Administrative Assistant Resume Summary Examples- Read More About It

Administrative assistants have a demand in various industries, with varying job duties. The administrative roles carry wonderful chances to work with every part of a business, maintain relationships with colleagues and counterparts across departments. Administrative Assistants are expected to have a high level of emotional intelligence, an active presence of mind, and many other skills. Let us know more detail about ‘Administrative Assistant Resume Summary Examples’.

Administrative Assistant Resume Summary Examples

Administrative Assistant Resume Summary Examples


A resume summary outlines the skills, qualifications, and experience of an administrative assistant.  The summary is added at the very beginning of the resume, right below the name and contact information. A resume summary is written to catch the attention of the recruiter. It is an outline of your career, highlighting your best achievements. If you’re a professional and have got relevant experience, you can go for this. It is a short version of the Administrative Assistant bio.

Summaries allow the admin assistants an open space to highlight their skills and experiences.

The summaries are generally made up of two or three statements. These sentences allow the managers to skim through the profile and help them in finding the right candidate. Resume summaries can be tailored or customized for each job to make them more appealing.

The right resume summary always cuts to the chase. It gives an idea to the recruiter to search for the right candidate.

A wrong resume summary can create confusion. It’s like a dish with no name. The recruiter is left clueless regarding the experience, background. Managers will have a glance for 6 seconds. 

Write the summary in a way that makes you the one fit for the job. Having the right qualities, experience, education to succeed on the job. 

You, as an assistant, must highlight your qualities, experience, skills that resonate with the requirements of the employer, thus proving you to be an asset to the team. Let’s read more about Administrative Assistant Resume Summary Examples.

For a resume summary, 

  • One has to write five to six sentences.
  • Write the summary section at the very beginning of the resume.
  • Keep it short, sweet, and simple.
  • Give it a personalized and professional touch.
  • Always look for keywords that are relevant to the duties of an admin assistant. 
  • Highlight specific skills in the summary.

Examples Of Administrative Assistant Resume Summary

Here are some of the resume summary examples: 

