15 fun things you can learn in your free time

15 fun things you can learn in your free time

We always want to make our time productive but as a side, we always feel lazy in our free time to even start anything and we don’t even release that even in thinking of starting new things, we waste a lot of time doing nothing. But sometimes it is not your mistake because you don’t know what to start, where to start, or why to start. But don’t worry I bring a bunch of fun things you can learn and even master and can achieve something memorable in that field, so what you are waiting for, let’s dive right into it. Here, we’ll know 15 fun things you can learn in your free time.

15 fun things you can learn in your free time


Makeup is a fun thing to learn when you are free or when you want to learn, nowadays because of the K-pop trend, boys are also so indulged in makeup and sensitive about their skin and you can start it from the very start, makeup is a thing that can anybody learn whether you are a kid or adult, it always pops out something fun. By learning makeup, you can even become professional, practice making a man perfect, and you can upload your videos on the internet or you can share your creativity in makeup with anyone on the internet, so showing anything first you learn that skill.

Makeup is itself a skill and a profession, a fun thing that can make your career, maybe it sounds cliché but it is ethically true.  You can take a makeup course or I believe you should learn it from YouTube, that is the solution of everything, whether you are a beginner or intermediate, YouTube can teach you the best and it is the free source so you do not have to pay a single penny for this and you can easily learn everything about makeup exactly whenever you want or whenever you want. 

Fashion designing

Oh my god, this is one of the amazing things to learn. Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up, everybody does and if you learn a fashion thing and not only its result will terrify but also the process is going to be fun, you will learn how to dress up? And you can experiment with your clothes or you can even start a business with them. You do not need a fashion designer degree to become a fashion designer, you can start everything by putting your talent on the internet.

The internet is going to be your ideal place where you will learn or even put the result of your learned thing. And even if you do not want to become a fashion designer, you can learn it for your creativity or fun. Learning anything will never be dissatisfying, that you will have to feel regret of learning that thing. Enjoy the process and leave the stress of the result. 


Painting is an artwork by using paintbrushes and color, paint your amazing art whether you inspire by outside the world or inside of your inner world. Painting is a mind relaxing thing where you can express your feelings by painting on paper. The things which are hard to explain in words, you can show it by your painting or visualization is the easiest thing a human can understand. Painting is a really fun thing to do, you can learn it for relaxing or focusing your mind. If you feel tired, you can cover all your tiredness by doing painting and you don’t need so much space for this, you need space in your mind.

You can convert your useless time into the most useful time. You can reward yourself daily by learning a single step in painting. Painting is itself a precious gift, which everybody can’t afford, moreover if you have free time and don’t have so much stuff to apply your learning or not have the stuff to learn that thing, painting is the best choice because you need only three things to learn to paint: color, paper, and paintbrush, especially your creative mind. Which you all have already. 


If you always wonder and feel so sad whenever you see someone doing such creative things with their hair and you do not know about hairstyling rather than just leaving them open or tying them with rubber. So why waste time regretting that you do not know how to style your hair, you can learn it now. All you need is your hair or comb, do not try on other hair because believe me they don’t give you their hair to destroy at first. Just kidding.

You can take courses or online classes and you can learn from YouTube, the best free source for everyone. You can learn and apply it daily in your life. You can solve your problems whether you have short, medium, or long hair. And this is not particularly for girls, it is for everyone whether you are a teen or male, everybody has a love for their hair, moreover, you will don’t need to spend money on hairstyling which you can do at home easily by your choosing. 


Sketching is the art of playing with pencil and paper. Creating amazing art things can make you feel satisfied, when you make portraits of others, you will make them so much happy, everybody loves their sketching and whenever you learn this thing you can give a portrait to your friends and family as a gift. Sketching is a fun thing to learn. Learn it to express your idea on paper. If you are a student, sketching can help you make better diagrams in your school/college time.

You can upload your sketches on Instagram and can be popular as well. The likes and comments will make you feel happy inside. Sketching is difficult to learn, so you have to put your time and effort into this thing, but at last, when you learn to sketch, you will never have to regret investing your time in learning to sketch. 

