Amazon Onboarding Process – Know More

Amazon is an American technology multi-national company that employs people with diverse types of business interests such as – cloud computing, digital streaming, AI programming, E-commerce, and many more. Let us know ‘Amazon Onboarding Process’.

Amazon Onboarding Process

Amazon Onboarding Process

Getting a job at amazon is not an overly complex procedure as the company hires almost everyone with a degree. Amazon not only just provides services but also hires beginners to experienced people for distinct types of jobs. There are many benefits of working at amazon including – Distinct job opportunities and high-paying salaries. 

However, like every other company, there is a boarding process to get hired for an MNC such as Amazon. To know more about the Amazon Boarding process, read the article below.

Onboarding Process: Understanding the concept

Getting a job at Amazon is a dream for many as not only the job incentives, high-end pay, brand name on the resume, and many more benefits. Getting a job at a company like amazon even for a brief time surely a good way to kick-start your career. Now, to say that you applied for a job at Amazon – filled out the application, completed the phone screening process, conquered the interview questions, and got the offer letter, now many would think now it is all butter and honey.

However, that is not the case as the real journey starts now with the On-Boarding process, now before we dive into the process let us first understand what an onboarding process is and why is it important. The onboarding process is somewhat like the orientation process but is still different, as onboarding is for new employees and interns to blend into the company and team. While orientation is necessary for routine tasks and paperwork.

The onboarding process involves is lengthy and can last anywhere between a month to 6 to 7 months it varies from company to company, as the process includes activities such as – learning about structure, culture, vision, and work, completing the orientation process, and several other factors. 

This process is important to understand as organizations and companies’ new employees can interact and blend in with the company, and team, understand the work culture and it also represents an employee’s attitude towards their work and company. Also, during onboarding company signifies its mission statements, goals, and unique characteristics.

Amazon Onboarding Process: Self-Service and Self-driven

After the offer letter, all the new hires including interns and other employees’ onboarding process starts, however, the quality varies from company-to-company processes. This period is nerve-wracking but also the most important period to put a good impression on the seniors and peers as it is a suitable time to learn more about the company via this process.   

Amazon’s process is different from other companies and organizations which consists of providing an employee with forms and a supervisor – head, manager, or HR to introduce you on an impromptu basis, and instructions are spoon-fed, after the intro is done, it usually works as an ice breaker for the new hire.

Like every other company amazon holds an onboarding process for teaching new hires the work cultures, values, missions, and other basic things required to increase an employee’s efficiency and metric. At Amazon, the onboarding process is Self-serviced, and unlike other companies’ managers, leaders, and HRs are busy meeting deadlines and work. However, new interns are not just left on their own to roam the company, managers or HRs create a form for employees to fill out information like – 

  • Employee Name
  • Date
  • Positions
  • Appointed Teams
  • Peers

The onboarding process is also self-driven as they provide Guidelines for the first week on form for interns and new hires, as they are expected to help themselves through guidelines and walk through them. The guidelines are quite informative which makes them easier to follow as it contains details and info like –  

  • Introductory Videos
  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • Blog posts
  • Interactive videos
  • Task Related Quizzes.

Unlike other companies in any industry, Amazon has the shortest onboarding process, taking only a day for the onboarding process, the reason behind this is that amazon believes in working from Day – 1 without wasting time and effort on unnecessary processes. 

Expectations: Stay at Top of the Game

The onboarding process for amazon or in fact for any company can be nerve-wracking even for experienced employees, as it is self-driven and self-serviced. At Amazon, the process is fast as it is expected to be completed in a day, and employees are required to work quickly through provided guidelines, and work materials, and blend in with their peers.

All of this is already hard and a clock hanging over the head does not really help, and managers and HRs are usually too busy to help you through the process. However, they always try to help and stay in touch for basic queries to help you blend in comfortably and quickly. 

It is also important to understand the timing and quality of questions asked to whom and when as not all questions are answered in a busy company by managers, it is smart to try and ask your peers for assistance or answers in case of queries. To overcome these hurdles efficiently one of the easiest ways is to instead of going to managers and seniors it is much easier to work and communicate with peers at work as it is more comfortable, faster, and efficient. 

However, many of the new hires still are unable to go through this self-service and self-driven process. Another way to overcome this is to sincerely go through the guidelines to choose and select what role, or task suits you well and how to use it to perform well for the company. 

The following quizzes are also beneficial as they are suitable to show your high standards in distinct areas and determine your specialized standards suitable for a job. A new hire or employee at Amazon’s success is not only based on the onboarding process, as long as you are capable and a self-starter it is easier for an employee to grow in the company and gain much-required experience.

Diverse Workplace Experience: Post-Onboarding Process

Amazon has its model of diversity and inclusion based on its leadership principles. According to Jeff Bezos owner of the American multinational company Amazon, “an employee or new hire is required to have some qualities and skills like – Earning customer trust, a strong mentality, a focused attitude and perspective, a strong mindset and capability of even taking ownership of the company, and a hunger to learn.” 

Employees are not only required to learn and have all skills and qualities but they are also expected to have the ability to coach and guide others towards success, teaching them big, to have high standards, dream big, act fast and precisely, strive to be the best at your job, respectful to others, efficient delivery of results, and finally, should have the capacity to do anything and everything to get the job done.       

Amazon being a multinational company has diverse employees working and applying for jobs at the company. And to provide an equalizing working experience for not only the old but new employees regardless of – their age, color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, culture, professional, life experience, and disability the company changed its structural format. 

According to Amazon if the work efficiency and ability of an employee are up to the task then their identity, class, or background is of no concern. The Skills have required not the identity of an employee to work at amazon.  

Starting back in the year 2018, Amazon each year holds Conservations on Race and Ethnicity (CORE), where matters like Gender, race, Sexual orientation, ethnicity, and other discrimination-related topics. As a result of this, since 2021 many of the programs and platforms work under the leadership and supervision of women including – Amazon Fresh, Amazon Web series, Public Sector, Amazon Delivery experience, and many more. 

Amazon has a wide range of employees from distinct cultures and races, as according to a survey, 30.5 percent of employees are women, 32 percent belong to white employees, and the remaining 37.5 percent employees are native American, Asian, Hispanic, and African and belong to other communities and races. To make Amazon a diverse and all community-friendly company, continuous changes are being made to improve these numbers.    


As concluded in the analysis of Amazon’s Onboarding process in this article, it is stated that by it is necessary to self-analyze and self-prepare yourself for growth in the company. Some of the people are not capable of completing the self-serviced and Self-driven processes, however, there are still ways to complete the onboarding process and tasks effectively and efficiently. 

Amazon does not consider diversity a problem rather for the sake of diversity principles, the company hires people with skills and responsibilities instead of their backgrounds and identities. The company brings in employees with exceptional skill sets and capabilities to set up a diverse workplace. Amazon believes in earning your position in the workplace by completing your work effectively and leaving the rest to luck. 

Amazon Onboarding Process – Know More

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