Farewell Messages To Students


A farewell function is inadequate without offering your help and thanks. It is maybe the best strategy to pass on all your wishes to understudies. In this article, we are going to see how to give farewell messages to students.

Farewell Messages To Students


A farewell is a way of respecting somebody who will leave or resign. Farewell can, for instance, appear as tossing gatherings to honor somebody’s takeoff or different exercises. It’s a great method for passing on the amount we care about individuals in our lives.

It may very well be hard to compose farewell texts to kids since they are so enthusiastic. Notwithstanding, in this article, you will learn how to bid farewell with a few examples listed below:

Farewell Message Models

Plain Message:

1. I deeply rejoice with you on this fateful day. I’m happy for you and pray that as you’re stepping out to face the world, may God’s protection never depart from you, my dear students. 

2. I know when you were little and how you always paid attention whenever I was teaching. I can’t forget those moments because it uplifts me. My darling went and brought the trophy back home.

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3. A very big congratulations to all of you. You have been amazing in all your studies. What more can I say? Congratulations once again my beloved ones.

4. Because we have imparted enough to you, I’m pretty sure that the knowledge you have acquired in the institution will help you out there. May God guide and protect you all!

5. My sincere congratulations to you, my wonderful students. Remember what I told you in our last discussion, “don’t relent on your dreams, make us proud”. Goodbye!

6. Today as you are graduating, the only thing that will make me feel your presence is to always follow our instructions. You’re the leaders of tomorrow and I pray for blessings and favors upon all of you. Congratulations!

7. Dear students, you’re like children to us and we believe that your ways out there will be of good and you will not forget your homes. I wish you favors in all your endeavors. 

8. Today ends your secondary school life. My dear dearies, as you are going to another phase of life nobody will be there to discipline you. Learn to control your movement and don’t get yourself influenced by bad gangs. Keep your ways straight and I pray that everything will work out for you.

9. You deserve the best and the best you shall get. I will miss you, farewell!

10. Among all the students I taught, your set is the best. Oh yeah! You are friendly and brilliant in your studies. I really appreciate you all!

11. Wow! Today is the D-Day and I am overwhelmed that you all have grown to take another step in your studies. Be the best and always put God first.

12. Indeed! This college has trained wonderful students and we have you to do that in practice. I will sincerely miss you all. Happy Goodbye!

13. I pray for open doors in your career path and I hope you will not disappoint me. My dear, it shall be well with you.

14.  Your smiles I will never forget. You guys are a bundle of joy to us and from the deepest of our hearts, we pray for more wisdom and understanding in your endeavors. Congratulations!

15. No need to beat around the bush. You are awesome and cooperative students. Continue with that good behavior and make sure you pray always. I wish you success!

16. Years ago, we started here as teacher and student and today the relationship has grown beyond human imagination. You all are more than students to me. I will always pray for you and I believe you will excel in your profession. God bless you all, bye!

17. I can’t believe you are leaving but I know it’s for good. Your light shall continue to shine. Go well, my students.

18. Farewell in your endeavors and remain your true identity to society. I love you all.

19. I love the way you loved and listened to our pieces of advice. Please don’t let anyone deceive you, rather influence them with your good morals. 

20. You are a good example of “brilliant students”. I want you to know that you all will remain in my heart forever. Have a wonderful life!

21. Congratulations my dear, have it in my mind that we will be waiting for your good news. Please represent us well!

For their future:

1. As you begin to build your career path, I believe your future will remain bright. You will definitely make it in life

2. Nobody is perfect! Your character is no doubt worth emulating. The future will be good for you.

3. After school, what next? Of course to build your career. My dear, your career journey will be stress-free for you. Best regards.

4. Always remember to be a blessing to others. May your future be awesome for you.

5. I use this medium to express my love for you. You deserve all the good things in life and I pray for you to achieve them. May your days be smooth for you, Amen.

6. I wish you were still my students but you need to go and build your dreams. My students, I want the best in return. Congratulations once more!

7. I remember the moments we shared and how attentive you were to everybody around you. Please continue with that attitude and the sky shall be your limit. 

8. Just like a popular adage, “there is time for everything”. Dearest, this is your time to excel. I pray you have remarkable achievements. Bye!

9. Amazing students you will continue to be. I’m confident your stars will be a blessing to your families. Remember I love you so much!

10. I believe our advice will yield good fruits to you all. Blessings to you all.

11. Many may go and probably didn’t succeed but I know you will succeed. I wish you the very best in life. 

12. I will miss the pleasant morning greetings you showers on me each time we are to start our morning devotion. Great students of our time, be blessed.

