Bloomberg Number Of Employees & Locations

Bloomberg has always been the topmost software company. It is also interested in different fields and has worked hard to make its name in the market. The company was originally founded by Michael Bloomberg with the support of many other investors and friends. He was the one who took the company to the position it is today. Today we would be focusing on the different Locations the Bloomberg company is spread and the number of people employed in those locations.

Bloomberg Number Of Employees & Locations

Bloomberg as a company works on a lot of things. It has a media sector where it posts new content and videos every day. It has a financial sector where it invests and helps other companies. It also works on software which helps them develop new software to help everyone and it also looks after data. The company was founded in the year 1981 and its earlier years made money by a financial system that they created for the Wall Street firms. Even though the company is headquartered in Bloomberg Tower, New York City, United States, it is spread out across the world and has a total of 167 offices worldwide. The total number of employees working in these offices is 20,000. 

Different Locations and the Number of Employees in Bloomberg

Here we present you a list of all the different places where you can find a Bloomberg office. All the locations mentioned here are genuine. The number of employees working in the office is completely derived from  Linkedin and thus the number mentioned below is just an approximate number. Now let’s get into the list and understand the different locations and employees working in those locations. The list goes as follows-

1. New York (HQ), NY

           United States

           731 Lexington Ave

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There are 16,000 employees from New York, United States, who work at Bloomberg.

2. Sydney


1 Bligh Street, 27/1 Bligh St

There are 503 employees from Sydney, Australia, who work at Bloomberg

3. London

United Kingdom

3 Queen Victoria St

There are 8200 employees from London, United Kingdom, who work at Bloomberg.

4. Tokyo


2-chōme-4-1 Marunouchi

There are 787 employees from Tokyo, Japan, who work at Bloomberg. 

5. Ciudad de México


Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, Av. Paseo de la Reforma 265, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc

There are 38 employees from Ciudad de México, Mexico, who works at Bloomberg.

6. Singapore


23 Church St

There are 1700 employees from Singapore, who work at Bloomberg.

7. Los Angeles

SunAmerica Center

1999 Avenue of the Stars

There are 403 employees from Los Angeles, who work at Bloomberg.

8. San Francisco, CA

United States

Pier, 3 The Embarcadero Suite 101

There are 906 employees from San Francisco, CA, United States, who work at Bloomberg.

9. South Brunswick Township, NJ

United States

431 Ridge Rd, Dayton

There are 6 employees from South Brunswick Township, NJ, United States, who work at Bloomberg.

10. Washington, DC

United States

1101 New York Ave NW

There are 577 employees from Washington, DC, United States, who work at Bloomberg.

11. Pearl River, NY

United States

Corporate Dr

There are 5 employees from Pearl River, NY,

The United States, who work at Bloomberg.

12. Rio de Janeiro


Praia de Botafogo, 228 – Botafogo

There are 39 employees from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who work at Bloomberg.

13. Frankfurt am Main


Neue Mainzer Str. 75

There are 207 employees from Frankfurt, Germany, who work at Bloomberg.

14. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

2 Queen’s Road Central

There are 1800 employees from Hong Kong, who works at Bloomberg.

15. Dublin


The Anchorage, 4th Floor, 17-19 Rogerson’s Ireland, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay

There are 27 employees from Dublin, Ireland, who work at Bloomberg.

16. Beijing


There are 208 employees from Beijing, China, who work at Bloomberg.

17. Dubai

United Arab emirates

There are 142 employees from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, who work at Bloomberg.

18. Seoul

South Korea

There are 205 employees from Seoul

South Korea, who works at Bloomberg.

19. Brooklyn

New York

United States

There are 1400 employees from Brooklyn, New York, United States, who work at Bloomberg.

20. Princeton

New Jersey

United States

There are 444 employees from Princeton, New Jersey, the United States, who work at Bloomberg.

21. São Paulo


There are 568 employees from São Paulo, Brazil, who works at Bloomberg.

22. Washington DC

United States

There are 577 employees from Washington DC, United States, who work at Bloomberg.

23. Piscataway

New Jersey

United States 

There are 79 employees from Piscataway, New Jersey, the United States, who work at Bloomberg.

24. Orangeburg

New York

United States 

There are 4 employees from Orangeburg, New York, United States, who work at Bloomberg.

25. Taipei City 


There are 38 employees from Taipei City, 

Taiwan, who works at Bloomberg.

26. Mumbai



There are 283 employees from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, who work at Bloomberg.

27. Bangkok 


There are 34 employees from Bangkok

Thailand, who works at Bloomberg.


These were some of the different locations the company operates from and the number of employees working over there. Hope the article helped you.

Bloomberg Number Of Employees & Locations

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