Does Goldman Sachs drug test?- All About Goldman Sachs

Does Goldman Sachs drug test?

Working in Goldman Sachs is a Dream Job for many people. And why not. Goldman Sachs is the greatest bank not only in the United States of America but also in the whole world. The bank was founded in 1869 and since then it is one of the best global banks known for its work in the finance industry. In the ranking field, Goldman Sachs was ranked number 62 on the fortune 500. Does Goldman Sachs drug test?

There are many departments available at Goldman Sachs that people can choose to work for. A person can work in investment, project management, trading, finance, regulatory compliance, and many more. So, Goldman Sachs has lots of opportunities within the bank itself. Hardworking and interested candidates can apply for this bank but as easy as it sounds, getting a job in Goldman Sachs is not a smooth process.

Goldman Sachs has a very strict policy when it comes to hiring people. Especially for the drug test. Imagine having all the necessary skills with you that Goldman Sachs has been looking for but getting rejected because of your recreational activities like taking drugs. Indeed, a heart-breaking situation. 

No drug policy of Goldman Sachs

As mentioned above, Goldman Sachs has very strict ‘no drugs’ policies. Because reputation comes before anything. Goldman Sachs is one of the very well-known banks all around the world, So, they are totally against their employees being involved in drugs. Regarding all of this, Goldman Sachs screened the candidates during the drug test rounds. 

While applying to Goldman Sachs, you will be required to pass the drug test i.e., you should not be using the drugs while applying for a job at Goldman Sachs. The drug test is done during employment and there are many drugs that you will be trusted for. Some of those drugs are Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Opioids, Amphetamines, etc. So, if you are very much interested in working in a top bank like Goldman Sachs, then you should stay away from drugs. 

The process of hiring

As written above, getting into the Goldman Sachs bank is not an easy job. You will have to do a lot of things before enjoying your employment in the said bank. The initial stages of the hiring process involve submitting the application and then waiting for them to call back. The interview session for Goldman Sachs is a pretty long one. First, the selected candidates have to go through phone interviews and then, they will again be called for the main, long interviews.

There are many reviews from candidates that have gone through the interview session of Goldman Sachs. They have said that interview sessions are pretty extended, so candidates in the future better go prepared and try to maintain their confidence as well as stamina throughout the interview.

Goldman Sachs and Pre-Employment drug test

Goldman Sachs does the pre- Employment drug test at every branch. In recent news, there is a statement that Goldman Sachs does not drug test for Marijuana. As in many countries, Marijuana is legal and people deliberately use it. Some of the drugs that people use because they have been prescribed for it, then they need a doctor’s statement for it and then they might be considered for the job. Except for all of these situations, if the drug test is positive then without a doubt you will be in trouble and simply be disqualified from the race of getting a job in Goldman Sachs.

However, Goldman Sachs does give you time to get those drugs out of your system, if you use them. They inform the candidates who have applied for the jobs, several weeks before the actual drug test. Hence, there are chances that people will get selected in huge numbers at a time.

Random drug tests

Goldman Sachs has all the legal documents that allow them to do a random legal drug test whenever they want. If an employee is suspicious of their behavior, then the authorities ask them to do a random drug test. And if the test comes out to be positive then their job is immediately terminated as they have violated the rules. They will also keep this point as a part of your contract so you will not have a say against it during a random drug test.  

However, we cannot say anything about the doubt that many have ‘whether they do a drug test before promoting their candidates.’ Given the fact that they follow a very strict drug policy during their hiring process, it would be fair to assume that they would drug test their employees even before promoting them.

Even if you get a job at Goldman Sachs, you will need to withhold the use of drugs, in case of any probable random drug tests that they will plan on any time of a random day. So, to make your career, you have to say no to drugs.

Kind of drug test that Goldman Sachs uses

There are many ways to do a drug test in a company however, Goldman Sachs relies on a urine drug test. Nevertheless, they will notify you at least 2-3 weeks before they go for the drug test. A candidate will have to complete the drug test within the given period.


Goldman Sachs is one of the biggest global companies that is known for its work and reputation. The hiring process of the company is not easy as they have the legal authority on doing a drug test of the candidate. However, the company does not test for Marijuana. The candidates who have positive test results are automatically disqualified. Some cases are exceptional as they have a legally prescribed medication to use the drug. The candidate will have to show a medical certificate regarding the same and the company will cross-check it. If all goes well then, the company will hire you after the interview round. 

So, better be careful with the use of drugs. Start taking “say no to drugs” seriously or else it will tamper with your future career.

Does Goldman Sachs drug test?- All About Goldman Sachs

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