13. I know that you’re shining stars we got here and pray it shines on your endeavors. 

14. I must say that I am lucky to meet your kind. You are supportive in all that we do. However, I hope tomorrow will be better than today.

15. Be mindful that where you’re going is different from here. You are meant to go and be an outstanding personality. So don’t be discouraged for with God all things are possible. 

16. Always set your goals high and strive hard to achieve them. A big farewell to you my students.

17. Our prayers are that what you have gained here would help you in your studies as you further. I wish you good luck and continue to strive for excellence.

18. Let this message be an upliftment to your life. Avoid troubles and always tread with caution. I love you.

19. It’s every teacher’s prayer to have God-fearing students, who will be obedient to both the teachers and their parents. Indeed God answered our prayers by giving us such “brilliant students”. I cherish that so much and hope your lives will be examples to others.

20. I know nobody is above mistakes but once you make mistakes, learn from them, and never it not repeat yourself. Goodbye from here!

21. The day your send-off was fixed, I wasn’t happy because I am going to miss someone so dear to my heart. I wished I could turn the hand of time, but who am I? My dear, I pray that as you step out of this institution, the sky shall be your stepping stone, Amen. Bye!

22. Dearest fellows, cultism is everything and don’t allow anybody to confuse. Remember the future lies in your hands. Congratulations everyone!

23. Dear students, a lot of kids are looking for sponsors and here you’re about to further your education. This is a golden opportunity to make mummy and daddy proud. Please don’t misuse it. I love you wholeheartedly. Good luck!

Enthusiastic Farewell:

1. Teaching you has advanced my knowledge. I’m happy you’re beginning to further your education. As you get there, create your timetable and do the right thing at the right time. This is beyond a farewell message.  

2. It won’t be easy for us to find another set of students like you. Maybe someday but I am hoping you will achieve your dreams soonest.

3. I know I have punishments sometimes. Yeah! That was for your good. I wanted you to be the best to the nation and am glad that you’re beginning to display that. Well done!

4. My mum used to tell me that the best gift you can give to students is to make sure they are nurtured well. I believe we have tried our best to make sure that you receive the best foundation of knowledge. Another phase of it awaits you in the university. Don’t be scared, follow our advice and that will keep you on track. 

5. Dear lovelies, this is my goodwill message to you. You’re a step away from here, my wish is for you to understand your aspirations and make a living out of them.

6. Now is the time to show to the world all that we have been teaching you. I’m sure you will keep on being humble and score high grades.

7. Your career path starts any moment from now. Study with good friends and avoid anything that will endanger your lives. I will continuously pray for you.

8. Although you are leaving us but am ever open to hearing your thoughts and complaints. I still see you as my students and you will continue to be in my heart. A happy farewell and successful journey to you.

9. Finally it’s time to fulfill your dreams. I will miss how we share ideas in the classroom. Do well enough to realize those ideas we shared. I trust you all.

10. I have promised to continue praying for you. I believe my prayers will transform your lives for good. Please make us proud.

11. It is hard to bid you farewell but you have to go and become certified. Listen, you will make it in life. Joyous farewell to you.

12. Congratulations on your next journey. Be good and be respectful to the authorities. Don’t involve yourself in any form of examination malpractice. However, I know you won’t rub my name in the mud. Cheers!

13. Honestly I am short of words. This is because your character towards us is unexplainable. May you prosper beyond human imagination.

14. This is not a time to play or joke around. Your studies should be your priority. Good luck with your studies!

15. I know that moving to another level of education isn’t easy but don’t worry, it will come and pass soonest. I wish you successful studies, my beloved students.

16. My heartfelt wishes to you students. Continue to grow with more wisdom and understanding. I’m confident that you will be a great figure in society.

17. Congratulations to you all! It’s the lord’s doing that you complete your college. Don’t forget our slogan; focus and determination. Best wishes my lovelies.

18. Show respect to your lecturers as you have shown to us. A happy farewell to you!


1. My beloved, don’t lose hope. It’s just a matter of time and you will be great.

2. You all are wonderfully made, so I’ll say you’re unique in my life. Since you’re leaving, it saddles me, but it’s for good. Go in peace, my beloved.

3. May the Almighty continue to bless and see you through in your education. A pleasant farewell to you.

4. This is your starting point. Start with good grades and your days will be great.

5. Everybody has a purpose in life. Some of the students are in school to corrupt others with a bad lifestyle. Please move away from such people.

