Black-Lives-Matter-BLM Mission & Vision Statement Analysis 

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed — They hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. These are the words of a great leader, a missionary, a reformer, and a torchbearer who led America through the darkest nights of racial oppression and segregation. He had a dream some 58 years ago to see the American people living not in the Red States or the Blue States of America, but the United States of America. He had a dream to bring forth a society that was driven by the values of the Emancipation Proclamation and create an America that was open to all. Let’s know about Black-Lives-Matter-BLM Mission & Vision Statement Analysis 

Black-Lives-Matter-BLM Mission & Vision Statement Analysis 

Black Lives Matter or BLM is an organization working for that dream. Laid the first stone in 2013, after the racial persecution of Trayvon Martin, Black Lives Matter leaves no stone unturned in helping the black men and women breathe free and independent air in The United States of America, The United Kingdom, and Canada. The black community has seen the catastrophes of turmoil, unrest, mistreatment, and injustice and has tolerated it in the US for thousands of years. Black Lives Matter (BLM), a provincial non-revenue reaping campaign struggles to bring together the community against all the injustices that are faced by black men and women. 

Black Lives Matter 

The public murder of George Floyd by the hands of the police on May 25, 2020, accelerated the current episodes and boosted the motion to a greater degree, reaching scopes it had never reached before.

George Perry Floyd Jr. was an African American man who was charged assumable for handing over a phony 20 dollars in Minneapolis. While standing under police detention on the road, the white officer Derek Chauvin crouched his neck for 8:46 minutes, eventually succumbing to death. What he didn’t know was that a bystander was documenting the humiliation with his cell phone, making a video that They crazily viral in a span of few minutes, not just around the country but around the whole world. 

The video was so clear and uncovering that it induced anger throughout the community. The reaction was as prevalent and sweeping as never before. Rallies and marches arose in all 50 states and DC of the United States even in chiefly white towns and rural neighborhoods.

The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter came to be used 17,000 times per day on all sorts of platforms like Instagram and Twitter, and the recreational ones like TikTok. Even notoriety favored the spur online with the hashtag #ShareTheMic. This time it was new and unusual, the BLM trend was coming to be globally pertinent and racially eclectic. Hundreds of white supporters, as well as multi-ethnical supporters, stood shoulder to shoulder with black protestors.

How it All Began

Many years in the past of the US, African American nationals have undergone pandemonium and unjust predicament from the government due to their skin color. Episodes like Eric Garner and Michael Brown had also earned the media spotlight. Nevertheless, Floyd’s was drastic and international, possibly because of the reason that established and formulated the developing ground to give rise to this outburst.

Initially, there was a tape that brought about the offense very apparently and monstrously. It occurred in the Covid-19 pandemic situation with increased layers of unemployment and prominent disappointment with the government’s impoverished response and thousands and thousands of casualties due to the virus.

Furthermore, George Floyd’s killing wasn’t an unprecedented event. It was a third of a succession of three in one go: Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old man was shot dead on 23 February in Georgia after a burglary suspect, and Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old health employee was shot eight times by the police in her apartment in Kentucky.

Mission Statement

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international humanitarian association in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It emphasizes all types of drives intending to encompass the black people in the community, teach and authorize them about their freedoms and bring in the day-to-day mistreatments that they suffer from to be clear.

Its mission is to eliminate white superiority and domination and construct provincial authority to interfere in violence imposed on black populations by the administration and nemeses.

Elements Of The Mission Statements

Eradicate white supremacy: It implies that they struggle to end the racialist notion that white folk is superior or nicer than the rest of the races excusing authority over them.

Erect local power to interfere in violence imposed on black people: By various activities and ambitions, they strive to generate understanding among communities about the grievances that the black community encounters in daily life. Along with the policies that they carry, they have also attained a high degree of perception among public structures and the online world.

By the government and nemeses: Apart from the turmoil and bigotry that is prevalent in the US, BLM is devoted to uncovering the administrative unrest against ignorant black folk. This encompasses struggling for uprooting the anti-black government turmoil and calling related administrations’ awareness to function appropriately.

Vision Statement

Black Lives Matter’s vision is to struggle for a world where black lives are no longer authoritatively marked for expiration. This implies that in the long run, their objective is to improve the world and earn dignity for the black community so they cease to be murdered because of their skin complexion. In simpler words, they strive to bring an end to racial bigotry and chaos.

Eight years ago, what is now recognized as the Black Lives Matter International System came into being. 

It began as a chapter-based, member-led institution whose goal was to develop regional authority and to interfere when unrest was imposed on Black neighborhoods by the government and nemeses. In the years hence, they have dedicatedly worked to striving jointly and to comprehending and building a world independent of anti-Blackness, where each Black individual has the civil, monetary, and political authority to thew.

Black Lives Matter started up as a call to action in reaction to government-authorized unrest and anti-

Black discrimination. Their intent from the very outset of the movement was to relate to the Black population from all over the world who have an experienced longing for freedom and righteousness to work together in their societies. The momentum for that responsibility was and still is, the widespread and purposeful violence imposed on the black people by the government. 

