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Different people around the world have a different characters. You can learn a character from day-to-day lives. You can get other characters that are inborn. It is the dream of each person on the planet to have good characters, but bad characters might come their way, and this becomes a problem through learning and trial and error. They might find themselves moving from these bad characters to good ones. Characters that is more important in our daily lives is self-discipline. As we all know, it is not easy to have self-discipline, but having self-discipline has many rewards. If you want to learn something about self-discipline today, read this article as it breaks down the 20 best examples of practicing self-discipline. Self-discipline is as an aspect of inhibitory control. Let us know about ‘Self Discipline Examples’.

Self Discipline Examples

What does it mean?

Self-discipline is where a person is able to control their emotions, thinking, and behaviors when they face temptations and impulses. Self-control is a process that is necessary for regulating your behavior so that you achieve some specific goals. Many people lack self-discipline or control, not because they want to but because they do not know how to practice this aspect. If you are a victim of this, do not worry because the article you are reading will help you understand how to practice self-control as it will highlight the 20 best examples of practicing self-discipline at the comfort of your home. Let us now look at the 20 examples of practicing self-discipline.

Good time management skills

Time management skills are one of the best ways to exercise self-discipline. It is not very easy to manage time. It is your duty to divide your time and allocate the tasks you must fulfill within the given time to avoid running into problems. If you stick to this, you will be practicing self-control because many temptations might arise when you allocate time to your duties making you unable to complete the duties. When you overcome these temptations, then you will have practiced self-control.

You should be waking up early in the morning

Waking up early in the morning can be good practice and an example of self-control. It might seem to be easy to wake up early but this is not very easy for some people, if you find yourself waking up late daily, then try waking up early and see how your self-control improves.

Turning up to your workplace or school on time/early

Many people will not arrive at their workplace on time or even students tend to always arrive at school late and only a few arrive early or whenever there is a serious matter to attend to like an early morning exam. Arriving at your destinations at the stipulated time or earlier is an example that you have self-control ability.

Having daily exercise sessions

Exercising is an added advantage to your body and health. Many people do not exercise. Take your time and exercise daily without fail, then you will be a good person with your self-control.

Keeping yourself and your home clean

Cleanliness improves your self-discipline. Being clean means that you are a responsible person who cares about your body and where they stay. As an adult nobody will force you to be clean, you must remain clean by taking a shower, washing dishes, clothes, and bedding, and cleaning your house. By doing this independently, you will be practicing self-discipline.

Know how to save your money

Saving your money after spending on bills and necessary expenditure is another aspect of practicing self-discipline. Many people who do not save money always land into many problems because they do not have savings in their accounts. Learn to save your extra money then you will be practicing self-discipline.

Able to wait patiently

Many around the world cannot wait patiently. Not waiting for your chance to come might land you into problems. Make sure to wait patiently to avoid the risk of landing on these problems. If you want to be a good self-controller then you must learn to be patient with whatever you are doing.

Able to set and keep your commitments

Setting up a commitment is one thing then keeping up with it is the other. Many people set up a commitment but fail to keep up with it. If you find yourself doing this then you miss out on keeping your commitments then you are failing on your self-discipline. Make sure to keep to your commitment so that everyone recognizes you as a person with self-control.

Have the ability to resist

As explained, self-discipline can be the ability to resist your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to win some set of goals and overcome temptations. When you can resist temptations and win your set goals when doing something, then you will be practicing self-control.

Going to sleep on time

If you find yourself watching videos on your phone or playing games late into the night so that you sleep or go to bed very late in the night then you will not be practicing self-discipline. As a person who knows what self-control is and would want to practice it, you need to finish your errands earlier and then make sure you go to bed earlier.

Able to hold your tongue

People who have self-discipline always know whenever to speak and whenever to keep silent on matters that arise. You should be yapping at any matter that arises, knows where to put your comments and where you should keep quiet, and listen to the speakers.

You should be able to stick to your study schedule

Sticking to a study schedule is not an easy task, those people who can stick to their study schedules up to the end are termed as people with self-control. For you to ensure that you are practicing self-discipline make sure that you stick to your studies schedule whenever you have formulated one.

Always learn to forgive other people

Persons with self-discipline will always give other people a second chance and forgive them for their mistakes. If you want to enhance your self-discipline then you need to learn to forgive all your wrongdoers and give them another chance to change their wrongdoing.

Make sure you eat well

Eating well is a practice of self-discipline. When you eat well you will be protecting your well-being, body, and health. Make sure that you have good feeding patterns and, in this way, you will be practicing self-control.

Ability to persevere when boredom

It is not always an easy task to maintain self-discipline when the job you are doing is boring and unenjoyable. But if you push through and persevere through these boredom periods you will meet your goals and by doing this you will be practicing your self-discipline.

Finishing the necessary first before doing the unnecessary

Temptations of doing the unnecessary when you have serious matters on board are very high. You have to practice your self-discipline when you find yourself in these situations and complete all the necessary and important matters before you start doing the less important things during your leisure time.

Ability to delay gratification

Delayed gratification is when wait to receive a reward that you have received instead of receiving it immediately. Many people lack this act of delayed gratification and will always want to receive their rewards immediately. By practicing delayed gratification, you will be practicing your self-control character.

Ability to complete your studies

Many people in the world will start their studies and fail to complete their studies. Complete your studies requires a lot of tremendous amount of self-discipline. You need to devote a lot to your studies and this is where self-discipline comes in, by completing the studies that you started, you will be practicing self-discipline.

You should not skip to the end of a book when reading a novel

Whenever you start reading a book and then jump quickly to the back pages then it will not be easy for you to be reading other books from page one to the end, and this act of skipping to the last pages becomes a temptation, whenever you overcome this temptation then you will be practicing self-discipline.

Ability to follow through proceedings

People with self-discipline will always follow through with proceedings. If you want to have self-discipline then you will have to learn how to follow through with proceedings.


Having self-discipline is one of the best characteristics that one would love to have. Self-discipline is the ability to overcome temptations, one’s thoughts, and behaviors to attain a particular set of goals. Many will want to have these characters but it is not easy because you have to follow some sets of things that you should do. There are very many examples of self-discipline examples that you should follow to attain this. Examples of self-discipline practice include waking up early, sticking to a study schedule, eating well, and maintaining your general cleanliness.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are successful people guided by self-discipline?

YES, to be a successful person, then you need to practice high levels of self-discipline so that you remain guided.

  1. Is it easy to practice self-discipline?

Practicing self-discipline is not easy to practice, but you can learn this day after day until it becomes your character.

  1. What are some examples of self-discipline practices?

Some examples of practicing self-discipline include maintaining high levels of cleanliness, eating well, exercising, keeping your commitments, finishing your studies, and waking up early.

Self Discipline Examples – Know More

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