Amazon Driver – Know More

Amazon is a world wide company and has many employees and a large number of drivers who play important role in delivering orders. Keep reading to know more about Amazon Driver.

Amazon Driver - Know More

Amazon Driver

They have to deliver the orders safely and timely. They drive variety of vehicles like normal cars, trucks, bikes etc. 

Amazon delivery driver job requirements

For becoming a driver in Amazon, one has to meet some requirements like:


Mostly Amazon drivers need only high school diploma or just GED certificate. But there are also some positions of driver which required a bachelor’s degree from any recognized university. 

Certificates and licence

It’s very important to have a licence to drive a vehicle on road. Amazon drivers need to have a commercial drivers license. Every state has their own rule and drivers have to follow it as per requirements. 

Training and experience

Drivers of Amazon usually get on the job training from their supervisors. Training include how to use Amazon app, how to use navigation system, what to do in case of emergency etc. 

Salary of an Amazon driver

Drivers working in Amazon, mostly they are paid an hourly wage depending on many factors. Salary of a driver working in Amazon is around $50000 per year and can increased up to $85000 per year. They also get increased in their salary every year; their salary increased up to 1-2% annually. Although in some states, some manufactures use robots and machines to transport orders nearby which decrease the job of drivers. 

Skills required by a driver

Time management

This skill is very important with the help of this, driver will able to complete his work before time and it will decrease his chances of getting delay. As a driver have to deliver lots of orders in a day, it is necessary to deliver on time. 

Customer service

These skills help a driver to interact with customers and provide them positive experience. These skills can solve multiple problems, as driver is a first person who interact with a customer face to face. 

Attention to detail

It is also an important skill for delivery drivers, because it’s their duty to deliver correct package on correct address. 


Without driving, no one can become a driver, drivers use their vehicles to deliver the packages, they should follow the traffic rules and drive safely. 

Physical stamina

This job requires lots of stamina, driver sometime have to walk to many distance or drive for many hours to deliver the packages. Amazon driver also have to life and carry heavy packages. 

Amazon drivers job duties

  • Communicate with the customers and complete the formalities by taking their signature on the document. 
  • Maintain records of number of packages delivered in a day and submit the report to supervisor. 
  • Provide excellent customer service, by talking politely on call or face to face. 
  • Understand company policies regarding customer service. 
  • Delivering of packages on foot or by a vehicle to residence on time. 
  • Ensure safe delivery of the packages without causing any damage. 
  • Report complaints to management, if any issue arise while delivery. 

Advancement prospects

Delivery drivers start their work in working for a delivery company. After getting some experience, they promoted to a supervisory position like dispatcher, mare house manager etc. Some drivers open their own delivery business. To become good drivers, they have to maintain good records and have a clean background. They should be physically fit and can lift heavy packages. 

Career as an Amazon driver

A career as an Amazon delivery driver can be a great way to start your journey as a driver. It’s a physically demanding job which require lots of physical strength. Working in Amazon is a dream of many drivers, but only few drivers get these opportunities. To become an Amazon delivery driver, you must have to pass a tough training program. In a training program everything is explained in detail and also tell how to handle deliveries correctly. Also various training is given to the drivers to deal with difficult situations. After completing the training, drivers can start delivering the packages for Amazon. There are plenty of opportunity for drivers in Amazon. 

Amazon delivery driver trends

The growth of same day delivery

The growth of same day delivery is that is increasing day by day among customers. Customers like to receive their products on the same day. Drivers play important role as their duty get increased and stressful because they have to deliver multiple orders in less time.

More attention on employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction have become important topic in recent years, if customers are happy, then only it will increase the companies growth. Amazon delivery drivers can expect to see more attention paid to their needs and wants. This include better pay and flexible working hours. 

More driverless trucks will be used in the future

Amazon will find new ways to deliver products. Delivery drivers need to be work with driver less trucks in the future. Driverless trucks are operated by come companies in some part of the world. They also need to familiar with the new technology like automatic function. 


Amazon driver have to do lots of hard work everyday, he have to deliver products from warehouse to residents area. They have to cover long distance everyday, it was a difficult job but Amazon take care of their drivers by giving them training, benefits, bonus and other benefits. Working in Amazon gave you a best experience in driver job. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How many packages does an Amazon driver deliver a day?

Ans. Amazon driver deliver about 200-250 packages per day, it depends on route and time. 

  1. Do Amazon drivers get over time? 

Ans. Drivers working in Amazon get paid for overtime, they only do over time if it is necessary, amazon take care of their drivers very well. 

  1. What is the best shift to work at Amazon? 

Ans. Morning shift is considered to be the best shift in all professions, because it end around 2-3 PM and, driver get full day to do their other works. 

  1. Does Amazon pay per week? 

Ans. Full time workers receive their salary every month and part time workers get their salary after every week. 

Amazon Driver – Know More

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