Does Delta Airlines pay for Flight Attendant training?- Know More

 Like with all airlines, safety is a priority to Delta airlines, which is why it is necessary to ensure that all their staff is trained properly and learns all the safety rules and guidelines set by the FAA. Delta airlines are one of the top airlines in the world and training its employees is one of the benefits they offer to ensure that their staffs stay at the top of their game. Let’s know about does Delta Airlines pay for Flight Attendant training.

Does Delta Airlines pay for Flight Attendant training

Yes, Delta airlines pay for flight attendants’ training and even pays them about $1,800 per week for attending the training.

Delta Airline Flight Attendant Training

Aside from vetting the applications to get the best candidates, employee training is one of the best ways to get the newly hired flight attendants onboard with the necessary information and hands-on training that will help them become effective at their jobs. The Delta airline flight training is held at the Delta world headquarters in Atlanta. The training lasts for eight weeks (11 hours/day) and all trainees are expected to stay in the training accommodation provided by Delta airlines or get their accommodation, which must not be more than 25 miles from the training center.

The training course is aimed at preparing you for real-life situations that may occur during a flight; hence, the training is specific to the following areas.

  • Customer service
  • Aircraft specific training
  • Passenger safety includes emergency landing, medical emergencies, security, fire, etc.
  • Delta culture

At the end of the training, they issue a flight attendant’s certificate, which is required by the Federal Aviation Administration to show that you have demonstrated proficiency in security, emergency, and safety protocols and can begin to work with the airline.

Other benefits  Delta Airlines Flight Attendants receive:

Delta airline makes it a priority to put their employees’ well-being into consideration as a motivation. As a flight attendant, the paid training program you get to receive is only the tip of the iceberg compared to the other benefits you get to enjoy when you are fully hired. These benefits include;

  • Health coverage
  • Financial package
  • Staff travel discount
  • 401K retirement plans
  • Development opportunities
  • Wellbeing plans
  • Staff discount program
  • Employee stock purchase plan

Delta airlines also provide benefits for your family members, which include;

  • Education assistance
  • Paid vacation and

Trainees’ payment  during the training:

It takes a lot for a company to offer free training and yet pay the trainees for being a part of it. Delta Airlines is one of the few airlines that pay their new flight attendants during the 2-month training period. The airline pays a weekly wage of $1,822; however, you will be taxed since the payment is minimum wage.

Getting hired as a Delta Flight Attendant:

Delta airline is one of the fortune 500 companies in the world and one of the best airlines in America. Getting hired by them as a flight attendant is somewhat difficult because of how competitive the position is. Delta airlines receive over 100,000 applicants yearly and only 1-2 percent of these applicants get hired. 

Knowing someone in the company can fast-track your application process and get you on the list of ‘trainees’, but then, you still have to pass the training to become a Delta Airlines flight attendant.

Time taken by Delta Airlines to review Flight Attendants’ applications:

It takes HR or hiring managers about three weeks or more to sort through the applications and reach out to those with exceptional résumés. The interview process then commences, which also takes a long time. Generally, the application process takes months and sometimes, it might even extend into a year. 

Money a Delta Airline Flight Attendant makes:

Being one of the largest airlines in the world, their flight attendant salary is higher than that of most airlines. New flight attendants at Delta airlines earn $33,000 per year at a standard hourly rate of $30.96. 

Your pay increases with the number of years you work with the airline until the 13th year when you max out your pay at an hourly rate of over $55. 

On average, a flight attendant can get a bonus of $900, a profit sharing of $4,000, and a $600 annual commission payout.


Most airline passengers believe that a flight attendant’s job begins and ends with making sure that they are comfortable throughout the flight; while this is partly true, a flight attendant’s responsibility is way beyond that speculation. Flight attendants are the first responders to any emergency during the flight and to ensure that they carry out their role effectively, they go through rigorous training like the one provided by Delta airlines.

  • If I don’t get hired as a flight attendant, can I reapply?

Yes, you can reapply to the same position after six months with a different reference number.

  • Is the delta airline flight attendant training hard?

Yes, it is. It requires technicality, flexibility, and hard and smart work on your part.

Does Delta Airlines pay for Flight Attendant training?- Know More

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