Amazon Chat Support – Know About It!


Amazon team work on complex and innovate solutions and it help in various amazon. An Amazon chat support plays an important role in a company by delivering accurate customer service to all Amazon customers. It’s the responsibility of the associates to ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity, so that they can resolve customers issues in less time. Let us know about Amazon chat support, the job duties, eligibility and the skills required in this article.

Amazon Chat Support

Amazon Chat Support Job duties

  • An Amazon chat support should be flexible problem solver who help their customers in expediting orders and resolve their problems. 
  • Team members can solve their customers problems via phone, computer. 
  • Generate sales lead for a company. 
  • Keep records of customer interactions, and maintain their records for future. 
  • Handle customer complaints and provide them accurate solutions and customers should be satisfied with their solutions. 
  • Build relationship with the customers and communicate them nicely. 
  • Identify customer needs to resolve their problems more efficiently. 

Skills required

Communication skills

An Amazon chat support should have strong communication skills both written and verbal. So that they can communicate clearly will all customers. They should work successfully in a team environment and independently. They should follow customers issues without getting distracted. 

Computer skills

An Amazon chat support should know how to use computer system. They should be familiar with, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook etc. They should have fast typing skills. They should know how to send mails or reply to customers with appropriate solution. They should have an ability to learn various media. 

Problem solving skills

They should be expert in decision making. They should solve problems logically and rationally. They should have patience and self disciplined to solve their customers problems. A customer chat support can also consult with their team in solving their customer’s support. 

Customer focus

Excellent customer service means maintaining focus on customer issues. They should give priority to customers issues and resolve them as soon as possible. Don’t take much leaves and don’t take much break during the working hours. He should have the ability to work overtime as required by business.

Product knowledge

Amazon chat support should know the details of the product they are selling; it is important because only then he can answer to the questions of customers. And also know the company’s return policy and warranty information. 


It is also an important skill for chat support, they are responsible for keeping records of customers information, such as email I’d, contact number etc. It can help the Amazon chat support team to solve the problems efficiently. 

Career progression 

Amazon is a world wide company and they believe everyone have the opportunity to lean new and latest skills. Amazon also up skills their customer support by free skills training, giving certificates, they also help their customer chat support in higher education, mentorship and development. Amazon customers support service associates can position themselves as important assets of a company. 

Salary and benefits

The average annual salary of Amazon customer chat support is around $30000 to $40000 . Amazon take care of their employees very well and also give bonus to their customers; Amazon chat support employees also get increased in their salary by 1-3% every year. Apart from salary they also get various benefits like insurance and medical facilities to them and their family, proper vacation and time off is given to an employee of Amazon chat support, also they get professional support whenever they required. 



A candidate must have done graduation from a well recognized university, graduation in business, communication help candidates for a good career in customer service


Certificate is not necessary to become chat support, but having a certificate can enhance your skills and increase your chances of get selected and give preference over other candidates. 

Training and experience

Amazon also provide on the job training to their new. Training is necessary for an employee to understand their work. And they have to work under supervision before work independently. 

Greater use of technology in customer service

Technology is capturing the world and in a changing world without technology, no company can expand their business. And companies like Amazon which is totally reply on customer satisfaction. Amazon chat support can grab this advantage from this trend and it’s is necessary for them to understand the technology because they have to do their whole work on computers and mobile phones. This also include use of social media, and other tools which are required to communicate with the customers. 


Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world, it has its offices all over the world and it is also one of riches company in the world. Amazon have thousands of chat support associates for handling customers inquires from the call centres, they play an important role , they have to communicate via call or text. They also have to work over time during festival seasons 

Frequently asked questions

1.What does customer service representative do? 

A customer service or a chat support deals with clients who have complaints and solve their problems or issues. They give priority to their customers need at each step of the process. 

2.What makes a good customer chat support associate? 

A good Customer must have good communication skills, he should speak his language fluently, because they have to speak directly with the customers. They should have a good and polite attitude and need to work in a fast placed environment. 

3.Who does Amazon chat support associate work with? 

Chat support associate work in various settings like retail stores, call centres. Mostly they work with a small team and they are under a customer support manager. 

4.What are the duties and responsibilities of Amazon chat support? 

He is the first person who communicate with the customers in most of the cases. They have to handle complaints of the customers and provide solutions accurately; they have to follow companies’ rules and regulation and has to work accordingly. Chat support play very important role for a company. 

Amazon Chat Support – Know About It!

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