Playing an instrument

Have you ever thought of learning an instrument whether it is piano, violin, guitar, or anything? If the answer is yes, then why not start learning it now. It is relaxing to learn an instrument and you know that for millions of people, their instrument is their life because they find happiness, their life in their instrument. So, start learning right now, amaze yourself and the entire world with your creative talent, and learning an instrument takes time and probably you have time that’s why you ended up on this article.

By learning an instrument, it will relieve you from your stress and you feel fresh, light and everything worth around it moreover remembers you don’t learn it to become famous, it depends on skills or time, the reason behind learning this is your love to learn and feel enjoyable. Never learn things to stretch out a result, just love your learning process and believe in yourself, you will definitely land up where you want to or where you deserve to be. You can learn an instrument from any teacher or internet or even take online classes or can learn from home and all you need is a passion for what you are learning. 


Gaming is nowadays a lifetime career; gamers earn uncountable money and the most relaxing thing to do. Gaming is the most relaxing thing you can do whenever you feel bored, lazy, or unwell. It gives you sudden energy that you will feel inside your body when you play. It increases your focus power and concentration.

You can play games on the laptop, phone, computer or any gaming shop as well, but remember one thing that, getting addicted to games is very common so keep that thing in mind that, do not just stick in front of the computer all the time. Gaming is one of the favorite things for kids so remember don’t get addicted to it, just play at certain times but if you want to make a career in it along with your study, then you can learn games, and mostly gaming can be developed by practice, not by learning.

Actually, gaming is not anyone’s priority to make their permanent career, they just think that gaming is their fun part but nobody noticed that they spend their whole life watching or working on their devices and feel exhausted as well but if you make gaming your career, you still have to work on devices but that is going to be your passion, you going to love your work and you will not feel tired, even you will energize. This is going to be the work of love with endless money. And you don’t need to be stuck in your 9 to 5 job. But be sure to decide clearly on this because deciding in one day is difficult or if you don’t want to make a career in this, it is absolutely fine, you can just enjoy the journey. 


When your mind is juggling and you don’t know what to do then try it because it gives design to your thoughts through words. And this is so relaxing and meditating. It helps to develop your motor skills and memory retentiveness. It develops your creativity and in the world of technology, when you will do creativity with your hands you make some unforgettable thing that is going to be adorable and inspiring. It improves your handwriting and makes your heart and mind thought in one place and you can find peace in yourself. 

You tubing

If you love to record videos, or you have talent in one thing you can share that with the entire world, or if you do not have command on one thing, you can vlog or do anything which makes you feel happy or to your audience. And nowadays mobile cameras are the best to take photos or videos, so you do not even need to buy a camera for taking pics. All you need is your phone, you, and your creativeness. And YouTube is a thing you can start from where you are, you don’t need to do some specific thing. And who knows? That it will become your career in the future.

And YouTube is a bright future to decide. If you want to start this professionally, then you can take some webinars or take some classes. Those people who are comfortable with the camera, do not find difficulty in the beginning but people who feel shy in front of the camera, those people can improve it by practicing moreover you don’t have to go live at the start so you can make a lot of videos and store it in your gallery and make more & more videos and when you feel you are satisfied with your performance than you can upload it on YouTube. YouTube itself is a fun thing to do and you will learn so many things from here. And YouTube carries a bunch of things. 

Upload reels on Instagram

Everybody wants to be popular on Instagram and it is not possible to stand out in this competitive traffic. But you can learn how to upload reels and pictures on Instagram by practicing or by taking some classes. You know it is so fun when you prepare yourself, get ready for a photo, create a setup, follow trends, and feel confident in yourself. You feel enjoyment and pleasure when you do all these things. Remember that you enjoy the journey, do not get stressed out about followers or likes. You are going to learn all these things to have fun and add some fun. It must be fun, do not bring any kind of stress in it.  


Writing is a feeling which we write on paper through words. The life we face, we go through so many hurdles or situations and some give us lessons, some give us memories, some give us happiness, some gives knowledge; the better way to feel and memorize those experiences is to write on paper or diary and make a space for your feelings. You can even share your experience with the world as well so they can also learn from your experiences. Some people are good at writing from childhood, some people are good at writing but can’t find the writer hidden inside, some people want to write better but do not have hope in themselves.