  1. An administrative assistant who believes in hard work for success. Versatile with great organization skills with exceptional knowledge of corporate protocols. Communication enthusiast with extensive strategic planning abilities.
  1. Administrative assistants are expected to save the extra working hours of their managers. A survey of 600 managers in the United States revealed that assistants save around eight hours of work time every week. A reason why the responsibilities of administrative assistants have increased in the past 5-6 years.
  1. Administrative assistant with a Business Administration degree. A tech-savvy, empathetic, emotionally intelligent individual with strong interpersonal skills and goals to support others by encouraging them, becoming the best version of themselves.
  1. Administrative assistant with 7+ years. An accounting honors, with a special skill in managing schedules, booking travel plans for corporate executives along with performing general admin duties. Goals to manage communication ( interpersonal), appointment managing, bookkeeping, meeting deadlines, and many.
  1. A versatile, enthusiastic admin assistant with exceptional organizational skills, strong communication skills with high-quality ability towards strategic planning.
  1. Administrative assistant with advanced experience in administration duties. Ability to work under stress and as part of a team. Successful track record of handling phone calls, providing information to clients. An administrative assistant with five years of experience in finance. Investment techniques and securities are something with which he/she is quite acquainted. Extensive experience in office administration, minute taking, cost reporting, and customer service.
  1. An administrative assistant with 5+ years of experience in managing admin duties. Worked and managed numerous departments allowing me to make workflow efficient, and improve communications. Proficient in MS Office applications. Adept in scheduling, calendar management, and customer relations.
  1. Proficient in preparing flawless presentations, preparing reports. An assistant with 8+ years of experience with History honors and an expert in MS Excel. Seeking to expand my knowledge and role as a Project Manager.
  1. A positive personality with expert knowledge in technology, problem-solving. Having people skills, possess an 8-year track record in customer service, office duties, and record keeping.
  1. Confident individual with an excellent track record of doing clerical and support tasks. Skilled in scheduling, writing appointments. Great at meeting deadlines, skilled in time management.
  1. Having a strong background in providing admin, finance support, I am a confident individual. An expert in communication, adept in multitasking, consistent and efficient in completing assignments within the deadline.
  1. Proficient in PowerPoint, QuickBooks, Calendly, MS Office applications with four years of hands-on experience in handling busy environments. An effective team player with excellent collaboration with all levels of staff and clients. 
  1. An admin assistant with a 6+ years background in performing secretarial tasks. Proficient in communication skills and customer service. An adept individual possessing unique problem-solving skills.
  1. A positive, confident individual possessing secretarial, computer, and customer service skills. A result-oriented individual with an exceptional talent for sorting mails, taking calls, smooth handling of social media pages. Highly empathetic develops positive relationships with clients, co-workers.
  1. Skilled, energetic, motivated individual striving to complete assignments within tight deadlines. Have 9+ years of experience in giving general support, managing the reception area, taking calls, scheduling appointments. A multitasking individual with a high level of professionalism and accuracy.
  1. An individual with a successful track record of handling official duties in busy setups. Have 6+ years experience in handling secretarial, executive support, managerial tasks as in maintaining office files, handling mails, etc.
  1. A talented individual highly proficient in office applications, ability to maintain accuracy, can manage high voluminous tasks. Seeking interest in the position at ABC corp., look forward to the smooth functioning of the corporation bringing my 6+ years of clerical experience.
  1. Seeking the position of Administrative Assistant at the OAC organization, I am extremely skilled in prioritizing assignments. With 5 years of assisting experience in IT systems, I am willing to bring my experience to the table for the betterment of the company.
  1. A multitalented individual skilled in preparing PowerPoint presentations, reports, scheduling meetings, appointments, taking calls. Seeking to work in a team-oriented setup, an individual with 6+ years of experience in admin work, skilled in communication and telephone etiquette.
  1. An assistant with 12 years of experience in supporting the back-end and front-end activities. Possess problem-solving skills, support office staff, executives, proficient in mail handling, clerical work, data entry, customer operations. A dedicated individual in customer service, teamwork, and professionalism.
  1. A person with excellent organizational skills, great in multi-tasking, an expert in MS office applications. With three years of admin experience, I seek to show my skills in the department of Business Administration as an assistant at ABC Corp.
  1. Seeking the position of Administrative Assistant at XYZ corporations, and excited to bring 5+ years of experience in coordination, file management, office support. Having excellent skills in operating office applications, I wish to contribute to the betterment of the company.
  1. An individual with a high level of accuracy and professionalism, I seek to work in a fast-paced, challenging environment. Proven record of customer service skills. A detail-oriented individual built with strong time management skills.
  1. Seeking to scale up my career as an administrative assistant at WXY resources, bringing my 8+ years of experience in IT skills for file management, inventory skills, and bringing executive support.
  1. A detailed and dedicated individual with strong customer service skills, interpersonal skills. I wish to bring my 5+ years of record-keeping skills, advanced technical skills to the table.
  1. A friendly individual with advanced skills in Outlook, Powerpoint applications seeking the position of Administrative Assistant at ABC corporations, with honed skills in management with 6 years of clerical experience.
  1. A friendly individual with a keen eye for detail, performing tasks on tight deadlines, highly organized with a BA in Administration. I wish to bring my four years of experience in office administration, with multitasking ability along with maintaining files in digital/print format.
