What Is Kohl’s Dress Code?

Kohl’s is a chain of department stores that sell a wide range of clothes, accessories, and products for the home. Kohl’s modified their dress code in March 2021 so that employees would look more professional and neat.

What Is Kohl's Dress Code?

Kohl’s dress code for employees is casual. This means employees are allowed to wear dark-colored dresses, tops, and shirts. Also, they can wear blue, black, or beige skirts, capris, denim, and jeans. When it comes to shoes, employees can wear either casual or sporty shoes. This dress code isn’t too strict, so employees can wear what makes them feel comfortable at work.

Kohl’s Dress Code uniform:

Kohl’s doesn’t give their employees a real uniform to wear. But they have to wear Kohl’s badge and lanyard at all times. Their only observable uniform is the “business casual” dress code. This means that workers can wear pants, skirts, khakis, blouses, slacks, and sweaters to work.

Also, employees of Kohl’s are allowed to wear solid-knit t-shirts, collarless t-shirts, and blouses. However, they are not allowed to wear shirts with slogans, designs, or patterns; all textiles must be dark blue, pure black, or grey. Hoodies are prohibited as well.

Kohl’s allowance to ripped jeans:

Although there is no formal policy that specifically addresses ripped jeans, Kohl’s has made it clear that such trousers are not acceptable. This is because ripped jeans are considered to be inappropriate as office attire.

This means that members of staff are not allowed to wear jeans that are too rugged, ripped, torn, or distressed. Therefore, employees who prefer to wear them may be ordered to leave the store or change into something more formal.

Kohl’s Rule about Pant and Skirt Length

While there are no formal rules for shoes or other accessories, it is recommended that front-desk workers avoid wearing anything that is too showy or draws too much attention. By complying with these easy standards, you can promote your professional appearance.

The business-casual dress code at Kohl’s states a minimum length for pants and skirts. This is to ensure that employees may work comfortably in their attire and prevent them from getting distracted by their attire.

  • Dresses must extend at least 2 inches above the knee.
  • The minimum length for skirts is two inches above the knee.
  • Capris must not fall below mid-calf.

Kohl’s Policy on Tattoos

When it comes to staff tattoos, Kohl’s is often rather tolerant. Once the tattoo is appropriate for exposure, there should be no problem. If a tattoo promotes profanity, nudity, or violence, it must be covered.

Obviously, a tattoo on your face or neck cannot be covered. In such a case, you will need to seek clarification from the store management about the applicable rules. However, Kohl’s is tolerant of staff tattoos.

Kohl’s Shoe Specifications for Employees

Kohl’s wants its employees to be stylish and comfortable at work! Therefore, they are allowed to wear a variety of shoes, once they are suitable for the task.

Employees can wear open-heeled shoes, tennis shoes, stylish sneakers, or other forms of shoes approved by the store manager. They understand that everyone has different demands, thus they want their employees to be able to select the most suitable footwear.

However, employees are not permitted to wear shoes with wheels, flip-flops, or any other sort of footwear that is not designed to withstand being on their feet for the duration of the workday. If you have any queries about what kind of shoes are appropriate for work, please speak with your shop manager.

Dress Code at Kohl’s Sephora

People who work at the Sephora counter of the store have to dress a little differently than the rest of the store’s employees. They are mandated to wear dark-colored tops, black casual or athletic shoes, and black denim or business casual pants.

The dress code may be a little different in some stores in California, Illinois, Colorado, Oregon, and Malibu. Overall, the dress code is higher for Sephora workers at Kohls.

Leggings a suitable attire for Kohl’s employees:

Employees at Kohl’s are permitted to wear leggings so long as they adhere to a few simple guidelines. Leggings are a type of trousers. They must be crafted from either blue or black denim. If the leggings are fairly see-through, you can cover them with a long enough shirt. This regulation allows employees to keep a professional look while remaining comfortable.

Kohl Dress Policy on Special Occasions

The dress code at Kohl’s is always enforced. Members of staff are expected to follow the dress code at all times of the year. On special occasions, however, the dress code at some stores is more relaxed.

Employees may be allowed to dress more informally than usual on certain days, like Earth Day, Pink Shirt Day, and during the holiday season. This policy is relative so further clarification should be obtained from the concerned store management.

As a rule, though, Kohl’s does not make exceptions to its dress code.

Final Thoughts

Kohl’s is an excellent company because they care about their employees and want them to look and feel their best at work. That’s why they let workers dress casually: so they can be themselves at work. Observe the rules laid out here and you will be fine.


Is Hat Allowed In-Store at Kohl’s?

The only time Kohl’s employees are allowed to wear hats is when they are on duty as drivers behind the wheel of the company’s trucks. This applies to sweaters with hoods.

Is Colored Allowed at Kohl’s?

Kohl believes that uniqueness is essential. They believe that one’s individuality should be portrayed in all aspects of life, including one’s choice of hair color. Therefore, they enjoy seeing employees with hair colors ranging from natural tints to vibrant rainbow hues. If your hair is professionally styled, you can rock any hue.

What Is Kohl’s Dress Code?

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