Does Amazon Give Christmas Bonuses? – Know More

People do wonder if Amazon is a great company to work for, well Amazon is a great company to work with, especially because of the end-of-year incentives they give. There are some benefits gotten from working at Amazon. Does Amazon give Christmas bonuses? Are there qualifications for this? Do they give other bonuses? If you fully want to know more about the benefits and bonuses that Amazon gives their employees, continue with this article.

Does Amazon Give Christmas Bonuses?

Amazon gives Christmas bonuses to its workers and these bonuses are most times distributed based on your job title and the Amazon branch. Not all Amazon branches give Christmas bonuses to employees. Full-time workers will get a certain amount and some other items, the same go for part-time workers but are shared between full-time and part-time workers will not be equal.

Christmas Bonuses Given by Amazon

In this section, we will find out about the Christmas Bonuses that Amazon gives to their employees.

  1. Cash bonuses: Full-time workers will get $300, while part-time workers will get half of that amount, which is $150 during Christmas.
  2. Items/Products: Some Amazon branches give their employees gift items or products as Christmas bonuses or gifts. Based on standard, the goods should be sold but as an act of appreciation, the hardworking employees are rewarded with these products at Christmas.

Other Bonuses Received by Employees at Amazon

There are other bonuses given at Amazon alongside the Christmas bonuses. They include:

  1. The signing bonus: Amazon gives signing bonuses to people who are employed in their logistics and fulfilment network. It is given upon employment at Amazon. The bonus is over $1000 in addition to your salary. However, it depends on the Amazon department where the individual is employed. It is also based on qualification because it is not given to every new employee.
  2. Hiring bonus: Another type of bonus given is the hiring bonuses. This is given to workers who stay in the United States of America and Canada. Just like the signing bonus, it is not given to all employees.
  3. Regular Performance Bonus: This type of bonus is a bonus given mostly to hardworking employees. A bonus of 4% of the salary is given to the hardworking employees. This bonus will eventually rise to at least $2,500. However, not all the Amazon branches give this bonus and it depends on the role of the staff.
  4. Thank You Bonus: Another bonus given by Amazon is a ”thank you” bonus for employers who stay and work overtime. The amount for this bonus is $500 for all employees in the category.

Advantages of Working at Amazon

There are some benefits available for people who work for Amazon. Other than Christmas bonuses and other types of bonuses discussed above, Amazon workers enjoy nice benefits from time to time. The benefits are obtained to ensure that the well-being; physical, and mental health of workers are at the highest level. The benefits are as follows:

  • Huge salaries
  • Financial services
  • House Planning
  • Every hour employees’ support program
  • Child care and adult care referrals work during holidays.
  • Plans to aid savings
  • Maternal/Paternal leave for nursing parents, pregnant workers, and adoption processes.
  • Medical consultation and care
  • Overtime working hours with huge benefits.
  • Savings for the health of employees.

There are so many other things to gain as an Amazon employee. However, getting these benefits depends on the branch, job title, work hours, and years of experience as an employee.

Which Amazon Branches Give Bonuses During Christmas?

As aforementioned, not all branches and departments give Christmas bonuses to employees. There are various Amazon branches around the world. The offices at Amazon are separated into different sections. They are given below.

  1. Headquarters: The headquarters of Amazon is the centre and main office of Amazon around the world. There are so many bonuses available at the headquarter. There is no doubt.
  2. Software Development Centres: There are several Amazon software development centres found in specific places in different parts of the world. They were created to take care of the online sites and shopping services in those areas. Also, they keep in close contact with headquarters software development.
  3. Customer Service Centres: There are Amazon customer service centres in most cities around the world to aid Amazon get in touch with wholesale and retail customers.
  4. Pick-up areas: This is a section of Amazon’s organizational structure that works in the United States of America. They do store deliveries straight to consumers in every state and local town.

Why does Amazon Give Christmas Bonuses?

Christmas bonuses are given by Amazon to:

  1. Reward employees for their all-year service.
  2. Reward hardworking employees.
  3. Encourage employees to do more.
  4. To create a conducive place for work activities.
  5. To attract more workers.
  6. As a Christmas present from management to employees.
  7. To increase the income of employees.


To conclude, the Christmas bonuses and benefits obtained at Amazon is to make sure that the conditions for working are palatable to the employees. The bonuses help to make sure the employees are in a good state financially, physically, and mentally. However, as stated above in this article, not all branches give these bonuses to employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which time of the year are Christmas bonuses distributed?

Christmas is celebrated in December, so the bonuses are given in December.

2. Is there a difference between the holiday bonus and the Christmas bonus?

The holiday bonus is the off day given to workers who carry out activities on holidays while the Christmas bonus is given to workers based on the orders of the branch in which they are.

Does Amazon Give Christmas Bonuses? – Know More

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