6. Don’t let anyone stop the fire in you. Let the whole world hear your game. I wish you a peaceful study ahead. 

7. Life isn’t a bed of roses buy whichever one that comes your way. Please be wise and make a good choice.

8. I’m so excited that I have the best students. Please I want you to see hard times as a normal thing. No matter what, never allow yourself to be used. I look forward to hearing from you.

9. As the wise man says, Wisdom is the most valuable gift. Continue to be wise students and everything will turn around for your good. Goodbye!

10. Those who trust in God are always successful. Dear students, always pray for his guidance and protection in your studies. Believe in him and you will be successful.

11. Don’t involve yourselves with indecent dressing. Make sure you obey the rules and regulations.

12. You have years to become a graduate, begin now and outline your expectations. The earlier you start, the greater your days will be. Best wishes my beloved!

13. I took you like my sons and daughters and I always mean good for you. You will go and come back with good news. More grace to you.

14. I don’t have silver or gold to give you but I will never stop praying for you. Bravo!

15. Success does not come to lazy ones rather it comes to those who are worthy of its gift. Work hard and success shall be your portion.

16. Dear students, when I was in school, I had bad times but it didn’t stop my dreams. So don’t ever give up in any situation. Believe in yourself and it will end.

17. Hear this: if you can be successful here, then you will be great there. I pray for a wonderful study for you.


1. Prayer is the key to success. Dear students, never neglect the powers of prayer in your studies.

2. Dear students,  always trust in the Almighty for trusting in God is like having breakthroughs in your studies.

3. Procrastination leads to failure. I pray that failure will not come your way, Amen.

4. My dearest, I want you to focus and always struggle hard to get the best. May the good Lord shower his blessings upon you.

5. There is power in the tongue and today I decree and declare that your days will be brighter than today.

6. May the amazing favors locate you and I pray you shall come out with flying colors. Goodbye to you.

7. May all your plans be achieved in greatness. Gracias!

8. Dear beautiful ones, I pray for you on this special day that you will be among the top in your class.

9. Let your star be a blessing to your family, society, and the world at large. Have a wonderful career journey ahead.

Simple Ways Of Reacting To The Messages

The reason for messages is for them to be perceived. Thus, you ought to react to individuals’ farewell messages. This shows that you are thankful for their graciousness and fondness. Here are some straightforward ways of reacting to your messages:

1. My dear, thank you for the note you wrote to send me farewell. I’ll follow your reasonable prompt.

2. It’s not the apocalypse, and we can in any case impart. Much obliged to you for setting aside the effort to keep in touch with me.

3. I’m thankful for the warm pleasantries and I desire to see you once more.

4. It’s good to hear from you. Thank you kindly for your thoughtful words. If you wouldn’t mind, let’s keep in touch.

5. I’m soothed to hear that others care about me. To be frank, I am seriously blushing!

6. You provided me with a feeling of having a reason to be the best. Ma’am/Sir, thank you so much.

7. I was moved to tears by your farewell message. Indeed! I have someone to hold my back. Thank you ma’am/sir.

8. Much obliged to you for your assistance. Your farewell message is highly valued.

9. Your message is a one in a million. I love it.

10. I detest saying goodbye, yet I like your message. Many thanks.

11. I remember the good moments we shared, and indeed your message uplifted my spirit. I vow never to disappoint you. Thanks a million times, my dearest!

12. I know I was one of the school’s most notorious students, but you stood firm to ensure that I became the best. This alone motivates me to strive for excellence every day of my life. I hope to stay in touch, and please let me know if you have any questions.

13. I’m overwhelmed to have you as my teacher. Thank you for the wonderful prayers. I pray for a long life and prosperity. 

Your comment makes me happy, and I am grateful for the role you played in my life. I’ll never forget who you are.

The Significance

To bid farewell to people shows that one esteemed one’s time together and wishes them well. This can likewise help understudies with keeping a well-mannered relationship with their guidance and of course their studies. For instance, when a child receives compliments from people, he or she will be triggered to do more and always be a good child.


In conclusion, sending messages to students is very spurring. The facts confirm that it is all the best for the eventual fate of understudies since it helps them to remember how significant their future is to you.

So pick one of these messages that embodies a considerable lot of your all the best for the understudies’ future professions. It will pass on from your heart that you want them to enjoy all that life has to offer in their undertakings and a cheerful future in their vocation interests.

Farewell Messages To Students

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