Does Hy Vee Drug Test? Hy Vee’s Hiring Process

Does hy vee drug test?

Drug testing is a well-intentioned practice rooted in legal compliance and corporate culture in companies. Most companies undergo drug testing to detect drinks or illicit drug use for a safer and more productive environment. Hy Vee is one of America’s finest grocery stores with over 240 retails stores in eight Midwestern states, including Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The company is focused on promoting quality, variety, convenience, culinary expertise, a healthy lifestyle, and superior customer service through their well-renowned slogan – a helpful smile in every aisle. In this article, we will see the answer to the question ‘Does Hy Vee Drug Test?’.

Drug testing at Hy Vee

Keeping consumers satisfied is the major focus of this online grocery shopping store. Hy Vee is an employee-owned company, which means it is guided by employee-owners from diverse sets of life who come together to bring unique perspectives and experiences in creating an extraordinary experience for consumers. The company credits its more than eight decades of success to the hard work and diligence of employees, and hence, they ensure to carry out all due diligence in the hiring process of these employees, one of which includes a strict no drug policy. Some of the common substances being tested for include; opiates, marijuana, cocaine, methadone, quaaludes, and so on. The drug test is usually carried out on prospective hires before employment at Hy Vee. 

Hy Vee’s Hiring Process

The hiring process at Hy Vee is pretty direct and simple. All you have to do is fill out an application and go through a standard screening process. Here are some more details on the process;

Prepare Resumé

 You will be required to submit a resumé while filling out an application for employment at Hy Vee. This resumé should have all the basic information about you and what you bring to the table. The text should be in a clear and professional font, with no grammatical errors. Ensure to double-check that your resumé contains your name, contact details, email address, experience, and achievements. If you do not have any past work experience, you can focus on highlighting school achievements or volunteer works. Remember to also input valid references because they will be checked out.


Once you have prepared and dusted your resumé, you can go ahead to fill out the application form online or in any of Hy Vee’s stores around you. 


Applications will be sorted and screened and if you are lucky to move forward, you will be invited for an interview. The interview is basically to get to know the face behind the application, so you must come prepared. Here are a few tips for a successful interview at Hy Vee; dress appropriately, bring a copy of your resumé and references, be conscious of your manners including cell phone manners, make direct eye contact, answer all questions appropriately without interrupting your interviewer, and make sure to do your due diligence on the position you’re applying for and the company. 

Background Check and Testing

There is a possibility that you might be hired on the spot after the interview but it will be a conditional offer. With the condition being that you need to undergo some tests and checks. One of these tests includes a drug test. Their strict no drug policy demands that a drug test be required before a full unconditional offer is given. Once you have passed the test, congratulations, you’re hired!

What type of Drug Test does Hy Vee Undergo?

There are different types of drugs tests, either general tests or for a more specific type of drug. The most common and cheapest type used when an employer demands a drug test from an employee is the urine test. Other types include;  Breath tests, hair tests, oral-fluid tests, sweat tests, blood tests, etc. Hy Vee uses the oral-fluid or saliva test, which can also be called the mouth swab test. Previously, they used to rely on urine analysis tests but switched to the mouth swab test in 2018. 

Who receives testing at Hy Vee?

All employees at Hy Vee are liable to be drug tested whenever the company demands it, however, it is rare for them to ask for random tests from employees. The most common type is the pre-employment drug test. Other circumstances may demand a drug test and they include; annual physical, work accidents, suspicious behavior, etc.

Pre-employment Test

This is done before an offer letter from the company is issued, and only upon passing the drug test is the candidate hired.

Annual Physical 

Some companies mandate their employees to go through a full physical test at the end of each year, and drug tests may be included.

Work Accidents

Homework accidents are not entirely due to malfunction of work appliances or any other causes but could be as a result of drinks or illicit drug use. Drug tests can be carried out after such accidents to help to determine if drug intake is a contributing factor.

Suspicious Behavior

If an employee’s behavior at work is suspicious or the employee has a track record of unsafe work behaviors, drug tests could be issued to ascertain the cause of such behaviors and to protect other employees and customers. 


Working at Hy Vee is not just about having or getting a job, it’s more than that. You get to be a part of the company’s success and in addition to your wages, they offer so many other benefits such as; wellness programs, vacations, flexible scheduling, profit sharing trust, and 401(k) plan, amongst others. 

It will be a disaster to come so far in the hiring process to get into one of the top 25 supermarket chains in the United States and get disqualified at the drug test. If you’re on any medication that you fear might make you fail the test, it is advisable to let them know beforehand. Although, you might be required to show prescriptions for the medications to be sure that you’re not trying to sneak your way through.

Does Hy Vee Drug Test? Hy Vee’s Hiring Process

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