Title: Career Development Goals-Know More


When making career choices, there are a lot of external and internal factors one must put into consideration. The path you want to tow career-wise determines the kind of goals you’d have to set as goals differ per career. Let us know more career development goals. Let us know about the title that career development goals.

Title: Career Development Goals

It is important not to get carried away while setting goals and to stick to the scope of feasibility and actualization. This is one mistake people often make in a bid to dream big. While dreaming big is highly encouraged and is, in fact, very essential, it is advised to start on your level and expand as you tick each achieved goal off your checklist.

How do I set goals for my career path?

1. Be certain of your career

Career choice is something a lot of young people struggle with, especially now that we live in an era where anything is possible, virtually or physically. Once you can lay a solid hold of what path you want to tow in life, your focus is streamlined and it becomes easy to blot out distractions.

Have it in the back of your mind that it is not something you decide on in a couple of seconds. Time must be set apart to deliberate on a career choice as it is most likely the path you will travel on for the rest of your life. Now, that is not to say one can’t diversify or take on more than one career. This is why it is necessary to take time with such an important decision and ask yourself the necessary questions;

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

• Is this truly what I want to do?

• Do I enjoy it?

• Will I be satisfied with it in five years to come?

• If I choose to diversify, can I handle it?

2. Learn from every available example

No man is an island. The road to success, in any sector,  is not meant to be walked alone. It is important, therefore, to learn from people in the same line as you, whether a beginner, average or professional. There are experiences they might have had in their respective journeys that you may never need to have if you learn from their mistakes. No knowledge is useless and every single thing you learn from the stories of your predecessors will help you form the skills needed to succeed. 

Read their books (if they’ve written any), visit their offices if need be, follow them on social media and eat up all you can.

Even when you start on your journey, keep learning.

Never stop learning.

3. Set short and long-term goals

Short-term goals form the strength of character, muscle, and experience level needed to graduate to long-term term goals. Outline them carefully and make sure you never lose sight of them. Short-term goals must be realistic and easily achievable. Giving yourself complex goals will tire you out early and may cut short your career journey. Start out with simple and feasible targets that you can see yourself completing in an even shorter time than what you’ve penned down. 

When you have successfully achieved them, you now have free reign to expand your reach and take on more complex goals.

P/S: Complex or not, make sure your goals are always realistic and achievable. 

Examples of career goals

Every goal set on a career journey must lead to personal development which would, in turn, reflect in the growth and quality of one’s career. Below are examples of development goals one can set:

1. Read books in line with your career

Fatten your library with books that teach you principles, show you the experiences of others, and give you tips on how to excel in your area of choice. Make notes, coin out your principles and be diligent enough to apply them.

2. Take professional courses

There are tons of courses that cut across different areas of expertise and a littered all over the internet. Go for them, make out the time and study them. Get certified, and improve your knowledge base. Extra certifications asides a university degree will not only help you but make you attractive to investors, partners, and big clients.

3. Keep up with the trend

We are in an ever progressive world. With every day that passes, things go in and out of practice. Trends never stop changing so you can’t afford to be behind especially if you plan on succeeding long term. Always be in the know, and be aware of what’s static or what’s changing around you.

4. Get reviews

The success of a career is not just determined by the amount of money made or personal satisfaction generated. True success is measured by the lives impacted by whatever it is you’re doing. Get to understand your audience and how they feel about what you do. If you’re an artist, find out how your art has affected others. Do they just buy because you make pretty stuff or does your art resonate with how they feel or what they go through? 

Information of this nature makes you either take a step back to reflect and change strategy or intensify current moves. Either way, it helps to keep you in check and aware of how your career choice is affecting the environment you find yourself in. 


The comfort zone is a major silent killer of anything, anything at all. That lack of interest in taking on something new and different leads to regression, irrelevance, and finally, extinction. Never get too satisfied with your current level. Take on something new and don’t bother about whether you succeed or fail. Every experience has a lesson that must be learned for development to take place. Take on risks in your line of work and see how it pans out (do this wisely). If it fails, you’d find you’re already thinking of how you could have done better which pushes you to try again. If it works, awesome! You have something new to add to what you know and improve what you’re doing. 

Title: Career Development Goals-Know More

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