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Starting your boutique business? Congratulations! Stuck on naming the business? Naming a business can be a tedious task. Be it brainstorming the requirements of the boutiques, or catching the attention of the customers. All in all, a make is very essential for a business. Let us see some Boutique names in this article.

Boutique Names

Boutique Names

If you are still stuck on the important part.  Do not worry. This guide has a few names that can fit right into your extravagant business. If you want to customize the names,  the guide will walk you through a few tips you can follow and come with a unique name that exclusively belongs to you. 

How to choose a name for your boutique?

Boutique names can vary on a large scale. Where some sellers want to customize the names to their names, or family names, others want to show their creativity through emotions, fun, niche business, and many other similar ways. However, how can some factors play an important role in naming? They make the names, the show stoppers. Find out how to choose a name through the head-turning tips. 

Personalize it

There might be no better tip than personalized your boutique name. Every seller has a history, emotion, and binding towards the business they are going to start. Personalizing the name, to emotions, struggles, and family names can be a great way to attract customers. A boutique name is meant to convey something, but they do not have to be typical to be happy or beautiful. It can be so much more than that, it can be your journey through the fashion sector. So, personalize your names to the journey you had, or to the journey you aspire to. 

How do you want your customers to look at the business? 

Another impressive way of naming a business is to think like a customer. Ask yourself a question. How will the customer feel when they read the name? Will my name tell them what’s inside the business? Will it make them take a stop to shop? When answering all these questions with a suitable name, you will receive a name that is both impressive to you and the customers. The name can be, “Cherry blossom”, to convey the collection found inside. ” cotton candy”, for the exclusive fabric, or “Midas touch”, for something ethereal. 

Slangs are a big NO!

Many business holders would be tempted to use slang words that are trending among teenagers as the name for their boutique business. The suggestion here would be, be aware of slang words. They might seem cool for a smaller period, but will soon be replaced by new words. In such a situation the names of the boutique would no longer resonate, and the decision would be a regrettable one in the coming 5 to 7 years. So, one deciding for a name that you want to stay evergreen, avoid using slang. 

Simple and easy

Keep it simple and easy. Most brands that are well-known in the industry have catchy names. The flow of the words is easy, and people can remember them easily. So, the best way to name your brand is following the steps of the best. Keep it simple and easy. One thing here, you do not have to keep it simple if other names resonate with you. It would just be a tip if you are looking for a name, and do not resonate with longer, or tongue-twisting names. 


Try to wrap the name in 2 to a maximum of 3 words. It might seem to restrict the owners, but the important point is people need to remember you. The name has to flow out instantly, without latching it to sentences or structures. So, try to keep it short. 

Available in domain

Every store today is incomplete without its online store or a website where you show your visibility to people. So, check whether the name you select is available on the online domain. Checking the presence in the online domain will help you to market the products and the boutique through an online venture. It will improve the reach of the business, and help you to gain more customer attention. 

Legal availability

Another important thing to keep in mind before selecting the name is, checking the legal availability of the same. Certain names are not eligible to be used by the owners. So, before you name your boutique with the name of your choice, research all the names that are available legally. It will help you to prevent falling into liability in the case of any mishaps. 

Boutique names

Cute names

Fashion cuddler

The name is a cute way to depict comfortable fashion. It can be best used for boutiques that promote comfort fashion, and style all the accessories according to comfort. 

Turtle and bunny

Turtle and bunny can be a great way to define a boutique that has different fashion statements. The name can work when the boutique hosts multiple contrast fashions. Something that has lasted the battle of fashion, paired with the latest fashion trends. 


The name can be best for boutiques that are versatile in laces along with their dresses. It can work best to define the style of the boutique and tell the customer what the specialty of the boutique is with just the name.

Pink kingdom

Well suited to depict the shades of red, pink, and all other colors related to them. A boutique can be named a pink kingdom, where every cloth has a statement pink embossed in it. It would act as a beautiful statement in the fashion industry. Like a trademark. 


A boutique that I’ve loved around gowns, embellishments, jackets, tiaras, wings, and anything from the fairy world can name their store farmland. It can be the best description of the products they sell, making their name the ultimate brand. 

The One 

The name can be best suited for boutiques where only one of kind dress is made for the customers. Customized, and just for one customer. 

Crawling toddlers

The name can be a right fit for a boutique that exclusively deals with children’s clothing. It can be the best way to describe the brand.

Night sheep’s

For the boutique that deals with comfy nightdresses, nightwears, party dresses, dresses that can exclusively be used for night times, with the added benefit of being comfy, soft, and comfortable like the sheep.

