Campus Ambassador is a project started to help people looking for job. Job Search is a stressful process and we are trying to motivate by sharing inspiring stories. Our stories on how I got job really give readers a sense of, “I can do this!” Stories we share are of hustlers who’ve managed to have great career.

We are inviting campus ambassadors to be the face of How I Got Job in their college. Your responsibilities would be to create awareness for How I Got Job and to get inspiring stories from your college and network. This is an awesome opportunity to help out your college peers and to learn.

Why become ambassador?

  • Awesome credentials for your resume
  • Job search help from our team
  • Chance of interacting directly with our leaders who post their stories on How I Got Job
  • Exclusive 1-1 mentoring sessions for campus ambassadors

Interested? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • You are ambitious, driven, passionate and collaborative
  • You have good communication skills and like blogging
  • Social media is the place where you love to hang out and connect with people to build an online community
  • You can commit to at least 3 months of regular participation to get a hands-on experience and understanding of the startup ecosystem