New Jersey Unemployment Office Locations

If you’re looking for work in New Jersey, the New Jersey Employment Centres are a good place to start. These Centers are located all across New Jersey and provide free services to help you build the skills you need to thrive in today’s workplace. Here we will see about New Jersey Unemployment Office Locations

The Employment and Skill Generation Centers in New Jersey are staffed by qualified experts who can assist you in finding a job or getting the skills you need to satisfy the demands of today’s workforce. Employment consultants can help you find career options that match your interests and talents, as well as explore vocations that best utilize your capabilities in today’s work market.

New Jersey Unemployment Office Locations

Office Locations of New Jersey Unemployment office.

Unemployment Office locations are in 14 places in New Jersey. These are-

  1. Elizabeth Office- 921, Elizabeth Avenue, Elizabeth. Contact No. 07201 2710
  2. East Orange Office- 2nd Floor, 50th South Clinton Street. Contact No. 07018 3120
  3. Camden Office- Ephraim Avenue. Contact No. 08101-1100
  4. Hackensack Office- 1st Floor, 60th State Street. Contact No. 07601 5451
  5. Jersey City- 1st floor, 438-Summit Avenue. Contact No. 07306 5451
  6. Neptune Office- Taylor Avenue North, 60th, District-Neptune. 
  7. Newark Office- 990, Broad Street, Newark. 07102-0226
  8. Passaic Office- 25th Lane, Howe Avenue. 07055
  9. Paterson Office- 1st Floor, 200th Memorial Lane Drive. 07505
  10. Perth Amboy Office- 161st, New Brunswick Avenue. 08861-4109
  11. Pleasantville Office-2nd Lane, South Main Street
  12. Somerville Office- 75th Road, Dr. E’s Veteran Memorial, Chamber 100th
  13. Trenton Office- 26th Yard, Trenton Square. 08625-0954
  14. Newton Office- Road 206 North, Sussex County Mall

What does the New Jersey Employment Center do?

The New Jersey employment center runs a program named “The New Jersey Insurance Program” which is intended to give financial assistance to people who lose their jobs because of various economic reasons. The Bureau of Labor and Employment Services is in charge of New Jersey’s unemployment benefits allowance distribution. Employers and employees both pay payroll taxes, which are used to finance the center. 

Unemployment allowances in New Jersey will partly reimburse your salary to assist people with their financial liabilities while they hunt for work. To be eligible for unemployment benefits, one must fulfill the New Jersey Unemployment Compensation Law’s qualifying requirements.  

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Eligibility Criteria

The New Jersey Employment Center defined the requirements for receiving unemployment benefits. Knowing the required qualifications for unemployment compensation is the first step in applying for them. Unemployment benefits will be canceled if there is insufficient knowledge or misunderstanding about eligibility. 

In New Jersey, eligibility for unemployment allowance is determined by two factors: monetary eligibility and the reason for leaving the prior employer. Please remember that you must follow the center’s rules and regulations. 

  1. Eligibility for Financial Aid– You must have made a minimum prescribed salary during a base period to be permitted for Unemployment allowance and benefits. An average is a one-year period during which the candidates worked and earned money. In New Jersey, your monetary eligibility is determined by the salary you earned during a base period. The state calculates salaries earned in the basis period using two methods: normal base period & alternative base period.
  • Normal Base Period- The center will initially utilize the usual base period approach to determine your pay. The first four of the previous five calendar quarters have passed. The salary you earned during this time will be utilized to determine whether or not you are qualified. The amount of weekly benefits you may get is determined by the salary you made during the base period. 
  • Other Base Periods- If you do not qualify for unemployment benefits and allowances based on the standard base period assessment, you will be evaluated for alternate base period calculations. New Jersey is one of the only states that have two alternate procedures rather than just one. Earnings earned in the past four complete calendar quarters preceding the date of the claims are included in the first alternate base period approach. The second alternate base period computation takes into account the three-fourths before the claim date, as well as the periods in the registration time quarters leading up to your initial claim date.
  1. Separating from the previous job- The cause for your separation from your former employer will play a significant part in evaluating your eligibility for unemployment benefits. Only those who have lost their jobs due to no fault of their own are eligible for unemployment compensation, according to federal regulations. If you left your prior employer for reasons other than a lack of jobs, a claim examiner will contact you via phone or email to establish a fact-finding interview to determine whether you are eligible for unemployment benefits and allowances or not.  

How to apply for unemployment benefits and allowances? 

This can be done either by applying online at the website of the New Jersey Employment Center or by calling them at the telephone numbers given on the website of the different branches of the Center. A person can even visit any of the offices mentioned above to apply for the allowances. 


By visiting any of the offices of the New Jersey Employment Center in New Jersey, a person can get directions about how to get the unemployment claims and the benefits. Apart from that, the Unemployment Insurance Program has certain criteria which need to be fulfilled to get selected for unemployment claims. This includes two criteria- one is monetary where a person must have earned minimum wage as given in the rules of the center. Second is the reason for a person’s separation from the previous job he/she did. Here, the person has to prove that they lost the job due to other factors and that they don’t have any fault of their own. Lastly, to apply for unemployment insurance, one can either visit the website of the New Jersey Unemployment Center or can dial any of the numbers which have been mentioned on the website, or can visit any of the branches mentioned above. 

New Jersey Unemployment Office Locations

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