Names that resemble the owners

Another way to name your boutique is by using your name, family name, or the name of the person who inspired you. The naming might not tell customers about the products and brands, but it will never become out of date. Simple, elegant, and have a lot of attachment. It can be one of the best ways to describe your boutique and add a personal touch to it. 

  • Sophie’s boutique
  • Mary’s fashion
  • Andrea and sons
  • Andrew’s fashion land
  • Jacob’s and co.
  • Sandra and Susan
  • Lily’s fashion hub. 
  • Pretty mary

Names with other language resemblance

Another beautiful way to name your boutique is to add chic, stylish, French, and Italian names. There is a mole of reasons to choose French and Italian names. One they sound like melodies, they feel classic, they remain evergreen, and they straight up mean fashion. What better way would anyone ask to brainstorm a name that means fashion. Self-explanatory, with added finesse to the word a perfect combination. 

French named that mean fashion in different style:

 être à la mode

The word means to be in fashion. The best way to describe how your boutique is always in fashion with trendsetters, and show stoppers in their collection. 

 être à la mode

The world means to be the fashion. For boutiques that believe every person has their style, and every person is a model in their very style. The best way to describe your comfort is your fashion. 

 devenir à la mode

The word means to come into fashion. Boutique name that tells the customers how their products can make them achieve all their fashion goals. 

 donner le ton

The word means to set the fashion. A boutique can use the name when they are someone who believes in seething fashion statements. Creating pieces of clothes, accessories, bags, and so much more than set the path to fashion. 

To take a twist from the French and add some Italian spices to your brand, here are a few Spanish names that mean fashion. No hidden meaning, no hidden product for the brand. Just pure and unadulterated fashion. 

  • abitudine.
  • attualità
  • consuetudine.
  • voga.
  • Moda.

Baby clothes boutique names

Boutiques that deal with baby clothing, accessories, and other similar products need to convey the parents’ meaning of the brand through the name. The best way to do it is to add “baby” to the name. Well obviously. However, there are a few more keywords that define baby clothes. It’s warmth, comfort, the feeling of new, cuteness, and familiar touch. All the feelings can be appropriately projected through the name.

Baby Angel

The name depicts the feeling of seeing a baby for the first time and thus fits right into the names that can easily attract parents to the store.

Kidding Around

A funny name that uniquely tells it is meant for kids. It is a great combination of wordplay, and can easily attract customers with its apt meaning, and beautiful message. 

Kid Up

The name is best suited for boutiques that deal with baby products on a multitude of levels, like babies from 0-10 years. It can be a great way to tell the products that are dealt by the store, and what age group it deals with. An attractive set of wordplay, and a fine name. 

Imagine Kid

It’s just like walking to the store name and imaging your baby in one of the vote display designs of the store. A great way to convey who the products are built for, with a sleek message of why imagine when you can buy the cute dresses for the baby.

Dress up games

Dress-up games can be a great name for boutiques if they deal with different kinds of these dresses. Be it cute onesies, animal-themed dresses, faith dresses, and many more. A simple name that can give an overview of the designs, along with being a head-turner itself. 

Happy nappy

The name is cute, attracts attention, and conveys the general idea of the products sold in the store. The name is unique, having a rhythmic touch to it. The rhythmic touch will also allow consumers to remember the name for a longer period.

First smile

Just like the first smile if every baby is precious, the designs of the boutique would be precious for the baby. The name is a perfect blend of emotion, and care. Giving out the right message to the parents about the target designs, the feeling behind them, and the emotions. 

Soft touch

The name instantly gives the feeling of warmth. It directly reflects the quality of the products, telling customers how good the products are. Soft, filled with warmth, a deep of gentle touch, and so much more. A great name for boutiques that think comfort is the best fashion statement. 

Specific material boutique names

Business owners can also use the specializing material of the products as the brand name. It makes the name a cute wordplay and acts as a forest indicator of the types of products used and produced in the store. Another benefit of using materials as the name of the store is it links all the qualities of the material to the store. For instance, wool indicates warmth, softness, cozy, comfort, and so much more. All these qualities directly get linked to the store. 

Woolen call

Woolen call, the name suggests the materials that are exclusively used in the boutique. If any boutique uses wool as their key element in several products, the woolen call can be the best name for the same. 

Cotton candy

A boutique that deals with pure and other forms of cotton can attract the positioners with the name cotton candy. It is cute, sounds warm, and is a great form of wordplay to attract customers to the store. 


If all the products of the boutique are embellished with, or specifically made of yarn, the name can be best suited. It tells the customers about the type of material used and what they can expect from the store. All the factors related to yarn are also connected to the products.

