Drug Test- Know More

In the present day, the screening employees follow a strict procedure to make sure the sample is hundred percent pure. This prevents cheating attempted by criminals.let us know more about that the Drug Test- Know More.

Drug Test- Know More

Why Can’t You Flush Toilet During Drug Test?

The drug test is to make sure of the sanctity of the sample. If the criminal tries to destroy or try to mess up the sample by adding water, it will be considered evidence to the investigator. That’s why you can’t flush during the drug test.

During the drug test, your pee color is supposed to be light yellow. If the color is darker, that means you are dehydrated. 

Blue dye is a method that dyes the specimen to see if the donor has tried to mix water in the sample. This method is to detect if the urine sample is pure or not. 

Can You Wash Your Hand After Drug Test?

Health facilities instruct donors to wash their hands before they open the door. This procedure helps to make sure that, they haven’t mixed any fluid into the sample. 

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Should You Hold Your Pee Before Drug Test?

Well, holding your pee can affect your bladder. But this will not mingle your sample in any particular way. On the other hand, drinking too much water can also mess up your body’s electrolytes. 

Significantly clear color urine shouldn’t be a reason to worry. Again too much clear pee means that you should control your water intake. 

Quantity Of Pee For Drug Test

The person has to pour around 30 milliliters of urine into the samle bottle. 


The pee temperature should be the temperature of the body. The human average body temperature is 98.6˚F. 

The temperature can be slightly hotter or cooler than usual. Within four minutes, urine losses its temperature.

A present-day drug test is permitted to be observed by the administrator. The person must remove their clothes and underwear to ensure that no device is not getting used to mingle with the urine sample temperature. Before the drug test, the person is instructed to remove clothes and wash their hands. 

Things To Expect From A Urine Drug Test

Generally, the test result takes a few days. If the test result is negative, it comes faster than positive ones. Because, the test may need more time to ensure its certainty. 

The urine sample must be kept in a fridge within 2 hours so that the bacteria doesn’t mess up the purity of the urine sample. It can cause different test results. 

Strategies To Pee In 30 Seconds

Strategies that may work are discussed below-

  • Turn on the tap water.
  • Wet your perineum.
  • Rinse your hand in the water.
  • Walk around.
  • Gather some peppermint oil and sniff.
  • Tap on suprapubic.
  • Bend forward-backward if needed. 
  • The urine test result.

The sample shouldn’t be kept for more than 24 hours as it losses its natural temperature and bacteria grows and messes up with the sample’s originality. The pee sample temperature losses within four minutes after ejecting from the body.

If the urine sample color is yellow or orange, then it indicates the possibility of a positive result. Other colors might come as a negative result.

Some candidates have said that after pouring the sample container, the person who collects tests the temperature of the sample. They put some sort of device, to test the temperature. 

General Procedures

  • Take your identity card with you, whether it’s your driver’s license, passport, employee badge, or any document which indicates your official identity. 
  • You must provide basic personal information like your social security number or address. 
  • You will be asked to take off your hat, coat, and accessories and empty your pockets. Not necessarily strip, just the outer clothes you will ask to take off. This information was said by Pat James who is the supervisor of the health services and facilities consultant.
  • If there is any purse or briefcase you are carrying you have to give them to the test takers. The wallet is allowed but it should be available for the screening person to check. By executing this part for security, the possibility to cheat becomes hard for anyone. Then you will be taken to wash your hands with soap in the washroom. After then, you will be moved to another washroom. The water might be blue, so it’s easy for you to dilute the sample from the water. This procedure was confirmed by Barbara Bauer, supervisor of Florida hospital. And other areas like the sink and toilet tank would also be tapped so that person cant attempt any cheating. 
  • The procedure would be private, and you will be allowed to do the work on your own. But the administrator would stay nearby. 
  • They will also inform you not to flush after the business. Because this would mix the water with the sample and mess up the process. 
  • After you submit the sample to the administrator their first job would be to note the temperature of the sample. The perfect sample temperature would be around 98.6 degrees.


It’s now known by all that the drug testing procedure isn’t a very complex one. The procedure is simple and easy if you cooperate with the administrator. 

They would warn you about one thing after you urinate, which is not to flush as it will mix the water with pee and homage the quality of the sample.  

Drug Test- Know More

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