Do The Rockettes Have To Sing?

For nearly a century, the Rockettes have been an American icon. They have charmed New York with their unique moves and spectacular performances. They perform at Radio City Christmas Spectacular from November to January. Their performance is synchronized, harmonic, and glamorous.let us know about that the Do The Rockettes Have To Sing?

Do The Rockettes Have To Sing?

Along with the efficient ability to perform jazz, ballet, tap dance, and much more, Rockettes should also know singing. They need to sing during their performances, but their singing is not that important. The ability to sing and dance at the same time efficiently matters more. During the Christmas Spectacular, a total of 36 Rockettes perform on the stage. They need to perform with passion and dedication. A total of five Rockette shows take place in the Radio City Hall from November to early January.

About the Rockettes

The Rockettes are an American dance company. They are a group of highly trained dancers performing the best pieces for 90 years. They are best known as Radio City Christmas Spectacular. This is an annual Christmas show.  They started their career as “Missouri Rockets” in St. Louis in 1925. When Radio Music Hall opened in New York in 1932, the Rockettes, performed there. They became a huge hit during that time. 

The Rockettes also performed on many prestigious occasions along with their performance in Radio Music Hall. They performed at Super Bowl Halftime Show, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and much more.

Today the annual show called Christmas Spectacular attracts over two million people every year. The group consists of 80 women split into two parts. Each cast has around 36 dancers at a time.

Rockettes are very trained jazz, ballet, and, tap dancers. They are extremely talented, and splendid performers with a distinct charming aura. They have an unmatched reputation for dancing and performance. They go through a lot of rigorous exercises to achieve the perfect shape required for becoming a Rockette. 

Qualifications to Become a Rockette

The Rockette should be 5’5 and 5’10 ½’’ tall. 

  • The Rockettes should be proficient in jazz, ballet, and tap dance.
  • All performers should be at least 18 years old.
  • Must be a US citizen.
  • The Rockettes Should be in better shape. They should be physically fit.
  • They should follow a strict diet routine.

Singing Skills Required as a Rockette

Rockettes are expected to have exceptional singing skills. But it is not a compulsion to excel in singing. More attention should be given to singing and dancing at the same time. Rockettes should be synchronized in such a way that they can manage singing and dancing together without fumbling. For this, it is expected to have the good singing skill to at least sound melodious.

Additional Skills Needed to Become a Rockette

  • The Rockettes should be confident.
  • They should be disciplined and highly dedicated.
  • They should give a substantial amount of time to practice their performance.
  • They should keep mastering their dancing skills.
  • The Rockettes need to take a properly balanced diet to have the stamina for rigorous practice hours.
  • The Rockettes should sing but they should have a better ability to sing while dancing.
  • Interesting Facts About the Rockettes:
  • The Radio City Rockettes got started in 1922 in St.Louis. Their creator Russell Markert got the idea of making this big dance company.
  • As soon as they were launched, Rockettes got attention all over the nation because of their high-end moves and performances.
  • They took the stage of Radio Music Hall on day one.
  • In 1967, Radio City Rockettes went on strike. They rallied for better wages, given their rigorous rehearsal schedule.
  • Rockettes are considered one of the hardest working women in show business. They have an athletic body with a slim shape.
  • The most classic performance of the Rockettes was “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers”. The performance was also one of the hardest for them to execute.
  • Rockettes go through intense costume changes. During a single performance, they need to change their clothes at least ten times.
  • The quickest costume changes ever made were in 78 seconds.


Becoming a Rockette can be quite challenging. Over 1000 dancers line up to achieve a position as a Rockette. Only 80 can make it to the famous chorus line. The Rockettes need to show tremendous dedication towards the work. Every year, millions of people go to their show. The constant applauses given to their performances show that they have unmatched popularity in the dance industry. Rockettes dedicate most of their time to practice sessions and brushing up their skills. 


What are the Rockettes known for?

Intricate dance routines and in particular, for their extremely high kicks.

How old are the Rockettes?

Rockettes are ninety years old.

How much do the Rockettes get paid?

They get paid between $1,400 and $1,500 each week.

Can a guy be a Rockette?

Yes, there are some guys at the Rockette.

How long can you be a Rockette?

There is no maximum age limit up to which you can be a Rockette.

Do The Rockettes Have To Sing?

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