Adobe Hiring and Interview Process

Adobe Hiring Process and Interview Process

We all have used Adobe at least once in our lives. Adobe is credited with the invention of PDF. It invented the PDF format in the 1990s with the vision of enabling creativity in people to blossom. If you are planning to apply for a job at Adobe, you should first be acquainted with the eligibility criteria and the hiring process. This article will act as a guide to the hiring and interview process at Adobe. Adobe is a prominent company and anyone would like to work here. But its hiring process makes sure that only the bests of best are recruited. Its hiring process consists of many rounds which will be elucidated upon subsequently.Before knowing about the hiring and interview process, you should be aware of the company and whether it offers what interests you or not. Read on to know about the company.

Know about Abode

A multinational software development company, Abode is well known for its image-editing software -Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, Portable Document Format(PDF), and much more software. The founders of Adobe are Charles Geschke and John Warnock and CEO is Shantanu Narayen. The headquarters are in San Jose, California, United States. The company is centered upon the creation of multimedia and creative software products.

The positions Adobe hires for

As per the 2020 data, Adobe has over 22,000 employees hired in 70 offices stationed in 26 countries.

Adobe hires for various roles ranging from engineers to IT professions to that in finance, marketing, and customer services. In addition to this, Adobe also hires nine levels of software developers unlike tech giants like Netflix who don’t hire entry-level developers. Adobe offers university programs for interested students, hiring over 1,000 interns and freshly graduated students every year. 

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying to any company, the first thing we should be aware of is its eligibility criteria. To be eligible for a job at Adobe, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • The person needs to have a good hold in Mathematics.
  • The person needs to be at least a graduate in the field which the position requires.
  • The person needs to have good communication skills.
  • The person should be able to work in shifts.
  • Candidates who have already gone through the hiring and interview before six months are not eligible to apply.

Recruitment Process of Adobe

Now that you know about the eligibility criteria, the next step is to get familiar with the coveted recruitment process at Adobe. Adobe conducts a series of five to six rounds to recruit freshers and even experienced in the company. These are an amalgamation of the online round, technical interview round, and HR round. The intricacies about the same are elaborated on subsequently. However before we proceed to the details of the rounds of interviews, it is important to know the application processes.

The application process for freshers

Freshers can make it into Adobe through campus placements and off-campus recruitments. The following are the steps of recruitment of freshers in Adobe:

  • You can apply online via any career site or recruitment agency or directly visit the campus.
  • The CVs are then shortlisted 
  • The shortlisted candidates are to give a written test which includes writing pseudocode and essay-type questions.
  • The freshers then have to go through the process which will be elaborated upon subsequently.

The application process for experienced

The experienced have to apply for a job at Adobe in the following ways:

  • You have to apply at a career portal or a staffing firm.
  • The CVs will be shortlisted as per Adobe’s requirements.
  • There will be a discussion over the phone. This can also be called pre technical round.
  • Coding assignments on the internet.
  • The experienced people then have to go through multiple interview rounds.

The procedure of recruitment at Adobe involves multiple sets of interview rounds which are elucidated upon below:

The online round at Adobe

The online round at Adobe is conducted on a platform called Hackerrank. It is a 75 minutes test consisting of 25 questions in which 2-3 are coding-related questions and the rest are general aptitude, logical and technical questions.

The coding questions will be mostly on strings, arrays, pointers, and recursion. These questions are to be attempted using different languages like C++, Java, Python, etc. 

For the general aptitude and logical part, quantitative aptitude is important. For this, you need to cover topics like speed, profit/loss, Averages, Permutation, and combinations, etc.

The technical questions will revolve around finding the correct output, errors in coding, and some of the theoretical questions.

Hackerrank permits you to edit your answers and resubmit them within the time frame of the exam. So attempt your questions carefully and confidently.

A plethora of interviews: The Interview Round

Phone Screening with the recruiter

The phone screening round is to make the candidate acquainted with the workings of the firm and to know what the candidate is interested in.

Phone interview with the Hiring Manager

Once you pass the phone screening round, you will be called for a phone interview by the Hiring Manager. A recruiter who has dug deeper into your resume will ask you questions to test your problem-solving, analytical, communication, and leadership skills. He can question you on the projects done previously, so be prepared with the projects you had been a part of. There is a possibility that the manager might ask you about the core values of Adobe. So do a pre-research before applying for the job.

The Technical Assessment Round at Adobe

The candidates who clear the above two rounds will get a link to an online technical assessment which consists of 65 questions divided into two sections which are as follows:

Aptitude and logic 

There are 45 questions in this round which are to be answered in 45 minutes. With aptitude and logical reasoning questions, Adobe intends to test your quantitative and logical reasoning abilities which are important qualities in any candidate. The quantitative part includes questions on profit-loss, percentages, arithmetic algebra, puzzles, data interpretation, and riddles.

