several websites and online platforms offer certification courses related to the Python programming language. Some of the free Python certification courses are enlisted and discussed below –

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  • Python training course – Data-flair training offers a free python certification known as python training course which focuses on providing theoretical knowledge along with the necessary practical skills related to the framework of python programming language. Following are the key features of the free certification course offered by Data flair training –
  1. The certification comes with 5 real-time projects and 20 optional projects.
  2. Enrolment in this course provides learners with over 100 hours of study material, python quizzes, and several guides to interviews.
  3. Live case studies to broaden the scope of understanding and knowledge of the participants.
  4. The completion of this course provides the participants with a certificate.
  5. The duration of the python training course is 20 hours and participants can complete the course at their own pace and according to the availability of time with them.
  • Python Core and Advanced – This course is offered by Udemy and contains 24 modules facilitating learning for the participants. The 201 short lectures in this certification course provide ample learning about Python to the learners. The python core and advanced certification course focuses on the following key learnings –
  1. Participants will learn key basics about python and learn to install python on their computer device and execute their first program. 
  2. Participants will gain the ability to run python on different operating systems.
  3. To create and use functions in python programming.
  • Introduction to Computer science and programming using Python – This free python certification course offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) is an efficient learning course and over one million learners have reaped benefits from this course. The course extends to 135 hours of running time and is divided into two series parts. The course is free to attend for learners but the certificate of completion is issued only after paying a certain amount as a fee.
  • Introduction to Python- The introduction to Python course is offered by Data camp, which is a well-known name in online learning for programming languages. The interactive course provides participants with basic knowledge on working of python and also introduces them to an array of advanced topics related to the python programming language. After completing this course, participants are eligible for the statement of completion. Following are the key features of this fee certification course –
  1. The course requires 4 hours to complete.
  2. It is a basic learning course and provides participants with a suitable introduction to the python programming language and associated concepts.
  • Learning Python – Learning Python is a free certification course for the Python programming language offered by LinkedIn. The beginner-level program helps the learners to get accustomed to the basic concepts and framework of python. On the completion of this certification course, participants gain a shareable certificate which they can also display on their LinkedIn profile and attract job providers. Following are the main features of this certification course –
  1. The learning python certification course provides knowledge about the installation process of python on different operating systems.
  2. The course allows participants to gain information and knowledge about working with dates and times, files, and web data through the application of the python programming language
  • Python for Everybody – Python for everybody is a free learning and certification course offered by PY4E. This course contains free and open learning course materials to educate the students about the basics and functionality of Python. Following are the main features of this program –
  1. The course is designed to help the students to be accustomed to the basic concepts of python.
  2. Students will gain the ability to use an array of core programming tools. 
  3. The course is divided into 17 lectures and students can set their learning pace according to their capabilities and availability of time.
  • Learn Python 2 – The learn Python 2 program offered by Code academy is a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge for beginners aspiring to gain knowledge about the python programming language. The course is designed to provide core basic knowledge about python to the students. The course is completely free and does not require a paid membership of Code academy. 
  • Google IT automation with Python – Google offers an array of career certification courses to which participants can enroll and upon completion of the google course, participants are awarded a certificate by Google. One of such courses offered by Google is Google IT automation with python, which focuses on imparting core knowledge about the concepts and working of python. This certification course comes with the following features –
  1. Participants will learn about python and gain the ability to write python scripts and execute programs by using python.
  2. This course provides an opportunity for learners to develop their problem-solving skills.
  3. The course also provides participants with knowledge about various concepts of Information technology along with python.


All in all, it can be said that certification courses provide an array of benefits to the learners. The free python certification courses can help aspiring programmers to gain the necessary skills and knowledge required by them to kick start their career in the programming field. These courses also enable the learners to utilize their free time by developing important skills and gaining fresh knowledge. The certificates obtained by learners through the completion of these courses are of great value to the learners and can be used to communicate the skills and learning abilities of the individuals to potential employers. The inclusion of certificates achieved through these courses can be a great addition to the resume of the job candidates and may eventually help them to bag a job with the employer of their wish.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1. What are other popular programming languages apart from python?

Answer 1. Several other programming languages are prominently used by programmers all over the world. Some of the popular programming languages are – Java, PHP, Html, C++, and Javascript.

Question 2. How can an individual manage the timing for an online certificate course?

Answer 2. Managing current work or study regimen can be challenging while enrolling for an additional online certification course to enhance the skills and knowledge. Followings tips can be helpful while planning the various activities –

  • Planning the entire day can be helpful to fit the certification course into the daily routine.
  • Generally, certification courses provide flexible timings, so individuals can spend their free time from their day to learn new things offered by the certification course.
  • One should carefully select the certification course by considering the amount of time they can devote to learning.
  • Learners who are new to the online certification courses should not immediately join multiple courses. This will hamper their learning from multiple courses and hinder their ability to concentrate. So new learners should take up online certification courses one by one.

Question 3. What are the primary benefits of online courses over traditional academic classes?

Answer 3. With rapid technological upgrades, the field of education has been changed forever. Moreover, the covid-19 pandemic has made it a necessity to bring classrooms to online platforms. Online courses provide several benefits to the learners as compared to the traditional model of academic classes. Some of these benefits are discussed as follows –

  • Online learning provides a great deal of convenience to learners. Learners studying through online courses can participate in online learning at the time and place of their choosing.
  • The online learning courses provide the learners with a wide variety of learning content to help them gain the necessary knowledge and skills. This content can be viewed by the learners at any time and can also be stored for further use and reference. 
  • One of the key benefits offered by online learning courses is that these courses can be completed by the participants without disturbing their current work or academic schedule. 
  • Online learning facilitates learning at the pace of oneself. As compared to the traditional academic regime which prevails as per the set pattern, the online learning mode facilitates better learning as the learners can recognize their pace and abilities and adjust the progress of the course according to them.
  • Participating in online learning courses along with routine activities of oneself is a great way to become efficient in time management. This can greatly help individuals to learn and gain time management as a skill in their life.

Question 4. Are paid certification courses also available for learning Python?

Answer 4. Across the internet, there is a plethora of paid and free python learning and certification courses. Individuals can choose the courses based on the availability of money with them for the purpose. 

Free python certification

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