What do you put in a personal message to a recommender?

When the situation comes and you need to apply to different schools, colleges, or for a new job, you need a thing called a recommendation letter. this means a letter from a trusted person recommending you for that post. Nowadays, a recommendation letter can be easily trusted by the hiring authority. It acts as proof of evidence about your capabilities and eligibility for that role. Are you also taking a new step in your life? Have you come across the fact of needing a recommendation letter but are confused about how to write a message to the recommender? Don’t hassle up. We will provide you the insight into the same. In this article we shall see what do you put in a personal message to a recommender?

What do you put in a personal message to a recommender

You must include these things in your letter while writing a personal message to the recommender:

  • Always tell the reason for writing the letter
  • Identify the areas which can help you in getting the position and ask them to include those.
  • Mention the courses, semester, term, etc. done under the guidance of the recommender.
  • Make a list of the places you were applying, so that the recommender could write accordingly.
  • Starting salutation and ending notes.

Reason why we need a recommendation letter:

A letter of recommendation is an insight and a verified source of authentication for you. With the help of a recommendation letter, you can easily get a job or admission to college, etc. the recruiters find it a reliable authority and rely on the recommender as he will be stating the facts about you. You can get a recommendation letter according to the needs and the post applied for.

Things to write in a personal message to the recommender

When you get a task to write a personal message to the recommender about asking for a recommendation letter, you may find yourself in a confusing space about what to write and how to demand a recommendation letter to that effect. But we will guide you and will tell you the necessary elements that you should include in your message to the recommender.

  1. Make a list of recommenders: Before starting to write a personal message to the recommender, always make sure to prepare a list of no. of recommenders you have. This will help you in identifying the approach and the text that you should include in your message. Consider those people who are well qualified to recommend you.
  2. Include a starting note: Always start your letter by writing the details about you and afterward mention the starting salutation. The example of starting notes is respected, dear, etc. always include these before starting your message.
  3. Reasons for writing the letter: After the salutation, mention the reason for writing the letter. Politely mention that you want them to recommend you and take time out to write a recommendation letter for you. Also, mention the reason why you need the recommendation letter and for what purpose you need it.
  4. Position for recommendation: After that mention for what position, you need that recommendation letter. this will help them to carve out the best capabilities of yours in a manner that will benefit you further.
  5. Guidance is taken from them: Also try to mention the course, term, year, and semester you were working under them or have been taking guidance from them. This will help them to recognize your capabilities more.
  6. Thank you note in advance: Always write an advance thank you note to the recommender in your message. You can use these quotes: “thank you for your time and consideration,” “thank you for showering me with your utmost important time,” thank you for considering me,” etc.
  7. Address them personally: Always make sure to address the recommender personally. Don’t write a common personal message. Try to write different messages for different recommenders and change the body of your message accordingly.

People to ask different people for a recommendation 

In different facets of the journey, you may need different recommendations from different people. So, who can be those people who are eligible to give you a recommendation and can write a letter of recommendation for you?  

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  • Professors
  • Teachers 
  • Lecturers 
  • Employers
  • Dean of university
  • Head of the department
  • Members of the councils or department
  • CEO
  • Directors 
  • Colleagues
  • Any person having that authority 


A letter of recommendation plays a very key role in accessing a candidate for that post. Even the universities and the admission committee of the high schools and colleges demand a recommendation letter from the person having that valid authority over you. This helps them to analyze your candidature in a better way. A recommendation letter is a new gateway of the entrance, which ensures a sure shot of admission and gives you that upper edge over the rest of the people applying for the same position. 

What do you put in a personal message to a recommender?

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