But remember, nobody is a dreadful writer. Everyone is good at writing but what you have to do is just to improve it. You can do two types of writing: writing poems, journals, books. And the second one is content writing. Basically, take a course or classes to start any. When you learn to write, you feel so good and even when you practice or write by yourself, there will be no end to your pleasure. Writing your words on paper with your own efforts, your mind and heart get relaxed. You will enjoy the writing and the entire process. 


Dancing is an unexplainable fun activity; everybody loves to dance and wants to stay attentive because of their dance moves. But everybody is not so lucky in this because they do not know how to dance but it is not true at all, some people know how to dance, some people never try to dance or they feel shy to dance but actually, everybody can dance. It depends on them what they want to do or not. If you also feel shy to dance because you feel that you do not know how to dance, then this is the best fun activity for you to learn.

Whether you feel shy to dance at school or party or any function, now you can learn to dance whatever of your choice. You don’t have to stay alone in the corner, after all, you will gather all the other people to dance with you. So, you can learn any dance from which you want to. This is really useful which you can apply in your daily life. There are so many types of dance forms; freestyle, contemporary, robotics, belly, etc. so even if you have a lot of free time, you can just invest in it.

You know that you can lose your fat as well by dancing. So, it is also on my top list that you must learn to dance to make you happy. The learning process of dance is going to be very adventurous. Your tiredness makes you feel satisfied that you have done something today. 


Singing, you know melodies, we can’t imagine our life without songs and music. We always want to listen to our favorite songs when we feel happy, fun, sad, depressed and anything that we feel. Those words and lyrics actually describe the feeling and mood of ours. And I think everybody is a bathroom singer. Isn’t? Singing is the passion of people but because of any XYZ reason, they can’t follow their passion, so if you have time and you want that your time and efforts must go into worth then, it is time for you to follow your passion.

Singing is going to be a very energizing and fun activity and you can come up with great results after putting so much time and effort into it for a long time. Remember that for you, the most important thing is to enjoy the process without thinking and taking pressure on the outcome or result. You can learn any form of singing; it totally depends on you and it is the time when you can follow your ideal singers or can follow your favorite genre of music.

The entire internet is flooded with,h singing lessons: you can try from anywhere from the beginning but if you want to learn it professionally then you should take classes from your teacher that could be online or somewhere around your place. So, what you are waiting for, go and start today and come with an astonishing experience. 


Photography is the art of clicking amazing images. You can photograph anything such as humans, animals, nature, etc. you can click pictures at home or outside, and clicking pictures of yourself is the best idea and by this, you will build up confidence in yourself. And you know that if you have a good quality phone camera then you don’t even need to buy a professional camera at the beginning. 

So, you can take lessons from the internet or can take up special one-on-one classes for you. It is going to be very creative and interesting when you click on new types of pictures daily. So, get up today and click photos in different ways and be creative. 

Learn a language

You know we are always obsessed with a different culture or different country or it could be anything which we follow by heart. If you follow someone very passionately then sometimes you want to understand their language and want to feel everything in their language but learning a language takes time but at the same time it is a very fun thing to do. For example: as we all know that K-pop is very trendy and their songs and culture are getting worldwide famous.

And being their fan, they want to learn Korean so as this people want to learn new languages, this is not a single reason learning a new language it could be anything whether you want to study in a different language or you want to travel in that country or you want to see their movies and drama in their language. Learning a language is an interesting thing when you come into the world of new words, new sentences which make you surprised every time. So, you can pick any language which burns excitement in your body and you feel loved about it. Again, you can learn a language from the internet or you can take up personal coaching classes. 

So here you get all the top listed 15 things you can do in your time. It is going to be a very interesting and fun activity along with career-related and you can build a strong future from any activity if you take things seriously but no matter what you will get out of this, but trying all these things or come out of this is going to be very fun and you will feel enjoyment and worth. So, pick any activity and start today.  

15 fun things you can learn in your free time

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