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Meta Platforms, also incorporating the company as Meta which is also previously known as Facebook, Inc., is an international technology syndicate established in Menlo Park situated in California. The corporation is the head association of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, amongst other underlings. Apparently, due to its multinational corporations, it has gained much fame all over the world which also means- employment opportunities. Over 60,000 plus employees (March 2021 estimated) working in the company, Facebook sets an excellent representation for a prosperous orientation and onboarding processes. Engineers acquire much in the top tech companies all over the world. However, there are some terms to get into Facebook. Once you fulfil the criteria, you are called for an orientation. The introduction, which is also called orientation, is organized to empower a new employee with the information he or she requires to operate comfortably and effectively in the alliance. It is an intended overture of fresh employees to their duties, their counterparts, and the corporation. However most of the associations hesitate in investing in programs like orientation or boot camps but fortunately, there are a few companies, for example, Quora, Netflix, LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook that shine in the limelight. Let’s know more about Facebook orientation.

Facebook Orientation

Unlike other companies who set up their welcome programmes by having a face to face interview with conversations and presentations, Facebook has a unique way of featuring itself. Facebook’s orientation program aims at improving administration qualities, fostering team building, and teaching how to strengthen the highest principles in the task they embark on. While joining a company, a new hire might not have a limited amount of information about the company’s whereabouts. They might have given attention to a spokesman or read about the organization somewhere but they do not yet possess their own perspective. This is where the necessity of boot camps arrives. Bootcamps are the Signature programs from Facebook that have been a big success throughout the progress of the company. It aims to develop a strength-based structure for the company. 

The most important principle to convey during orientation is your commitment to constant development and persistent learning. Review of safety, health, and company policies are also explained during these sessions. In that way, new hirelings become pleased with asking questions to obtain the information that they need in learning, problem-solving and giving rise to decisions. It’s a six-week orientation that all the engineers have to go through.

However, there are some phases through these orientations:

Phase 1: Pre on the board phase. The first phase of onboarding, also called the pre-onboarding phase, starts up as soon as the aspirant receives the offer and proceeds until the first day of the joining. A decent onboarding experience is one of the extensively significant components that influence the new employees’ decision to stay.

Phase 2: Welcome the new employees.  

Phase 3: Role precise training.

Phase 4: Easing the shift to the new role. 

Ultimate decisions are made after then. A ‘welcome kit’ is also provided containing an offer letter, employees love to feel appreciated and welcomed, especially those who are new, a copy of the CEO welcome letter containing the benefitting plan information, discussion on preliminary enrollments, paper works, guides and forms, labour strategies for a team function, surveillance and team structure, an employee handbook and of course, last but not the least- Technology that comes with the latest iPhone, a Mac (15″, 13″ or Air) book. 


  • Prepare on the very first day. Make sure you have all the required data analysis on the company.
  • Once you get the chance to attend the orientation, focus on its cultural orientation to the basics of the company.
  • Don’t wait for anything afterwards. Start as soon as you can without giving a second thought.

These orientation sessions give many opportunities to connect and discover new features of a review of the company’s organizational chart. Since it is Facebook– the only app which was used as a tool in connecting with friends and family members. Friends from all over the globe connected through the Internet during crises and pandemics. So at the orientation, many stories of Facebook being a boon were shared. How it was a means of communication between two people from different corners of the world. It’s the experiences shared by the workers that impact the audience. A brief introduction is given about the company, what all are their objectives, how it functions and its community. Also, Facebook offers high salaries to competitive and skilful hires.  

Facebook also insinuates with onboarding swag which includes clothing, backpacks, notebook covers, and various other varieties designed in the organization theme. Facebook possesses a Design Lab where employees can always pick up posters, advertisements and stickers. It moreover associates and organizes programs where many skilful artists are invited to bring in something new for employees and their homes. After the onboarding process,   giveaways are provided from the company with no inadequacy of shirts and jackets.

Some frequently asked questions:

Q1.) How do I apply for Facebook?

According to the Facebook Recruitment for Freshers Eligibility Criteria 2020 2021 only a full-time graduate candidate is eligible for applying Technical assistance experiences can also be suitable for the candidate. Impressively written aptitude with linguistic communication talents is preferred. It’s pretty much easier if you come from a renowned institution. Facebook hires potential employees to fulfil the company’s desired goals and objectives. Check out the Facebook Career website for more information and job opportunities.

Q2.) If I attended an orientation session, does that mean I am hired?

Not necessarily. Well, it can be concluded that you will be taken into consideration in the future. If you are having second thoughts about not getting selected for the job, call the respective HR of the department and ask about your employment status. An invitation letter is what confirms your job acceptance. 

Q3.) Orientation and interviews are the same things?

No. The interview is usually after your orientation sessions or after you get an offer letter. Though, an orientation interview is also advantageous to the candidate’s applying for the job but does not perfectly fit in the job description. Although contemporary institutions and HR administrators appreciate the importance of a constructive onboarding experience, unfortunately, most of the companies do not know that hiring the right candidate is not enough. Thus, an individual interview is necessary. 

Q4.)  Is it tough to get a job at Facebook?

Yes. It is. Since it’s a very renowned company and thousands of people apply for jobs, vacancies might be a lot difficult to find. Nevertheless, if you fit the required job description and have eligibility requirements as per their necessities, then go for it. Also, be passionate about the job and earn extra credits through internships and volunteering in extracurricular activities so that you can show up with a good GPA. Apart from the eligibility criteria, try to be a good employee with knowledge of the products and services, the ability to execute in it, leadership qualities, coding sequence, etc. 

Q5.) Does orientation have any purpose?

Yes. Orientation plays a major role in building the ethics and aims of the company. It reinforces the employees to work in a broad spectrum in order to foster the enactment of the company. What is unique about these boot camps is that they have a massive impact on the employee and impresses them to a greater magnitude. 

Q6.) Do I get to work on the very first day?

You can if you want to. The company has given a protocol to its employees of working within 45 minutes after the orientation. You will be under the mentorship of one of the employees already working there. You will be given the task to complete bug fixing on their website or one of their applications. This is the first step for the company to demonstrate that they trust their new hires. This avoids the formal training pattern and makes the new hires start their tasks from day one without any further ado. 

Facebook Orientation – Know More

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