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    Here are list of Podcasts that you can follow to learn about Customer Success. Comment other suggestions and we will add to the list

    Successly Radio: Interviews with leaders of small Customer Success teams based in Silicon Valley. Our goal is to get tactical information about what they are doing to impact churn and increase upsells.

    Strikedeck: practical tips for CS teams keen to grow their impact.

    The Customer Success Podcast: Uncover the stories, perspectives, and best practices around the leading Customer Success programs.

    Helping Sells Radio: A podcast about helping customers discover, adopt, and thrive using your software.

    The Human Duct Tape Show: C-Suite Radio Show about Customer Experience. Jeanne Bliss has “pioneered the Chief Customer Officer role” and co-founded the Customer Experience Professionals Association. She helps companies grow by focusing on customer experience, and she shares all of her expertise in The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show with Jeanne Bliss

    Churn It Up

    The Customer Success Podcast is brought to you by Aly Mahan and is perfect for anyone working on the frontlines of Customer Success.

    The Customer Loyalty Space

    This customer podcast focuses on best practices in customer loyalty and offers advise for maximizing loyalty programs to add more value to customers via rewards, integrations, and more.

    The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

    The Unofficial Shopify Podcast helps listeners grow their Shopify stores by holding a “no holds barred discussion of eCommerce marketing strategy.”

    B2B Nation

    It a podcast for B2B sales and marketers, it shares expert opinions and advice on topics that matter most to B2B sales and marketing to help listeners move forward with their strategy.

    Entrepreneur Podcast Network

    It is a podcast designed to help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed via informative, inspirational, and insightful shows and episodes.

    The Content Maximiser Podcast

    Liza Choa helps businesses attract, engage, and convert more buyers. She also is the founder of Content Maximiser and shares the latest trends in digital marketing for customer acquisition and retention

    The Sales Journey Podcast with Tasha Smith

    Founder of Emerge Sales Training and host of The Sales Journey Podcast, Tasha Smith is a saleswoman who trains and coaches marketers on better communication with customers and team members.

    Crack the Customer Code

    CEO of 360Connect and experienced customer experience management consultant, Jeannie Walters presents Crack the Customer Code, along with customer service keynote speaker and author of Be Your Customer’s Hero, Adam Toporek. This customer podcast helps business professionals, small business owners, and customer professionals understand how to create great customer experiences.

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