Average Amazon Assistant Manager Salary Guide

Amazon Assistant Manager Salary


Amazon is a multinational tech company, which Jeff Bezos started from his garage in Bellevue, Washington, on 5th July 1994. Amazon is one of the five biggest tech companies in the United States IT industry, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. It hires people with deep knowledge in computer science at high-income packages, so every software engineer’s dream is to get a job at Amazon. In this article, we will discuss the Amazon Assistant Manager Salary Guide here with you.

Let me give you some more information on Amazon:

As I’ve told you, Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon, and after earning some money, he opened his office in Seattle, Washington. He chooses Seattle because many tech companies were situated there, including Microsoft, and till now, the headquarters of Amazon is situated there. At first, Amazon started selling music, videos, and books to the customers of the UK and Germany by the online platform. The following year when it gains success in selling books and all, it also started selling video games, electronic devices, home decorates, toys, etc.

Moving further, in 2002, they launched AWS(Amazon Web Services), which provides some basic data on internet traffic patterns and other useful things for marketers and developers. Through it, Amazon gained a plethora of names and fame. So further, they started cloud computing service, and it was available to people with basic rent, and then the sales were at their peak. In the same year, Amazon started its most useful website to date, known as Amazon.com, so that small industries and individuals can sell their products on it, and it was more successful than any other business. Also, furthermore, they invested some money and purchased a whole food mart chain in 2017. This was how it became a giant tech company and now competing with 4 other giants of the US’s IT industry. So, from it, we can learn a lesson that nothing develops in one-two years, but good things take time and need a lot of hard work and patience.

Now Let’s Come to the Topic

Every company has an assistant manager, no matter in which department they’re in, they are the leader of the team and project and also, they have to take care of the team-mates, So Amazon also needs one so let’s discuss it. As a frontline leaders of the company, they should always focus on four things, i.e., safety, quality, customer feedback, and cost. To get a job as an assistant manager full-time, you need to be highly motivated and should have the skills of a curious leader who can bring a solution to any problem and give innovative ideas to the company. There are so many positions of assistant manager as Amazon has spread its business in a vast field. So, one can get a job in Amazon’s different job fields like food-mart, AWS, E-commerce platform, Digital platform, web-developer, etc., as an assistant manager.

Main Job of Assistant Manager

The main job of an assistant manager of a food mart is to solve delivery challenges and take feedback from customers and take care of them. Also, they should provide new innovative ideas to spread their business more, as Amazon is one of the recognized brands in the world, and keep their image good in the market. They should have to work on the problems and sort them out. Now, at AWS, the assistant manager’s job is to look after the team and help them to solve their queries.

They have to maintain a strong space between the team and customers to get valuable service from Amazon. So this job is for you if you can take responsibility for AWS’s policies and procedures. You have to take care of the training of interns, interview the new candidates, motivate the employees, assign different works to team members, and control the discipline of employees. You have to solve the conflict with a valuable solution. 

In short, this job is for the one who is actually good at managing everything. As for the digital platform, I think it will be the same as the AWS assistant manager’s position. At an e-commerce platform, the assistant manager’s job is the same as that of a food mart, but here you have to take care of all the products that are being sold. Also, you have to take care of every seller, whether he is selling products according to the policies of Amazon and providing good customer service or not.

Assistant manager among web developers is also a good job. In this, you have to take care of the project as you will be the leader of the project, and you have to keep things in mind that the customer told you about the development of a project and should proceed accordingly with the help of the team members. So, these were the types of assistant manager’s jobs at Amazon.

Basic Qualifications

One must have studied till high school diploma or equivalent. He should have a bachelor’s degree in the engineering field. Experience in the transportation industry is a plus point for applying to the logistics department of Amazon. Also, he should have experience in management in the distribution in the logistics department. The candidate must be prepared and flexible to work on weekends. One must have to be eager to learn new things and should handle pressure in a hasty-paced environment. One should have experience in truck loading operations in some fields.

Also, they should have the knowledge to use new technologies. One must have deep knowledge of using MS Office suite. As I’ve mentioned earlier, problem-solving is a must for this job as you will be a manager. Also, one should have strong communication skills to talk with customers and listen to the query or feedback. Finally, one should have to be prepared for handling a minimum of 30 employees.