  1. Seeking to work as an assistant in XYZ lifecare, offering the ability to manage multiple projects, MS Office tools. An individual with strong interpersonal, time management skills, proficient in multitasking.
  1. An experienced individual seeking to upscale my career, bringing the knowledge of office applications, handling high volume calls, scheduling, managing tight deadline tasks, inventory control with superior clerical skills, and providing excellent admin support duties.
  1. An organized individual efficient ability to prioritize assignments with tight deadlines. Interested in the position of Administrative Assistant at XYZ Corporations, with knowledge of advanced IT systems, filing, data entry, inventory control.
  1. An organized individual with professional communication skills. An empathetic individual seeking to apply for the position of an assistant where I bring my four years of detail orientation, professionalism in executing tasks.
  1. A gifted individual with excellent people skills, time management skills, with the ability to multitask while working on tight deadlines. Seeking to apply for the position of Assistant at ABC Enterprises, bringing my six years of admin experience in handling official chores, customer relations, resolving complaints with a high level of compassion and professionalism.
  1. A communication expert with five years of experience in providing excellent report coordination, executive work, office functions. Seeking to work as an assistant at XYZ corporations bringing my strong work ethic and quality level of initiation.
  1. I’m looking for a career with XYZ as a personal assistant that will allow me to put my broad IT terminology knowledge and bachelor’s degree to good use.
  1. A multifaceted individual with an extensive background in office admin duties. Proactive in a high-pressure environment. Highly effective in handling phone calls, coordinating with clients and requires minimum supervision in team roles.
  1. An individual with outstanding problem-solving and judgment skills is interested in the role of Administrative Assistant, intending to put my significant administrative support expertise to good use. With experience in data management, presentations, and report writing. An assistant with extensive experience providing administrative support to managers, hoping to be hired as an Administrative Assistant at XYZ company. Bringing great multitasking abilities, organizational skills, the capacity to handle several inquiries and calls professionally and calmly, and advanced computing skills to the table. With four years of experience, a personal assistant who is well organized and skilled at performing administrative and executive support tasks quickly and effectively. 
  1. Multitasking self-starter with good prioritization skills and strong follow-through skills. I am highly interested in the position of Administrative Assistant, where using my secretarial and copywriting skills along with an added four years of administrative experience, I would be an asset to the team. 
  1. An active individual seeking a position as an Administrative Assistant at ABC Corp., where she will be able to put her enhanced secretarial skills, great interpersonal skills, and three years of executive assistant experience to good use.
  1. Individual who is extremely careful and organized, with outstanding time management abilities and professionalism in presentation. Filing, producing expense reports, organizing travel arrangements, and scheduling are among the administrative support jobs that I excel at. Desire to work as an Administrative Assistant in an environment where excellent executive support services are valued.
  1. A talented candidate with sound judgment, strong written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to interact positively and professionally with a variety of personalities is looking for a Personal Assistant position. Proficient in administrative and data entry abilities, along with gaining expertise in MS Office, having three years of experience as an Administrative Assistant. 
  1. Excellent writer with a track record of scheduling and prioritizing appointments, managing ad-hoc assignments, and making travel arrangements. I’m interested in the Administrative Assistant position at XYZ, and I have strong project management and MS Office abilities.
  1. Interested in the Administrative Assistant position at ABC Corp. An experienced candidate seeking to enhance the expertise of the IT systems and use my administrative skills in suggesting exemplar administerial support tasks. Having experience of three years in helping executives and workers, I am a distinctly organized Administrative Assistant. I’d love to work with ABC Corp., where I could use my talents and experience to help with management functions.
  1. Holds an interest in the job profile of an Administrative Assistant at XYZ company. Providing exceptional service in the area of administrative functions. Comfortable with working in stressful environments, providing assistance to various other departments at the same time. 
  1. Administrative Assistant looking for a job at ABC Developers who is dependable and results-oriented. 6+ years of practical expertise in diary management, correspondence management, and inter-company negotiations. Particularly good at handling the company’s main accounts.
  1. Administrative Assistant with more than eight years of expertise prioritizing duties and assignments according to executive preferences. Currently looking for a position at ABC where I can use my experience providing executive support to help the firm accomplish its goals.
  1. Looking for a position at ABC Corp.Co. A highly qualified Administrative Assistant with 8+ years of experience in handling admin duties and providing clerical support to executives. Dedicated to aiding management employees in achieving their objectives by offering exceptional support in all areas.
  1. An empathetic individual seeking to work in a challenging workplace where I can show my clerical skills, customer service skills along with quality public relations, office applications skills, and keyboarding skills(50+ WPM)
  1. Interested in applying for the position of an assistant to work at ABC corp, bringing outstanding data entry skills, ms office skills, machinery skills, inventory skills. An extremely organized individual with a proven record of 6+ admin experience, with basic bookkeeping skills.

Now we have learnt ‘Administrative Assistant Resume Summary Examples’, All in, resume summaries are five-six sentences about your interest for the 

  • Organization, and 
  • Experience you hold, also
  • About you as a person having appropriate skills for the organization.

All the best, give out an amazing resume summary to your recruiters, and do your best at work.

Administrative Assistant Resume Summary Examples- Read More About It

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