YMCA State and Federal Employees Discounts

YMCA State and Federal Employees Discounts

YMCA is a leading non-profit organization that spans across the world with headquarters situated in Geneva, Switzerland. It was founded on 6 June 1844 with aims to fulfill and spread Christianity principles of charity and community work across the globe by positively setting an example. It is currently headed by Patricia Pelton. The President and CEO of the USA branch are Kevin Washington. Here, let’s know about YMCA State and Federal Employees Discounts.

YMCA(USA)has done commendable so far in terms of overall development of people:

  • Closing the gap between children coming from low-income families and affluent ones in terms of providing adequate and quality educational resources.
  • ACHIEVER’S PROGRAM was hosted by The Y to inculcate a positive sense of self and inspire their pursuit of education and career goals.

Various such programs are developed by YMCA(USA) upholding its principles in every sphere.

Discounts to government employees:

Various governmental and private organizations sign a contract with YMCA to provide quality services, aids, and assistance to their employees in terms of health benefits and discounts, educational funding and training, health care and fitness training centers memberships, recreational and community work engagements. All such assistance and services provided to government employees are termed Discounts for them which provides great benefits to the employee and their family as well.

Not just the social uplifting of communities, YMCA also actively supports youth for their holistic and personal development by providing them scholarships, health aids, sports, and recreational activities, and camp opportunities along with many such offerings.

The Y collaborates with community leaders to engage with the people and provide them with fitness classes, educational camps, and a lot more.

Through various programs, YMCA uplifts the economically weaker sections to grow and evolve in a better way in terms of quality of life, healthcare, and education.


  • Discounts and offerings to state employees and Federal Employees:

State employees are the people who work in any state government sector. YMCA joins hands with the organization including branches and departments of state government wherein it works for the well-being of state employees by offering them several discounts and aid options to assist them in educational or medical bills and treatments along with several other opportunities at hand.

  • Discount options to state employees:

Some available options for employee’s wellness program are:

  1. 25% off the joining fee for employees when their organization promotes YMCA. For this to work at least 10 memberships must be made.
  2. If any organization allows YMCA itself to officially promote its programs and memberships at its offices, it will provide 50 % off the joining fee to the company’s employees. 
  3. There will be no joining fee for employees of the company with employee membership at $10/month

All these programs and services are entirely flexible and can be modified by an organization based on their requirements and as per the circumstances provided, they remain in compliance with YMCA’s policy and commitments.

  • Discount options to Federal Employees:

Not just State employees but those working at the judicial, executive, or legislative level in various governmental branches. Federal employees also enjoy the benefits and perks of joining hands with the YMCA.

Federal employees assist and work in government at the administrative, executive, and judiciary levels.

Some build policies, assess budgets and develop them, run law -firms. e.g.: lawyers, physicians, and financial assistants.

  1. Waive off the upcoming membership fee for current employees.
  2. In case, any of them isn’t a member, they will be provided 7-day free access to YMCA health and fitness clubs.
  3. Deferred fees for childcare and other programs.
  4. Registration can be deferred when registering for the youth campus.
  5. 10% off their monthly membership charge and free joining to police officers, army men, and firefighters.

For attaining these benefits and thus utilizing their services they need to visit their nearest YMCA office with a valid government ID.


YMCA involves people of all spheres and from all age groups providing facilities and assistance for kids to learn and realize their potential, helping teens to build their career path in a well-oriented manner, lending a hand to improve the health and financial conditions of the family. Thus, it aims to support everyone under the sun by offering them a plethora of opportunities and services to choose from.

Frequently asked questions:

  Q1. How to apply for a federal employee discount?

    Ans: Apply at the nearest Y branch with a DD214 form or proof of employment. Contact a membership director at the nearest office.

  Q2: How to apply for financial assistance for YMCA programs?

    Ans: ask for a confidential application from your nearest office and apply along with the relevant documents:

  • Tax return copy of previous year
  • Two recent copies of pay stubs 
  • Government issued ID

 Q3: How to use my discount?

   Ans: For usage shows the vendor proof of membership by logging in to your profile and letting them check the expiration date.

Q4: How do I know my membership expires?

Ans: You will get an email when it expires.

YMCA State and Federal Employees Discounts

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