Best Apps for an Assistant- With their Descriptions

Best Apps for an Assistant

An assistant is someone who assists another individual or company to help them with tasks. An assistant works under a higher rank and handles organizational and administrative tasks. They make sure that the office runs efficiently. In recent times, there has also been a high demand for virtual assistants as they are more accessible. Here are the Best Apps for an Assistant.

Being an assistant is not easy, you have to remember a lot of stuff and remind the required person to do it; you have to have good communication skills, you should know how to manage time, and much more. All this will be easier when you use the help of technology. There are many apps in the Play Store and iStore that will help make the tasks easier.

In this article, we will discuss various apps with their usage. Some of them might help you and some might not be sure to give them a try.

Best apps for assistants

Here are some must-have apps and tools for a personal assistant that you didn’t know you needed.

Let’s get started, now these apps are hopefully a little unconventional. I’m not going to mention things like Google Suites because hopefully, you’re already using those, but here are some apps that will top your game.

1. Edison Mail 

It is an awesome easy lightweight mail app and the best thing about this is that you can have multiple inboxes. So when you have multiple clients that you’re assisting, there’s no need to flip back and forth between a different Inbox, everything is listed right here for you.

2. FaceTime

 I FaceTime a lot with clients I find. Being able to see each other brings trust, which is essential. So the next time you propose a phone call with a client, switch it up, suggest a FaceTime call and I think you’ll find that your relationship will solidify a little more when they’re able to put a face to your name. 

3. Voice Google 

Voice is crucial and if you’re American-based as a US-based assistant. I say this because Google Voice does not support European or international phone numbers yet. It is so crucial because it allows you to do a couple of things: one, you can set up a new free phone number (again this is for us-based assistance). Two, if you do work internationally or you have international clients, Google Voice charges 0.2 cents to call most of the world-saving your data.

4. Air table

 I use an air table for absolutely everything now. I use it for my client onboarding; I capture all their details on the air table; I use it to plan out my day; I use it to

help track where I am in certain projects; I use it to make sure that I’ve been paid on time; I do invoice tracking and much more. It’s a better version of google spreadsheets.

5. Harvest 

Having some sort of time tracking tool which you can also have the app on your phone is very useful for an assistant. So if you’re working on your smartphone as you’re on the go, you can track your time there, or and you can do it through your laptop on the desktop version, but either way, harvest is going to help you. Another great thing about harvest is that you can send them an invoice straight from the program itself.

6. PayPal

PayPal is an important payment gateway to use. It is the most secure software; it is a great app to send and receive money. The app is as such easy to use and helps you track your transactions throughout.

You could also use Stripe or HoneyBook.

7. ClickUp

This is great for project management. Have just one project management tool that you are comfortable with. ClickUp helps keep you organized and prepared, with high-quality work. ClickUp can be very simple to use and yet has different functions. It lets you edit within the sheet without making major changes. The free version has limited functions and hence I recommend that you buy the “paid-sub” which is not that expensive. It’s $5 per month. You could also use Trello for project management.

8. Zoom

Communication apps are vital to maintaining a great impression. Zoom is my personal favorite. You can present your project and ideas one on one. It is a great way to get to know your clients. Stick to one app for communication. A better alternative to zoom would be WhatsApp messenger and Google meet. Both are extremely secure and easy to use.

9. Slack

Slack is another communication app where you can share media with ease. You can integrate so many other applications that put it on top. It is great for instant messaging, sending files, pictures, and links. It has a real integration that helps you play with zoom and other apps, which means you have instant access to all different applications without exiting the app. The only downside of Slack is that it doesn’t have a voice message.

10. Todoist 

Todoist is a task management app that permits you to assign to-do items due dates, as well as tag them with different project labels. you can add tasks from your desktop or phone. As a fun bonus, you can rack up “Karma points” by completing tasks consistently.


Being an assistant virtual or in-real is tough. To make your lives easier working as an assistant, you can make use of various applications and tools that are dedicated to simplify tasks and keep you updated. Working as an assistant you will need apps that mainly help you in time tracking (Todoist & harvest), payments (PayPal), communication (FaceTime), online meeting (Zoom), project management (ClickUp), and file sharing (slack). All you have to do is prepare yourself with those apps and be ready to use them to their fullest. If you don’t find yourself comfortable with an app, be sure to experiment with others and find your perfect fit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an alternate application to Zoom?

Instead of Zoom, one can use Google meet to have online meetings with ease. With google meet you can create your room with a code that is unique to you which can be shared with other messaging platforms. If you are US-based, Google meet lets you have the meeting through the numbers provided with the link. Google meet can hold up to 100 participants for 60 minutes for free. If you find someone that is not supposed to be there, you can easily restrict them from your meeting. Google meet is easy to use and completely secure. You hold meetings with great confidence with Google meet.

2. How to be a good assistant?

To be a good assistant, you need to have certain qualities that let you stand out and help the company or individual work to the fullest potential. By thinking ahead, you can plan the next steps that will favor the betterment of your boss or company. Making allies is essential to ensure that someone has your back at all times. Learn to communicate with grace and confidence while having a positive, can-do attitude. Learn management skills, know which task has to be done first, and by when. Prioritizing will help check most tasks with strategic planning.

Best Apps for an Assistant- With their Descriptions

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