Amazon Chat Supports – Job Description, Salary And Duties

Amazon stands amongst the biggest business chains in the world and it gives various opportunities to various people having different qualification backgrounds. Chat support is one of the jobs where thousands of people are working to resolve the issues of the customers. Whether it is taking, returning, refunding, or shipment of their order, everything lies on the shoulders of these employees. The job is not easy as it revolves around dealing with customers having different languages and resolving their issues. Let us read about “Amazon Chat Supports”

Amazon Chat Supports

Amazon Chat Supports

Amazon chat supports jobs revolve around resolving customers’ problems. Whether they are using the website or Amazon gadgets like Kindle or Alexa, Amazon wants their customer experience graph to go upward with each passing day. Many chat support employees are working in the company. They are responsible for answering interrogations put forward by the customers daily. In this regard, they need to have effective communication and organizational skills to keep the whole process done promptly.

Job Description

There are numerous responsibilities of Amazon chat supports. The job description includes:

  • The procedures and policies returned by the different companies.
  • Find solutions to the problems of the customers by demonstrating technical computer skills or in-depth knowledge regarding the product.
  • Explain to customers about the new policy changes and communicate them effectively so that they can understand them.
  • Giving clients information regarding their order, shipment status, rates or methods, and processing returns.
  • Take and process orders from customers via email, live chat, phone, or other communication platforms.
  • Organizing clerical tasks including paper filing systems or electronic storage systems.
  • Smoothen the process of payments via credit card or give information to the customers on phone calls regarding Amazon Payments or PayPal.
  • Deliver knowledge regarding services or products by using various social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
  • Handling complaints from customers regarding products that are either damaged or broken.

Salary & Outlook

The salary of the Amazon chat support is hourly based, depending on several factors.

  • Median Annual Salary: $38,000 ($18.27/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $60,500 ($29.09/hour)

The future of the chat support job is not very bright and is expected to decline shortly. This is because many companies are now automating the whole process by using software such as voice recognition or online chat. These types of techniques give more satisfaction to the customers as they respond to their queries very fast. Resultantly, there will be very fewer customer service representatives who need to give information on particular matters.

Job Requirements

Amazon chat support needs to have the following qualifications:

Education: If you want to do this job, then you need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Some universities offer courses or diplomas in communication, business, or other related fields. Getting these degrees help you get this job without any hassle.

Training & Experience: It is usually the responsibility of Amazon to give training to the newbies. The typical training includes the attachment with the senior workers so that they can learn the nature of the work. You will also learn about the new software and computer systems.

Certifications & Licenses: There is probably no need for any certification if you want to do a chat support job. However, if you have certification in this field, then it can give you an edge over other applicants.


Amazon chat support needs to perform the following duties to be successful in the field.

Communication with the clients:

You need to have good communication skills if you want to do this job. You have to talk with customers via phone or email. Other than that, you need to give clear knowledge regarding their queries. You also need to collaborate with coworkers to streamline the whole process.

Demonstrate Product knowledge:

A comprehensive knowledge of the product is required to give a satisfactory answer to the customers. You should be able to provide clear guidelines to the customers regarding the products or give them the right direction if they are buying the wrong product. Also, it is your responsibility to enlighten them about the company’s latest policies.


Understanding the perspective of the customers is called empathy. If you are doing this job, having empathy is important if you want to comprehend the needs of the people. This will allow you to give the best experience to them.

Resolve the problem:

Problem-solving skills allow you to examine and resolve the problems of the customers. It is your responsibility to understand the needs of the customers, give them the product they need, and provides a solution to the problems they face.

Keep track of the customers’ needs:

Having the organizational skill set is very important if you want to join chat support. It will make you more efficient. You also need to keep a record of the customers’ general information such as their contact numbers, order information, and email addresses.

The Latest Trends

Three trends are influencing the chat support of the customers. In this regard, the employees need to know the current changes in these developments to keep themselves updated regarding these trends. This way, they can easily work in a competitive environment.

The Growth of Chatbots

The use of Chatbots is taking the world by storm to give the best experience services to people. This trend is getting pace in retail shops, where they can answer common queries and enable people to find what they are looking for.

As chatbots become prominent these days, Amazon chat support needs to know how to work with them. This includes comprehending the functioning of the chatbots and knowing how they handle queries. This also includes training them to understand the needs and emotions of the customers.

Keep into consideration the Employee Happiness

As businesses begin to start giving attention to the needs of the employees, they focus on hiring those professionals that are not only qualified but also cherish their work. Therefore, the company is hiring those individuals that enjoy working as Amazon customer service associates.

The increasing use of Technology in Customer Service

As the use of technology is advancing, so are the needs of businesses to provide the best customer service. This statement especially holds for those companies who want to give their customers the best experience. This includes gaining knowledge about working with chatbots, different social media platforms, and other effective tools to communicate with people.


In a nutshell, Amazon chat support people can excel in their career and assume the role of supervisor or team leader if they work with full responsibility. These roles will enable them to run the team of customer service associates and meet the targets within the deadline. If you gain more experience, you can also acquire positions in management roles within the customer service department. So, all you need is dedication and hard work, then can you easily ace your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to reach Amazon customer service?

If you want to chat with a customer service representative, visit Contact Us. There you can find the option of I need more help. If you want to talk over the phone, then select the option of Requesting a phone call to talk to them.

  • What are the main qualities of chat support?

You need to be polite, persuasive, communicative, patient, and loyal.

Amazon Chat Supports – Job Description, Salary And Duties

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