Other materials that can be perfectly woven inside a name are chiffon, denim, velvet, and so much more. A few more examples of material base names are as follows:

  • French chiffon
  • Denim
  • Crepe drape
  • Velvet and Georgette
  • Street style leather

State-based boutique names

For local businesses, a great way to grow out of the cocoon is to use the state name in the boutique name. It will accentuate the word, relating to the fashion of the locals. Using a state name will attract customers as they would feel income with the fashion statement. One thing owners can ensure here is to benefit from the state name and include all the local styles in the store with a trendy touch. It will add bonus points to the store and attract a lot of customers. 

  • Manhattans Fashion street 
  • Brooklyn’s bae
  • Californian chic
  • Texas trademark.
  • Breezy Hawaii 
  • New Jersey clothing
  • Alaska Fashion club.

Creative names

Some names are just head-turners, and immediately attract the attention of the customer. They might not be a storyteller or include details about the products inside the store, but they do pique the interest of the people with their flawless names. Several such creative names can be used by the boutiques to attract customers. 

  • Wow!
  • Ethereal beauty!
  • Enchantress
  • First date
  • Kiss the style
  • E-Girl swag
  • Sew and stitch
  • Threads 
  • Ciao 
  • Mimosa
  • Mini Fashion
  • Sun and the sunflower
  • Lilacs
  • Mommy
  • Pretty you
  • Pulchritude
  • Color your way
  • Class and sass
  • Retro mundane
  • Fashionology
  • Kick start

What to do after choosing a name for the boutique?

Now that you have chosen a name for yourself, you need to follow other procedures to officially make the name yours. The procedure for the same is simple and can be carried out according to state laws and regulations. 

Procedure to follow:

  • Formally structure the business according to the structuring of business, I.e LLC structure or other suitable needs.
  • Register in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Web site, The procedure is simple and lasts for only 90 minutes. 
  • Look at the Trademark Electronic Search System (“TESS”) database to make sure you do not choose any other name. 
  • If the name is already registered, the application will be rejected. Further owners would be required to make contracts with lawyers to ensure that their names are registered. 
  • In case of the same trademarks or visually similar names, owners would be liable to contest for the registration. 
  • The online registration costs around $275 and $325 and members would be required to fill in general details about the product, goods, and other services enlisted with the business name. 
  • The entire registration is complete here, owners would receive the application result after 6 months. 

All the legal documents and reports can be easily tackled if you have legal help by your side. A good piece of advice here would be to hire a lawyer that can help you receive all the required details of the registration, and you would not end up goofing up the procedure just in case. 

Do not forget the logo

Another thing apart from the name that will directly impact the business is the logo. One reason to include logos in the boutique’s name guide is to tell you how boutique names and logos can be interlinked to weave a beautiful visual story for the customers. Business owners can take care that the boutique names are carefully depicted with the logo as well. 

For instance, ” Happy Nappy”, can be designed with a logo of a baby smiling with a nappy. It can be a perfect depiction of the brand concerning the target audience for the product, along with a beautiful story. Similarly, multiple names can be linked with unique logos to bring out a beautiful meaning. Logos will add the cherry to the cake for a beautiful name.

Build your brand

Boutique owners need to know how to grow the brand so it reaches the global audience. The best way to do it is to build the brand through all forms of marketing. Use marketing to the best of its use, understand global fashion,  start an online business, and set a trend. 


Naming a business is quite important to receive recognition, improve brand, and in short start a successful business. If you are someone with a game-changing fashion idea and want to start a business, it is a great business option. Start with all your business requirements, and when you get stuck up with the name, go through this guide once again to find your right match. Customize it according to tips, and choose a name from the thousands of options.  

Happy business! 

  1. What is the best way to choose a name?

The best way to choose a name is by brainstorming it along with your journey to start the business. Personalization can bring out a great name. One that you would be proud of for eternity. 

  1. Where should we check the legal availability of the names?

Owners can look for the availability of the names on the internet, according to the state rules. The business regulation websites have certain links that are exclusively built to check for the availability of the names. The business owners can verify the names that are legally allowed through these state-regulated websites. 

  1. On what basis should we pick a name? 

Several factors can play a role in picking the name of the boutique. A Fe can range from the products, target audience it is designed for, the material of the clothing, personalized names, language or country-based names, and many more. 

  1. Are there any restrictions on business names?

Yes, not all the names are legally eligible for business. Also, not all the names are eligible and available for businesses to use. Owners would need to perform due research for the same. 

Boutique Names – Know More

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