Salaries For Stage Carpenter

Theater carpenters use a wide variety of tools and materials to assist build sets and props for performances like plays, musicals, and talent shows. There is a master carpenter who oversees everything, and then there are the stage carpenters who do the actual work. Certain components of a carpenter’s job are consistent regardless of the set designer’s and tech director’s specifications or the size of the theater.let us know about that the Salaries For Stage Carpenter.

Salaries For Stage Carpenter

In the United States, a rough estimate shows that a stage carpenter can earn a median pay of $48,198, or $23.25 per hour annually on average. The average incentive is $1,369 per employee. The typical wage for a stage carpenter with 1-3 years of experience is $35,794. On the opposite end of the experience spectrum, a well experienced stage carpenter can make an average payout of $58,497.

Salary Estimates for California Stage Carpenters

As of 2022, the average annual compensation for a Stage Carpenter in California is $42,909 a year. To help you with a quick salary calculation, that comes out to about $20.63 per hour. This is the equivalent of $825/week or $3,575/month.

While salaries vary as high as $103,275 and as low as $21,350, the bulk of Stage Carpenter salaries now ranges between $30,783 to $47,168, with top earners making $69,511 yearly in California. There may be various prospects for growth and more significant compensation dependent on skill level, location, and years of experience for a Stage Carpenter, since the average salary range ranges widely, with the upper end being $16,385.

Based on recent job posting activity, the Stage Carpenter job market in California is not very active since few organizations are presently hiring. Compared to Stage Carpenters’ median income across all 50 states, California comes in at number 20.

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Stage Carpenter Salary at Broadway Rose Theatre

At Broadway Rose Theatre, the hourly rate for a Stage Carpenter is anticipated to be $21 in total compensation. This number indicates the median, which is the middle of the ranges derived using our in-house developed algorithm for estimating total compensation and based on the salaries submitted by our users. It is expected that the hourly base wage will be $21.

Job Description in General

The relocation and rearranging of scenery, as well as the coordination of any necessary maintenance or repairs with the scene shop before, during, and after shows. The Stage Carpenter is responsible for supervising and instructing a team of Stage Carpentry Apprentices in all aspects of stagecraft and safety. They also help the carpentry scene shop with set-up, take-down, and transport of all props and scenery.

Essential Knowledge and Abilities

At least four to five years of experience in technical theatre; Competent in supervising others; Extensive familiarity with modern rigging, carpentry, motion control, and stagecraft techniques; Capable of working at heights of up to 30 feet; Well-versed in the use of both manual and power tools; Capacity to perform problem solving under duress while remaining cool and collected; Capacity for productive and secure teamwork with a wide range of coworkers of diverse expertise; The ability to carry 40 pounds up and down four flights of stairs; The endurance to stand for up to four hours at a time for tech rehearsals, the show run, and all performances; Easily accessible on weekdays, weekends, and special occasions.

What is the job of a Carpenter?

The tasks that a carpenter performs with wood vary with the position and level of expertise required of them. They make the sashes, casings, and planks that make up your windows, doors, and floors. They also put up counters, sinks, and other fixtures and build custom or prefabricated pieces of furniture. During the construction process, carpenters are responsible for the installation of roofing timber, stairs, door frames, and the erection of wooden supports to keep the setting concrete in place. In addition, carpenters are responsible for the installation of door frames. Common duties include designing and installing furnishings in commercial and government buildings. Stage sets for theater, television, and film are often constructed by carpenters.

Required Education and Training for a Carpenter

Employers’ admission requirements for Carpenters might vary widely. A minimum of five General Certificates of Secondary Education or their international equivalents, including English and mathematics; a basic occupational diploma; or a City and Guilds certification, are all acceptable educational paths to taking up entry-level work as a carpenter. Candidates for the Carpenter role are expected to have completed an advanced or intermediate apprenticeship in carpentry or joinery; ideally, this would be in the field of site carpentry or architectural joinery. When applying for a leading position in the sector, it is important to have a credential that demonstrates your expertise in bench joinery or carpentry and joinery. Those seeking employment can benefit from having a construction certification scheme card.

Earnings Prospects for Carpenters

In the UK, a carpenter can expect to make around £18.00 per hour on average. Compensation is based on the individual’s level of expertise, as well as factors such as their geographic location and the degree of difficulty of the position. Typically, a Carpenter’s employment at a given company will last no longer than 12 months.


Scenery, furniture, and props can all be heavy, thus a stage carpenter may be called upon to help with their transportation on and off the stage. Ropes, wires, pulleys, and other rigging are used to suspend, elevate, and lower items such as curtains, backdrops, and lights, and he may also be tasked with operating them. A stage carpenter may also help with the building or remodeling of a theater in other ways connected to carpentry. Carpenters with expertise as props technicians or stagehands, formal training in stagecraft, or a degree in theatrical design or production may be more desirable to some theaters.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Do You Need to See on A Carpenter’s Resume?

Look for candidates with strong math skills, precision, good time management practices, and teamwork prowess when analyzing resumes.

  1. In Carpentry, What Is Meant By “Staging”?

The work of a stage carpenter is essential to the success of any theatrical show. Stairs, flats, and platforms are the main production items that stage carpenter’s construct.

  1. Is Opting Stage Carpenter as an occupation a good option?

There is a median annual wage for carpenters of $55,742. If you’re a carpenter, joining a union can help you get a raise, additional benefits, and a stronger presence in the workplace.

Salaries For Stage Carpenter

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