Technical and Coding 

There are 15-20 questions in this round which are to be done in 75-120 minutes. Coding-related knowledge is tested through the online platform Hackerrank where the online coding round was conducted. You can go through the example challenges given on the site to practice and to know what type of questions can be asked. Expect to be challenged with a difficult algorithm, software-based questions on coding languages like C++, C, Java, and Python.

Onsite Interview

As we know that the whole world is working online due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Adobe’s final round interviews are conducted online and remotely. These interviews are longer than the off-site interviews and are prepared to expect six to eight hours back-to-back sessions lasting 45 minutes each. There are three rounds of technical interviews and one final HR round. Each round is an elimination round and if you are dismissed, you will not be permitted to participate in the subsequent rounds.

The technical onsite interview has three rounds which are as follows:

Technical Round 1 to test coding knowledge: In this round, the candidates will be asked questions related to coding and their knowledge will be tested through two coding rounds. For instance, they might ask that why you used a specific coding language and other questions like these

Technical Round 2 for one design system review: In this round, you can expect more algorithm problems, including graphs and DP questions, recursion. You can be asked questions like how to design vending machines using Java and other related questions.

Technical Round 3 to test object-oriented design knowledge: In this round, mainly system design problems, conceptual problems from OS and DBMS are asked. The interview can also ask questions related to algorithms and coding. The question might be medium or hard in terms of difficulty level.

Technical round 4 to test managerial skills: In this round managerial skills are tested, you can be asked questions about the language you specialize in.

In the Technical Interview round, you might be asked to write a code or analyze whether an algorithm is correct or not. If you don’t know the answer, don’t panic and tell the interviewers whatever you are aware of. This will show the interviewer that you are at least trying to answer the question, you don’t know the answer for.

The interviewer might ask you your favorite subjects. While answering, you should take the name of the subject you are comfortable with. Don’t name any random subject, answer the subject you have a strong base in.

In the technical interview round, the interviewers are looking for your technical knowledge, your thinking, your problem-solving ability, and how you communicate your thoughts. These things should be kept in mind while preparing for the technical interview round.

HR Interview round at Adobe

After you clear the Technical Interview Round, you are called for an HR Interview. This round is consists of questions which are behavioral and situational types. This round deals with questions from your life. The questions are generally related to your family, personality, the internships you have done, your past work experiences, hobbies, educational qualifications.

This round is meant for testing your personality, communication skills, and general knowledge. Bear in mind that this round is just to test your personality, your technical knowledge has already been tested in the technical round. You just have to answer confidently and you should know everything about yourself. They might ask you as to how your co-worker will describe you.

The interviewers might ask you the reason behind your intention to join Adobe. You should have clarity in this aspect, you should know the reason why you have applied for a job at Adobe.

If you are successful in clearing all these rounds then you’ll be hired at Adobe. Enjoy your experience afterward.


The article attempted to simplify the complex hiring and interview procedure of Adobe. Adobe is a great company to work at and open doors to many new opportunities. The company was ranked as one of the ‘Best Workplaces for Millennials 2020’ and was ranked second in ‘World’s Most Admired companies in Software’. The working culture at Adobe is considered to be award-winning, it endeavors to create a friendly environment for its workers, which is a desirable trait of any company. The current CEO of Adobe is rated 98% in Glassdoor, which implies that the CEO is approved by the employees.

The hiring and interview process at Adobe is indeed coveted but if you have the skills and ability in software development, then it’s not a mammoth task to land a job at Adobe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for the interview questions?

It is advised not to prepare any specific question which was asked in the previous interviews, rather you are advised to keep your fundamentals strong. The questions are dynamic and might get changed with every passing interview.

What is different in the hiring process at Adobe?

What distinguishes Adobe is its cumbersome and complex hiring process with multiple rounds of interviews. There are many technical rounds and even coding tasks are given to the candidates during the recruitment process. Thus Adobe has a different structure of recruitment which makes it select the best candidates.

Do adobe hire for teams or central roles?

An important thing to keep in mind is that Adobe hires only for teams. You are made familiar with the product and services of the team and the challenges affiliating to its building. Thus you should be a team person if you want to get into Adobe.

What can I expect in the HR interview round?

The HR interview is behavioral and you can expect questions that test your personality. They can ask you questions regarding your previous work experiences and where you see yourself in the future. To be fully prepared for an HR interview, you should be well versed with all your past projects. Confidence is the key to sail through the HR interview rounds. Just be confident and take all the questions head-on.

Adobe Hiring and Interview Process

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