Trayvon Martin’s demise and the following dismissal of his murderer, George Zimmerman, infuriated the organization. Along with this, the 31-day commandeering of the Florida State Capitol by POWER U and the Dream Defenders motivated the Black Lives Matter organization to take to the streets. A year hence, they begin their journey concurrently on the Black Lives Matter Freedom Ride to Ferguson, looking for and demanding freedom for Mike Brown and everyone else who has been ripped aloof by government-consented turmoil and anti-Black bigotry. 

Permanently altered, the protestors retreated to their homes and started up laying the founding stones for the Black Lives Matter International Structure, which, even in its babyhood, had come to be a political family for several people. Ferguson assisted in speeding up the movement to which they have all supported give existence. Leaders who call this system dwelling have defeated anti-Black diplomats won significant statute to aid Black 

lives, and altered the phrases of the discussion on Blackness all around the world. 

Because of the campaign and connection establishment, the organization has also enabled race up other movements and changed the course of community with an orifice toward the hazardous consequences of anti-Blackness.

The following are the outcomes of their unanimous struggles: 

  • The Black Lives Matter International System is as influential as it is because of its members, partners, supporters, staff, and the public. Their ceaseless responsibility for ensuring sovereignty for all Black people suggests that they are proceeding the job of their predecessors and battling for their united independence because it is their obligation.
  • Each day, they devote themselves to rebuilding themselves and each other, and to co-developing alongside friends, supporters, and folk a society where every individual feels recognized, accepted and favored.
  • They accept, honor, and proclaim disparities and generalities.
  • They work energetically for independence and rectitude for Black civilization and, by expansion, all nations. 
  • They insidiously and willfully construct and foster a loved population that is tied concurrently by a remarkable battle that is remedial, not devouring. 
  • They are remorselessly Black in their stance in society. In asserting that Black Lives Matter, they need not entitle their role. 
  • They perceive themselves as a fraction of the international Black clan, and they are familiar with the various ways they are affected or qualified as Black civilizations who survive in several bases of the world.
  • They are directed by the truth that all Black lives matter, regardless of real or anticipated sexual personality, gender disposition, gender representation, financial stature, aptitude, disability, spiritual moralities or disbeliefs, immigration stature, or region.
  • They create room for transgender brothers and sisters to contribute, instruct and lead.
  • They are introspective and perform the job needed to disassemble cisgender benefit and strengthen Black trans people, particularly Black trans women who remain to be immoderately influenced by trans-inimical turmoil.
  • They create a room that asserts Black women are independent of sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are targeted.
  • They exercise compassion and kindness. They come together with friends with the objective to discover and realize about them and engage with their stories.
  • They carve their environment to be family-friendly and assist parents to completely contribute with their kids. 
  • They disassemble the misogynistic practice that compels mothers to labor “double shifts” so that they can mother in isolation even as they contribute to civil justice jobs.
  • They dismantle the nuclear family system prescribed by the western powers through assisting each other as broadened households and “villages” that wholly watch for one another, particularly their kids, to the extent that mums, parents, and lads are satisfied. 
  • They facilitate a unique optimistic network. When they assemble, they do so with the expectation of exempting themselves from the rigid clasp of heteronormative reasoning, or rather, the notion that every person in the world is heterosexual (until she/he or they reveal differently).
  • They develop an intergenerational and collective system unrestricted from ageism. They acknowledge that all people, irrespective of age, show up with the capability to direct and comprehend.
  • They symbolize and exercise righteousness, and unity in their arrangements with one another.

Policies and Schemes

BLM attempts to thwart and deter the acts of violence and at the same time, establish room for black ingenuity and invention to achieve growth in the lives of black folk. They struggle for their freedoms but also endeavor to enhance their quality of life.

Precisely, they work with two programs:

Black Lives Matter Arts+Culture 

It aims to enrich happening black artists who raise their voice for those who are greatly downtrodden among the population through cultural embodiment and representation. It pursues to teach populations on the crossing of civilization, craft, and politics. They claim to endow their societies, improve the terrain, and motivate modern sensibilities.

Black Futures Month

It is an occasion commemorated yearly in February jointly with Black History Month. The purpose is to question society and establish a world where black people are independent, autonomous, and free.

Global prominence

The Black Lives Matter was formulated in the substance of the ancient bequest of the authoritative disservice of the black community. They have been undergoing unjust violence and offense from the law, criminal justice, and public foundations mainly in America.

This movement has occurred as deliberation and a response to that bequest. There are hundreds of institutions battling for the civic and social freedoms of the black community in the US but BLM has earned phenomenal spotlight because of the recent incidents. They have built a strong and significant statement and taken the benefit of public systems to circulate it all around the world.


From Martin to Floyd, black people have undergone and still are undergoing brutal police treatment and persecution for ages now. It is high time we all come together to support the cause that all men and women, regardless of color, age, gender, or sexual orientation are created equal. Black Lives Matter and so does the ethnic unity of this country. 

Black-Lives-Matter-BLM Mission & Vision Statement Analysis 

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