Does Olive Garden Pay Weekly?- Know More

Olive Garden is a casual dining restaurant chain focusing on Italian-American cuisine. A subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc., that has the headquarters placed in Orange County, Florida. With its origins in the United States, Olive Garden serves over 900 locations with areas served including Brazil, Canada, UAE, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Slovakia. Being an Italian American cuisine the products are pasta, salads, chicken, seafood, and breadsticks. Lets know Does Olive Garden Pay Weekly?

Does Olive Garden Pay Weekly?

Olive garden pays its employees weekly. The weekly pay depends on the hours done and offers a competitive hourly rate. The benefits include rewards and recognition, anniversary pay, flexible schedules, meal discounts, medical/dental insurance, and even a trip to italy for a high-performing team.

Popular job positions :

The popular job positions available at Olive Garden are host, bartender, line cook, server, prep cook, busser, dishwasher, line cook, restaurant manager and, to-go specialists. The weekly pay is of the competitive hourly wage and this benefits a person looking for part-time in addition to full-time jobs. The flexible schedules proposed here can benefit college/university-going students who are looking into part-time jobs with no unneeded pressure and good pay. The rewards and recognition culture put forward here is also a perk. 

Promotions for managerial positions for instance Senior Vice President of Operations have been promoted from within. In addition, there is a 99% chance of getting promoted to General Manager and Directors of Operations for experienced employees who showcase the skills necessary to fill in the post. They also present Internships in restaurant management for students who have been enrolled in a Restaurant Management or a Hospitality program. For students still in school, there is an hourly member event that could help in attaining the exposure vital in the restaurant industry or a quick way to earn a buck.

Perks of securing a job at Olive Garden :

Apart from the weekly pay, there is also the competitive base salary and a gratuity offered quarterly that can be achievable. An employee is expected to work no more than 50 hours a week where they receive one weekend off for a month and 2 days off for a week. In addition to the company-paid life insurance option available. Discounts on clothes, daycare, clothes are also obtainable. There will be a 3 week paid time off during the first year of employment at Olive Garden. As mentioned before apart from the company-paid life insurance there will also be immediate eligibility for dental, vision, and medical insurance within easy reach. As a long-term career option, there will be a company-paid retirement proposed with 1.5% of the eligible salary.

Will there be training provided for the job positions ?

For the new managers, there will be an 11 weeks training program and an orientation program lasting less than a week where the acclimatization will be paid on an hourly basis. Since an employee starts off as an apprentice during the training period they might be paid a low cost compared to the sum offered. The training usually lasts for 5 hours a day for 5 days having a combination of bookwork and interaction with a staff member that helps in building the hands-on experience.

 During this training period, they are habituated to the food running and the different courses of meals offered on the menu and this might also include following the current employees. During the orientation, there will be the necessary paperwork to be filled out, familiarization and a general tour of the restaurant and making the employee aware of the general style of Olive Garden. The dress code for the orientation is all black which includes black aprons and black non-slip work shoes.

 The training period is a more relaxed time where the work hours might be up to 40 hours with the days spent acquainted with the food and drinks (above 21 years only). Some of the hands-on training will include pouring vine samples for the tables, carrying food trays at the fingertips since it is expected of the servers to be proficient.

Are the application and the interview process strenuous?

Generally, the first step of an application includes an online application. This can be done on the Olive Garden website directly. When visiting the Olive Garden website it can be noted that the job vacancies and the job offers will be reflected on the website. The vacancies available in locations can be filtered out on the website where the necessary information will be posted. Once the application is done and in case shortlisted there will be an interview conducted. This will be notified via phone call or email. The general questions asked and evaluated during the interview might include how good the applicant is with people, how they respond to stressful situations, and a general background check. This might also focus on whether the applicant is a “people person “. Having previous experience is also a bonus.

Due to the nature of the job with the abundant gratuity offered Olive Garden is an option that can be considered when opting for a job. As mentioned the job vacancies cater to students as well as individuals opting for a long-term position. Olive Garden is a reputed food chain and working there can help gain the much-required experience. With a lot of importance given to inclusion and diversity, this restaurant chain does stay apart. The work culture is generally enjoyed by the employees with the perks offered.

Does Olive Garden Pay Weekly?- Know More

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