What Does Leadership Mean?

Introduction of Leader A leader is an individual who has the capability and skill to influence and inspire people. He/ she can convince people to get the work done and not just use his power and force them to achieve a goal. A Leader is a person whose personality people follow. He or she has […]

Learn from Leaders – Read the story of Emilia D’Anzica,VP of Customer Success at Qordoba and named 2018  MindTouch Top 25 Customer Success Influencers

Continuing our Women in Tech series , we had an opportunity to interview Emilia D’Anzica, VP of Customer Success at Qordoba, after learning about her career trajectory on LinkedIn.  Emilia D’Anzica Emilia is the VP of Customer Success at Qordoba, a localization platform. She is a certified  Scrum master, PMP certified project manager, blogger and […]

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