Amazon Assistant Manager Salary

The average salary of Amazon’s assistant manager is $45k per annum. Also, the average hourly pay of an assistant manager is $15 per hour. These figures here are provided in data collected for a survey directly from the employees of Amazon. As per the survey carried out, the estimated salary of assistant managers at Amazon can be range from $30k-$85k per annum based on their experience and level of their position. This salary is excluded from other benefits provided by the company. The average cash bonus provided to the employee is $5k, but it can be ranged from $100-$15k per annum based on their work.

The average stock bonus provided to the employee is $2k, but it can be ranged from $1-$55k per annum. Also, in some cases, the company shares profit with the employee, and one such profit is given to the employee was $21. Amazon also provides tips to their employees, and the average tip was given to the employee was $5k, but it can be ranged from $4k-$6k, and it is provided based on their work. According to a survey, the national average salary given to an assistant manager in the US is $39k per annum, which is 15% less than the salary provided by Amazon to an assistant manager working there. Also, the senior assistant manager can acquire a package of $112k per annum at Amazon.

Benefits of Working at Amazon

It is the dream of any software engineer to get a job at Amazon. It is so because it provides a high pay scale compared to other companies in the market, and another reason is that the company cares a lot about their employees by giving them benefits, so let’s discuss it. The unique benefit of working at Amazon is that it allows a pet-friendly workplace. So, you can take your pet with you to work. They provide different types of insurance like accidental death and dismemberment insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, pet insurance, life insurance, etc. They also provide gym discounts and also a gym reimbursement if you go to another gym.

You will not believe it but yes! They provide a health savings account and contribute $500 per annum to your account. Also, they provide maternity leave, paternity leave, sick leave, and personal vacation leave of 10 days. They also provide a transportation facility if your house is away from the office. You’ll definitely not believe this one, but again, yes! They also provide phone bill reimbursement of up to $50. If you live far away from the office and relocate your house near the office, they provide a relocation bonus of up to $7000. Finally, they provide employee credit and employee discounts to their employees.

Hiring Process

The hiring process is almost similar to other companies. First, you have to meet the qualification to apply for the job. Then, once you meet the qualification, you have to pass the aptitude test, and after that, they will call you for the interview. In an interview, they will ask some questions, as they’ll begin with the introduction part. Then come questions about operational and situational moments. Afterward comes the role-specific questions and then behavioral questions. If you answer all the questions correctly and they like your skills and attitude towards work, they’ll call back and let you in.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Who is the founder of Amazon? Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon.
  2. Where is the headquarters of Amazon located? The main headquarters of Amazon is situated in Seattle, Washington, US.
  3. How much do assistant managers make at Amazon? The salary of assistant managers of Amazon is $45k per annum.
  4. What are the job levels at Amazon? There is a total of six main job titles at Amazon i.e., levels 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10.
  5. How to prepare for a job interview at Amazon? Well! according to me, you should focus on developing your skills and should practice some things that can be asked in an interview. For reference you can read early job interview questions, so you can get an idea of working on it. Another thing is you have to impress your interviewer by your skills and by your appearance. So that is it.
  6. How long is the hiring process at Amazon? Generally, it takes time from one week to four months, as the hiring process is divided into 5 steps.
  7. What are the requirements for working at Amazon as an assistant manager? According to me, it depends on your skills to get a job, but the basic qualification is having a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field, or some experience of relevant work like experience in the logistic department and some soft communication skills so that you can develop a good relationship with your team members and customers and some of the experience as a manager so the company gets an idea that you are relevant for this job.
  8. What is the job of an assistant manager at Amazon? Generally, every manager’s job is to manage the team, but here you will be a frontline worker of a multinational company, so you have to develop communication skills and your job is to handle different situations and to give innovative ideas on how to generate more income or to give a quick solution to a customer’s problem and take their valuable feedback for evaluating mistake. Also, you have to handle the employees of your department and to see that the work is going smoothly or not.
  9. What is the hourly pay of an assistant manager at Amazon? The average hourly pays of an assistant manager working at an Amazon is $15 per hour, but it also depends on the level of your position, if you are a senior assistant manager you can acquire $20 per hour too.
  10. How hard it is to get a job in Amazon? There is a plethora of people who want a job in such a valuable high-tech company, so getting a job is a little bit competitive. You must have to work hard and develop some skills to get a job. Also, you have to impress the interviewer based on your skills.
Average Amazon Assistant Manager Salary Guide

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