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How To Write A Future Biography? | Why It’s Important?

A future biography, also known as a prospective biography or a pre-mortem biography, is a type of biography that is written about a person who is still alive, with a focus on their future accomplishments and legacy. Unlike a traditional biography, which is written after a person’s death, a future biography is written to provide […]

How To Put In Your Two Weeks Notice? 

Introduction Nowadays, everyone does some kind of job in different fields. Everybody wants to change their workplace when it comes to increasing pay. In everyone’s profession, leaving a job is a natural process. In actuality, 12 jobs are held by the average person over their lifetime. This implies that workers quit their jobs at least […]

How To Calculate Two Weeks Notice?

Introduction A two weeks notice is a standard professional practice in many industries where an employee notifies their employer of their intention to resign from their job at least two weeks before their last day of work. This notice period is considered a professional courtesy and allows the employer enough time to make arrangements for […]

How To Decline A Job Offer Without Burning A Bridge?

Introduction: Declining a job offer can be a difficult decision, especially if you have invested time and effort in the hiring process. However, it’s important to handle the situation with professionalism and grace to avoid burning bridge with the employer. Providing a clear and honest reason for declining the offer, expressing gratitude for the opportunity, […]

How To Ask Someone To Keep You In Mind For A Job?

As you search for your next career opportunity, you may come across individuals in your network who work in your desired field or company. These individuals can be a valuable resource in your job search, as they may know about job openings that haven’t been publicly advertised. To increase your chances of being considered for […]

How To Decline A Job Offer Due To Salary?

Introduction  As technology is increasing day by day, The employment rate is increasing. There are various sectors present in the USA where a person can start his career as the country has wider opportunities and jobs. Sometimes, a candidate selected for a job wants to decline the job offer due to many reasons. The main […]

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