Does Chewy Pay Weekly? – Know More About It

Chewy is an online retailer of pet products based in Florida, United States of America. It provides various animal-related products and services. Over the years, it has been one of the most trusted choices of pet lovers across the country. Chewy’s was founded in the year 2011 under the name ‘Mr. Chewy” by Ryan Cohen and Michael Day and its revenue was US$7,146 million in the year 2020. Let’s know about “Does chewy pay weekly?”.

Does Chewy Pay Weekly

It quickly became the choice of the people and its sales grew rapidly from 2015 to around US$423 million. Chewy’s revenue sky rocked to around US$2 billion in the year 2017. It was then acquired by PetSmart in May 2017 and since then it works as an independent subsidiary of it. 

Chewy has always been about providing the best experience to all pet lovers and is trying to maintain a decent pet-centric culture in its stores. Chewy won around 7 awards in the year 2021 alone. It won Stevie Award in the Customer Service Department of the Year in 2017, Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service in 2018, and many others. All this positivity and critical acclaim have made Chewy a lucrative place to work. So does chewy pay weekly? Yes, they pay weekly, precisely on Fridays.

Let’s now look at other things briefly,

What Chewy is all about?

Chewy is for showing your love to your fur babies and providing them the best care possible. There are over 2000 brands in Chewy like A Pet Hub, Bessie for Cats, Frisco, Blue Buffalo, Acana, and many more. You can buy Pet Food, Beds, Toys, Supplements, Medicines, and more. It also provides a Telehealth service called Connect with a Vet which allows pet owners to connect with licensed veterinarians. Over 7000 employees are working in Chewy. Chewy also provides support to homeless animals through various organizations.

The Payscale in Chewy

There is a variation in pay scale depending on the role. The pay scale depends on the position and the place you’re working. A fulfillment associate’s pay scale can be around $4 per hour in an 8 to 10 hours shift. The same overnight can be around $13-14. There are also positions for Operations Manager, Data Engineer, Recruiter, Writer, and Analyst among others. An average data engineer can make around $137,000 yearly. At the base position, the same amounts to $13 per hour. A Customer Service Technician gets $16 per hour. Average work hours are 10 hours a day with 30 minutes lunch break.

The Work Culture

The first thing is that Chewy is a pet-based brand so if you are allergic to animals, have a medical issue, or just don’t find pets appealing, then this company is probably not for you. Every company, whether it’s a small one or a larger one, needs the total focus of employees and if one doesn’t feel comfortable and is disconnected at his workplace, then it is better to look out for another place. 

Now, the work experience and the work culture in Chewy can be different from place to place. Some places can be easy while others can be quite troublesome. It also depends on your position. Chewy can be a good place to start working especially if you’re a pet lover, it can be a satisfactory place for you to work. There have been decent reviews from people about its medical services for its employees, so if someone’s cat gets a bit nasty with you, you can easily count on Chewy’s emergency medical services for their employees. 

You also get free food as an employee of Chewy. The working environment can be a bit harsh; it is somewhat of a high-school-like environment with sometimes strict rules to follow. The interview process is fairly easy for basic jobs although the turnover ratio can be high. Another good thing is that your schedule can be flexible after 90 days (depending on the availability) one also gets Medical Insurance which is very average but still better than other places. 

Training is paid $12 per hour.

Some FAQs about Chewy

Does chewy work with animal welfare NGOs?

Yes, they have plenty of programs for various NGOs that offer different kinds of support to needy pets (especially homeless ones).

Is there customer service available 24 hours?


Is there any scheduled delivery program available?

Yes, it is called Autoship.

What are Chewy’s shipping charges?

It is free for over $49 and below it, Chewy charges around $4.

How long does the Chewy take to ship?

It can take anywhere from around 1 to 3 days.

Can I get pet medications on chewy?

Yes, every necessary pet medication is available with a prescription by your vet.

Does chewy provide pet insurance?


Final Word

Chewy as a workplace is more suitable for someone who just got out of high school and is in need of some quick cash. It is a fairly stable company with tedious work. There are also some higher positions available like a Data Scientist in the Chewy among a few others. This place is great for animal lovers but its rules and regulations can sometimes get on the nerves of its employees. Other than that as stated earlier, it is a nice place if you have a sweet spot for animals and want to take care of them.

Does Chewy Pay Weekly? – Know More About It

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